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Soso/Feng Ling

Alright, I made another guide again, actually since this is my second guide I might as well disclose my plans. I plan to write and compile a guide on the five martial art rnpcs and their stances. It’s a tough job but somebody’s gotta do it and I just totally love these guys~

Soso/Feng Ling in all her splendor~

As mentioned before, Soso or also known as Feng Ling in sGE is confirmed to be released on 4th February 2008. She’ll be an indirect cash shop rNPC, meaning you have to buy stuff from the cash shop to attain her (but you don’t have to also, I’ll explain later). I’ll just refer her as Soso here, I like that name better. šŸ˜€

For those who want to know on Soso’s background and history of where she’s from, please refer to the following link, we have more important things on her to discuss here –

i) Mini Intro

Total stat points: 30

č…•åŠ› (Str): 6
ę•ę· (Agi): 8
体力 (Con): 5
ēŸ„čƒ½ (Dex): 5
ꊀ蔓 (Int): 3
ęØ©å؁ (Cha): 3

Location – Port of Bahia I10
Starting Level – 1
Personal skill – none
Stances – Chapter of Ice (known as Frost in kGE), Chapter of Wind, Chapter of Earth

ii) Quest Info

Proceed to the Port of Bahia and engage in conversation with her, there will be options that will need to be chosen (don’t worry they’ll be easy even though I don’t know to what she’ll talk about). After that you will initiate a battle with her and if you win her she’ll ask you to bring her 50 Mysterious Powders.

You can choose to obtain the above items via the Premium Shop NPC for a total of 11000 G-points OR you can get them from other players. They are transferable items and for Pachelbel players, their rough price is about 2m+ going on from the similar price Enchantment Tranquillizers are currently at.

After passing her the items, you will get her card, simple as that!

iii) Stance/Skills

I won’t go into detail about Chapter of Wind and Earth but instead focus more on her unique chapter.

Stance : Chapter of Ice

Stance Bonus at Level 25: Attack Speed +15%, Critical +15%,
Evasion +10%

Level 5 – Ice Soul Kick
Level 10 – Ice Tornado Kick
Level 15 – Ice Soul Attack
Level 20 – Ice Blood Attack

  • Ice Soul Kick (Frost Ignition in kGE) – Attack using the power of Ice on enemies (has 25% chance to freeze)
    Level 10: 173% damage
    Target: Max 3 within 2m radius
    SP cost: 100
    Cooldown: 5s
    Range: 8m
  • Ice Tornado Kick (Tempest Kick in kGE) – A brutal spinning kick empowered with the element of Ice
    Level 10: 669% damage and reduces opponent’s DEF by 30
    Target: adjacent 3
    SP cost: 200
    Cooldown: 10s
  • Ice Soul Attack (Enhanced Frostbite in kGE) – Uses power of Ice to freeze enemies
    Level 10 (Duration of buff – 195 seconds): temporarily gives 15% ice resistance, additional + 90 ice attack, 15% chance to freeze per attack, DEF – 20 (self). This skill gives AR + 1 at level 11.
    Target: self
    SP cost: 250
    Required item: Mithridart x2
    Cooldown: 15s
  • Ice Blood Attack (Atomic Glacial Strikes in kGE) – Unleashes an attack equivalent to the harshest blizzards on Devil monsters
    Level 10: 4197% damage
    Target: 1
    SP Cost: 300
    Cooldown: 20s

*Note on Ice Soul Attack: The translator states freeze though some people have asked if it was ice resistance. For now I can only confirm it’s either of the two, this will be updated when Soso gets released in sGE. Confirmed that it’s Ice Res. šŸ™‚

Skill Demo video link –

Skills used in the video (according to order) – Ice Soul Attack, Ice Soul Kick, Ice Tornado Kick ,Ice Blood Attack

iv) FAQ

Q: Can Soso hit air targets in Chapter of Ice?

A: As of now, I am unable to answer this but she can do anti-air attacks in Chapter of Wind and Earth. (Tornado Vortex and Blazing Uppercut respectively)

*Update: I have confirmed that Ice Soul Kick and Ice Tornado Kick are anti-air skills, will be interesting to know if freeze can be inflicted on air borne targets via Ice Soul Kick. šŸ™‚

Q: What can Soso equip?

A: She can use both knuckles and gaiters and both are usable under Chapter of Ice. Of course for Chapter of Wind and Earth, gaiters and knuckles can only be used respectively.

As for armour wise, she can equip leather armours but not metal armours. With effect from ver 2.4, she along with Gracielo, Jean, Irawan is able to equip scout based armour (Rescue suit, Andre costume armour; eg: Laranja e Preto, Capezzolo di Pericolo). And thus she is able to exploit the built in evasion from the costume armours.

Q: Knuckles or Gaiters?

A: This is an extremely common question, but I’ll just sum it simply. Knuckles generally do more damage than gaiters but gaiters are likely to hit the speed cap easily with in-built attack speed for certain gaiters. But from level 92 onwards, the playing field of speed between both is evened up.

Eternal Gaiters/Knuckles perfect speed stat: 30%

Carbon Gaiters/Knuckles both have an in-built option of 10% attack speed

Overall, knuckles will still win in damage so from level 92 onwards it’s more towards a preference of looks. (Like if you think Soso looks better in gaiters then give her gaiters :P)

Q: What stat should I give her at Veteran status?

A: Use the same decision making process you did as for Lisa Lynway (who has 8 AGI also), does damage or a higher attack speed appeal to you?

STR: I would personally recommend this option, reason being her base AGI stat before veteran is already at 8 meaning it’s easier for her to hit her speed cap and also has potential to hit max evasion (with the right armours of course). And with Ice Blood Attack’s 4197% damage capability, more STR would mean more damage. And also, she would be able to match damage with her already crazy speed.

AGI: You must be a speed lover to pump this option. At 9 AGI she’ll be a whooping machine gun, if one has used a Brunie before you should very well know what I mean. She can dish out damage with speed though 6 STR will mean little at the higher level maps. This should be chosen for a pure PVE Soso.

*Note: I won’t dwell into DEX, CON, CHA and INT because in my opinion non will benefit her strongly unlike STR and AGI. As mentioned in my Irawan guide before, CON is a feasible choice also but it still depends on how you wanna play your character.

Q: Are her skills instant cast?

A: I got feedback on this question today, I forgot to input this into the guide but I guess I’ll answer it here. Yes as shown from the video, all her skills are instant cast which is good news for everyone.

v) Overall analysis – Why should you get/not get her

If one has noticed, her stats are a complete opposite of Irawan’s (8 STR 6 AGI), but her current stats might make her the most balanced of all martial art rNPCs inclusive of Bai Hu. Martial art rNPCs are all about damage so with their little CON stat of 5 (exlcuding Jean who’s CON stat is 7), they need to dish out as much as damage as they can before their opponent completely wipes them.

Looking from another view.. /naughty

Looking from a STR only view, she will attain a final stat of 8 STR and 8 AGI at expert and those using Idge the Battlesmith who are going the same path will end with the same stats too. 8 STR and 8 AGI is as balanced and powerful as it gets, you can crank up both your HPS (hits per second) and DPS (damage per second).

If one notices, she’s one cold babydoll. Ice Soul Attack and Ice Soul Kick both add chance of freeze status in their attacks which is totally wicked in PvP and Colony Wars. Imagine this scenario – Soso freezes an enemy with her attacks and you happen to have a Elementalist ally next to you, I think it’s very well sayonara for your opponent.

Note: Frozen enemies will be immobilized for 10 seconds and will have their Lightning RES greatly reduced thus causing them to receive additional damage from Lightning spells. However frozen enemies that are knocked down will be released from [Freeze] status.

– Taken from IAH’s website

*And knowing what freeze status does, you should know Elementalists normally run around with Loe or Lightning bracelets; ever so ready to Lightning/Thunderstorm/Chain Lightning the lives out of their targets. With Soso, no need to rely on your Ice stances, just be ready to launch your finishers!

Likewise you can do the reverse when Elementalists give your opponents the shock treatment. Shock status reduces one’s movement speed and all attacks will ignore the DEF status, something Soso’s attacks will more likely to devastate this time round.

Of course, she will still have a weakness to bullets and magic (evasion doesn’t allow you to evade bullets) and the block in Chapter of Earth is nowhere as spectacular as High Guard or The Defender. And also the thought of a “cash shop themed” rNPC might be a turn off for some. But ultimately, I daresay she’s worth every bit of your money (especially if you gonna use g-points to get her).

She’s hot. She looks like Chun-Li (a plus for street fighter fans). She has the best of both worlds, and more importantly she can relive the glory days of what Irawan used to have before they corrected his Will of Warrior skill.

Recruit me please :3

What are you waiting for? Go get her!

vi) Credits

– IAH news on background information of Soso
– More information taken from
– Full translated skills from

Please do not reproduce guide without permission.


  1. I’m glad you’re still active and looking towards the future! Hope you blog more! šŸ˜€

  2. Lol thanks, I hope to look forward to more entires from you too :3

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  4. LOE spells are all Mental based

  5. Hey, Asta. Was wondering can you make a guide on either Gracielo or Jean-Pierre next?

    Many people underestimated these guys as some of the weakest rNPC’s in game, but I think they’re merely viewing it from the number of their stances.

    Since I acknowledge you as the expert already, try convincing these people by making a professional guide on both, yeah?

  6. @ sylander: hm ok noted šŸ˜‰

    @ bringston: yeap, they’re still in progress don’t worry, I haven’t left them out.

  7. any know how about the 5th book of martial arts?

  8. @ sean: it’s out on kGE, it’s the chapter of mind

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