Posted by: Souken | January 18, 2008

Another day, another chaos

I finally got my header of my blog done, nothing like a good ol’ few hours cracking nuts in Photoshop.

Really, after a light-headed mood of New Year’s Day, life really literally goes on for everyone. Wars, flames and grudges, debates and disputes still have to go on. And in case you mean I was talking about the world, I’ll rather refer to the going ons at IAH’s GE forum.

The most recent debate was about the My Bellem’s Box item-of-the-month poll, the leading contenders are Panfilo the Battlecook and the Mysterious Steel Piece. By no means was it a very fair poll if one has constantly keep tracked of the voters, and to make things worst – it falls on the side of Battlecook.

Would you rather have even more families running around with pizarros?

This was one of the sentences I saw made by a forummer who was quite displeased with people voting for MSPs. The reasoning for the opposition party was really simple – ‘Why vote for an item you can “easily” hunt in-game?” To the uninformed, MSP isn’t your typical rare item – it was a horrendously rare item who’s drop rate is only common among the raid bosses, most notably Hellbreaker.

Capybara Plantation – another MSP hotbed

Going from obvious reasons, no matter what excuses people give it still boils down to one. They want to save the price of MSP and let it remain as it is. MSP alone is really a hot commodity because many elite recipes actually have a use for it, and they go well beyond the league of level 84 elites too. I just hope IAH better do something quick about the poll, the constant competition between the legitimate and dupe voters is really getting out of hand.

There are more than just this matter going on at the forums, but it would never end if I went on.

A little update on kGE…

They have added a few things

– Vincente Rio now has a veteran stance, Serenade
– Quest for Vincente Rio’s veteran stance is added
– New raid boss in Vegas Javier (assuming the translator was accurate)
– Costumes now available for Jose and Karjalainen
– The 6th Barracks is now available, bringing the maximum number to 54
– Something about a server bulletin board (I really can’t make heads and tails of this one)

Amazing they already developed a veteran stance for Vincente Rio…well Koreans are efficient dudes.

He even has a level 100 elite lute, horrors!

And finally, seems like IAH already has an installment of events for the upcoming Lunar New Year in February. And of course, the only thing I’m more concern is the release of Feng Ling or aka Soso. She has been confirmed to be released on 4th February 2008, so better prepare those mysterious powders until then!

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