Posted by: Souken | January 24, 2008

Last day of Internship: The Bearzz Experience II

I’m seeing a high increase in hits in the blog lately, I’m not exactly sure now what people are reading because the numbers for my Feng Ling guide between the Bearzz experience post are constantly fluctuating. Impressive but I still find it a little scary but anyway continuing where we last left…

Rendezvous with the gang

The boss let everyone take a little break before we’re requesting to make a rendezvous at a specified timing. So like, me being a newbie thought it would be safer to meet up at the spot earlier – call me “kiasu” or whatever but not nice for interns to make your boss angry. The Poison Yard was really fast, in for the Geroro and out to prepare for Secret Temple after that. No mistakes were allowed as far as possible.

Checking the agenda, #1 – kill red icons, #2 – look for Geroro…

Bearzz gave everyone instructions to meet up and then off we go to look for red icons. We then managed to clean the floor with corpses until finally someone was able to discern their identity (red icon dudes were all from the same faction), Osiris. They were supposed to be on friendly terms but I guess in Poison Yard, squad over friendship aside…


As quick as it appeared, it was downed pretty fast. I hardly had time in fact to get a couple of good shots. The loots though were kinda disappointing this time and isn’t as fabulous as my last encounter. But it certainly had more than the previous time, quantity over quality…

No comment 🙂

After Geroro was downed, it was off to the next rendezvous immediately without delay. Panic season really as the Secret Temple announcement was made (5 mins more). Blah blah, standard procedure and everything, was beginning to sound like regular work life.

Rendezvous #2

Luckily the boss spiced up the atmosphere with more “BANZAIS!” and some really naughty conversation that I’m not really sure I should even bother to go in detail with… *rolls eyes* But in case you happen to be a healthy perverted person, here goes:

Then everything follows:

Pollux/Castor comes out = die
Hostile red icons = die
Banzai = die

Sure die, for the Pollux/Castor

I was beginning to fall asleep until finally Diablo showed up. More hack-and-slash and Diablo was downed. If you want a fantastic detailed entry please refer to part 1.


Overall it was a great experience, you get paid, you get a job done, you made friends, you saw kinky conversations, internal entertainment by the boss himself – who’s complaining? *There were also some company secrets I’m not allowed to reveal, binded by my *ahem* contract

Diablo Loot

Great squad and great leader, I certainly had fun. After that it was back to boring old GE again (they do this everyday, like oh my god). Now who said all working internships were boring?

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