Posted by: Souken | January 29, 2010

Catherine Torsche

It’s uncanny how Catherine Torsche’s quest screen caps were eluded from view until now, probably hinting there is a certain degree in difficulty to her quest. And as the trailer heavily hints, you would definitely have to partake in an rNPC fight with her, just like how Reckless Emilia’s recruitment quest went. Ironically, the battle difficulty doesn’t seem to beat it’s killer requirements.


I’m not 100% sure how it goes, but at least we have screenshots to prepare what we are in for exactly…

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Posted by: Souken | January 27, 2010

The Nar-gh and the Wind

Hey guys, it’s been a while since I had a proper update. Starstorm and Dem has been doing one heck of a job that I simply slacked for a while, reserving only some assistance in the sGE forums only. But I finally found some time to chip in for a full force update on GE’s second element – The Wind.


As mentioned sometime ago (in fact, long ago), GE has already done with the Water element backstory and as predicted, Catherine and the Wind are the stars of the second out of the five elements theme. Like Reckless Emilia, Catherine Torsche has a trailer dedicated to her as well.

High Resolution Download Link –… (credits to Dem)

This link is for those who are unable to access our sGE forums or for some reason, IP-banned from the kGE website.

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Posted by: Souken | January 11, 2010

Always here

I’ve been really busy with my life these days and I’m also juggling three games at the moment, namely Aion, Blackshot and Granado Espada. However, as of now, GE has been the lowest priority out of the three for various reasons. I’ve contemplating the idea of quiting but luckily that still has resulted in an unsuccessful decision still.

GE isn’t all that bad if you exclude all the non-monetary involvement. But nowadays it seems almost impossible, I’ve already fulfilled my current mission of getting three characters to Expert and right now still getting everyone who’s not 100 – to well 100.

As for whatever’s ahead waiting for me, I still have no idea to go round about it. I hope at least this game is still alive by the time sGE hits 4.0. But just be well assured, whichever path I may choose, the guides and this blog will be a permanent camper. (:

Posted by: Souken | December 11, 2009

Summon Summon

So I was busy, I certainly don’t have the luxury to make a decent guide or update these days. Luckily, Christmas is coming, that gives me some time to at least do a proper entry. IAH kick-started Christmas without the typical wish granting event for once. Interestingly, they’re both summoning events, but I would skip the first one due to the low rate win and the need for GP to participate.


The second one however is gold, a truckload of goodies for both old and active players plus if you’re old – you get 100 summon angel items. The result comes as a GM which lasts for 2 minutes, in that duration you can click as much as you like to attain two buffs.

I’m thinking of launching a random GM summon angel event for those who don’t have mule accounts or the summon items. Today’s brief one was successful albeit messy, and took place in Auch channel 1 – which was mostly pointless as well.

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Posted by: Souken | November 10, 2009

kGE lately…


Lately, it’s just scary.

I’m pretty sure other than cGE, no other region of GE has Imperviums exceeding +7. So in theory, you would need some godsent luck to +8 something, let alone talk about trying to +8 an equip you can actually use, or something you can reap profit out of.

Get ready to just weep. (and faint, for the weak-hearted)

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