Posted by: Souken | January 20, 2008

Battle Coliseum & Poison Yard

First up, I’m thankful for all the hits you readers have brought so far. I would say 168 hits within a few days after creation of a new blog is really stunningly impressive. And I noticed majority of the hits were thanks to the Soso guide, this made me feel that it was indeed worth all that trouble to make the guide because people actually read it. 🙂

Moving on, the thing about GE is that it gets a bit bored after all your characters are leveled to Veteran status or 100. Sometimes you just find a lack of things to do (for me it was also a case of things I’m unable to do) . I’m guessing we have to thank our lucky stars IMC came up with these “in-between” raids with a touch of PvP.

Battle Coliseum – For level 99 and below only

Yeah I’m talking about the Battle Coliseum, the Poison Yard and the Secret Temple.

I tried my hand at the Battle Coliseum and I have to say it was a tad disappointing. I don’t know whether is it because it’s the lack of players or the mobs are just…unexciting. Considering I went in at the 10pm shift, which was directly after the weekend’s colony war, I’m not surprised to see little to none. I only saw one family (as shown in the screenshot) and after that I got pwned for trying to let my Treasure Golem hit on them. u_u

Anyways, you’re supposed to be able to see Dekaravia as the final “raid boss” and also a high level random rNPC. For my channel sadly, I saw none. Though a squadmate whom I was supposed to entered the Battle Coliseum with said he saw it (he was at channel 1) . Of course, he died. That boss is forever annoying.

So I died and decided to try for my next stop, the Poison Yard.

Danger lurking everywhere

It was my second time in there, and I don’t really know what to do. I ran around amok with so many dangers everywhere. Players with red icons and level 90 AQM mini bosses lunging at me (solo musketeer). After that I just made my way to where everyone was gathering, of course there were killing intentions among some.

Friendly forces

I’m just glad the kind folks there didn’t kill me when I kindly asked them to spare me. Besides I am really an insignificant target because everyone wanted to work together to head for the bigger prize. I ended up chatting with a female Elementalist and a Boma user. Majority of the time, I was requested to test their armour by shooting them with skills. Executioner Shooter proved it’s worth alright but in the face of a real PvP, I doubt one would even have enough time and range to carry it out successfully.

Geroro and Treasure Golem

After waiting like almost forever, the big guys finally came and spawned in the middle of everyone. They are actually the real raid bosses who will drop loot unlike those level 90 AQM bosses. It was really exciting to watch them fight so basically I was fighting against the lag while trying to get a good shot of things at the same time.

Another view

Even a squad is a squad, there are still limits to the max number you can take in. If I was not mistaken there were about two squads so the next thing that happened was absolutely hilarious. Elementalists forgot about the importance of their alliances and went all AOE crazy. The following screenshot shows how displeased the annoyed victims were…


I was about to just stand silly by the sidelines when I was reminded of the quote by a forummer that by doing a last hit, there was a chance you can see items with your name on it after the boss dies. So I just positioned my Musketeer and fired away and then…

My best loot

…alongside with a level 96 enchantment chip and a level 84 Peacemaker. It really made my day and furthermore it was funny to see people ask “Who is Astaros?“. Though after that I didn’t live long enough to see the final raid boss – Chimera, some family was jokingly playing around with Ice Wave on me and I died.


Though they can’t believe they could managed to 1hko me with a single Ice Wave, even said their max damage they ever saw was 2k-ish. To the family who ever chanced on this blog one day, I can tell you your Ice Wave ain’t weak stuff. Just look at my Musketeer’s Max HP…

Congrats, you aren’t as weak as you thought!

I wanted to head to the Secret Temple raid next but apparently Poison Yard and Secret Temple starts at the same time. Oh well guess I’ll do it tomorrow then. I was told by my squadmate who did the raid today they had to fight the raid boss Diablo. Secret Temple raid gate opens at 11pm and when I was pm-ing him, it was 12am and he was still fighting it (alongside with his squad). *gulp*

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