Posted by: Souken | January 22, 2008

Secret Temple: The Bearzz Experience

As promised, I returned to Secret Temple to do a coverage on what I missed yesterday. Thanks to Seargoth I was hooked up with Bearzz and thanks to him, I was able to run around in his squad and get a good feel of not only Secret Temple but Poison Yard as well. It was a maximum experience with successful runs each round. In fact we did a total of two Secret Temple runs and one Poison Yard run; I actually have to split up today’s entry into two because it is going to be very long…

Covergirl, Bearzz’s Idge the Battlesmith

I would summarize it shortly for the first run because it was less dramatic and less exciting than the second run, though successful. I finally knew why Bearzz’s reputation as a power raider was so prominent, it’s exactly because of his strict leadership and co-operation from his entire squad that enable to run this gig.

Ooh this one is a goner…

Remember the aim was to finish off all possible hostilities which include both the wandering mini bosses and other red icon players. They were so good, anything that walks into their path is going straight into impending doom. But being too good has it’s setbacks as well I guess – it was very boring after that while waiting for Diablo to spawn. Everyone was mopping around not saying a single word, and the boredom only ceased temporarily (and also started very quickly soon after) when a random Pollux/Castor walked into us.

Three ain’t anything too small to handle

Bearzz had his ways to kick away the boredom. I was warned by Seargoth beforehand about what Bearzz does when he’s bored…he goes on a bear rampage.

What is that you ask?

Bearzz rampage #1

I would advise those who don’t know yet, flee for your lives when he yells “BANKAI!!”.

Bearzz rampage #2

The pain…but I was spared because I didn’t stand in his warpath. Anyway this went one continuously even with Pollux/Castor spawning around them. Whether this is a sure-fire way to rid of boredom, I guess it’s questionable *coff* Then finally, after somewhat like forever Diablo spawned it was definitely not like those 5 second Diablo raids at Pradera de Cenzia. This one was definitely more fun, and here are the loots…

Bearzz allowed me to keep the ones I got 🙂

After that, my superior told everyone to head back to town and prepare for the Poison Yard. I feel like an intern starting work in a successful and competitive company for some reason, and “working” under Bearzz was really a experience that lets you experience the thin line between pleasure and pressure.


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