Posted by: Souken | January 17, 2008

Moving on…

Breaking free from Rosenstolz’s Faction blog, I still hope to keep to my habit of blogging about GE. I don’t want to blog under the shadow of Rosenstolz so hence I created another blog, but of course, I still reuse the same old skin as a memory of my ex-faction.

There really isn’t much to do after the disbandment, it’s just grind grind grind and maybe a bit of boss hunting here and there. For a combination of leisure and loot hunting though, I still meet up with ex-faction members to do a couple of rounds of level 4 missions.

Interchange Level 4

Level 4 missions are basically a pushover with the right gear, tactics and level. Of course, Interchange is still and will always be a challenge. Basically the best thing about level 4 missions are the loots and rewards you can gain from them. And if one has read the patch notes for ver 2.4, you would have noticed the chance of gaining elites as a drop in missions have been increased. Though not a dramatic increase, but it’s easier to farm without pulling your hair out. The treasure chests also drop very lovely items.

Just yesterday, my ex-faction members really surprised me with their loot. Just from Spotlight 4 treasure chests (yes, chests!) alone, they have gotten:

– Level 84 Elite Arondlight
– Level 84 Elite Robe of Neptune

And then moving on to Trinity 4, they have gotten:

– Level 84 Elite Mantis Rod
– Level 84 Elite Laranja E Preto

Sometimes I just hate these two, they really make level 4 missions look like an elites equip giveaway…

I’m not sure about others but I have been afflicted with this bug lately that barres me entering Channel 1 of all maps (except towns). And it all started with this strange message I gotten in-game days ago…


Finding more information about this, it seems like an error that even IAH can’t really do anything about. I was also told my friends have sent tickets when they encountered this but only received nil reply. Recalling back, I also did remember getting this problem once, only I was barred from entering only a single map.

Basically when it happens, the game just freezes up and you get disconnected. Don’t you just love this game sometimes? And to end this post, here’s something random I discovered..(if you did already then kudos for being observant)

Hint: Check out the attack on Level 5 of Volcanic Eruption 


  1. Ah yes… the bug. I’m quite familiar with that one – I was “banned” from Topolo Durga, then Joaquin. I did send in a ticket and *surprise!* they did reply… but only with “do not use 3rd party software as they may cause this* O_O

    Sounds like they’re accusing me of being a bot. =.=”

    Anyway, just wait for the next patch/server maintenance on Thursday and everything will be as right as rain!

    Draconifors – Carracci

  2. lol, that was annoying I’m sure…but I ever heard of a case where the person sent a ticket and IAH couldn’t even find out what was wrong. Even reinstalling couldn’t clear the problem, seems to be a account problem.

    And yes the problem goes away once daily maint comes.

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