Posted by: Souken | January 22, 2008

Secret Temple

Fixed a couple of errors in my Soso guide earlier, was kinda panicky and embarrassing when I made mistakes like reversing her stats from her actual 6 STR/8 AGI to 8 STR/6 AGI (I was using my Irawan guide as a template hence the error). But should there be more please notify me. I can be such a blur case sometimes.

Inside the Secret Temple

As promised, I went to Secret Temple today. I was warned of Bearzz squad but it seems I didn’t see them, probably there were 2 channels of Secret Temple. The only group I saw was Osiris Faction, I had a friendly conversation with them beforehand and told them if possible try to avoid crossfire because i was only there to look around. My ex-faction mate and present squad mate Athdar came along with me also.

Athdar tanking Castor

Basically like Battle Coliseum and Poison Yard the aim of the game is simple – eliminate all possible hostilities and finally the main boss and grab the loot. Athdar warped in dead, probably finished off by the Osiris people or a bunch of nasty Chaos Castor/Pollux, who were easy to damage yet hits hard also. Anyway after slacking for a bit killing off Castor and Pollux with Athdar’s awesome fighter tanking suddenly we got a message: “Diablo has spawned!

Oh sure never mind but…

Complete wipeout, like total ouch considering we were fighting a bunch of Pollux/Castor halfway when this big guy suddenly dropped in on us. I never been to a Diablo raid before (let alone looked at it clearly because most Diablo raids never last more than 5 seconds) so I’m not sure if the stats are similar to an actual one.

Secret Temple’s Diablo

Of course silly to say, I died and so did Athdar but not his awesome fighter. He still stood his ground against both Diablo and Pollux/Castor but then Osiris dropped in on him also…

No more fantastic coverage 😦

I think it’s an absolute nightmare if you have to tank a bunch of 52 AR/DR Pollux/Castor, a hulking Diablo and an entire faction. But Athdar’s fighter is awesome, he can still managed all three at once with his awesome 60-ish DR. But of course with magic users also, it’s clear he would not last that long – big mistake when Osiris decide to eliminate their unknowingly Diablo tanker.

Now you see him…

…and now you don’t

Because I could not cover anymore images from there on…I only could return to my barracks while Athdar stayed on to see how the faction handled Diablo and also noted the loots. Apparently, the loots were like so-so and not a single elite was noted. So much for rumours.

And to Osiris, thanks for interested in inviting me to your faction but for the time being I wish to stay factionless. 😛

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