Posted by: Souken | January 25, 2008

A little break

I’m very happy with the hits the blog generated, and I would really like to thank all the readers. Especially if you sincerely read the whole thing and enjoyed it, then really my heart goes out to you. I’ll also continue my best to keep providing entertaining posts to make you come back for more. The unfortunate thing is however, there would be an uncalled for hiatus for this blog.

Lightning Celberos – fucking awesome screenshot

*Note: I hope nobody got offended by that word, I had really feel the need to use it.

My laptop has really got itself into a major fix this time, till the point I have to reformat again. I pretty much transferred out all my important stuff to a portable HDD and leaving the current desktop quite bare. And my account is temporarily managed by a friend so basically I have nothing much to blog about GE for now. For this last post, I’ll post up screenshots that I never had a chance to ever showed it here.

Lightning Celberos – another angle

I captured a few screenshots in the nick of time of the Celberos boss of Island of Fire. I was told each zone had a different Celberos. Unfortunately and fortunately, I was only able to chanced upon the Lightning Celberos. Now all you people who owned a Bracelet of Celberos would more or less know where the power of your bracelet derived from. 😉

Note the fake metallic head (two of them)

I was considered lucky to get stellar shots while my squadmates whacked away. And I was very impressed with the anatomy of the monster, this may very well be one of IMC’s best designed mobs in my opinion. Moving on, I also captured a perfect image of a Boneless, the boss of Skullic Dungeon Level 3.

Boneless at it’s best

I loved photography a lot, but I’m not very good at it in real life so I practiced as much as I can while playing GE. To achieve the so called perfect shot, the only way is to take advantage of opportunities. They come and go which is why I always try to be ready to punch the Print Screen button. Another thing peculiar I noticed in GE is this:

Glowing star

More or less everyone should know it is a player but what is causing it? Take a closer look…

The answer

Three characters with the leadership aura packed into one position. I was really amazed really, who knows what is there still undiscovered in GE. Like I was also really surprised when a retired player friend of mine first discovered about the hidden secrets of GE few knew about. Check out her awesome thread here if you haven’t:

Till then, I hope these heavily screenshot depended post is enough to satisfy the hungry readers till I reformat my laptop and get everything fixed up again. Gonna be a long day…


  1. ASTA!!! long time no see.. you still owe me my takion ring. 😛 wont fuss about that though, just asking, can you help me craft my elite plate?

  2. LOL I was awaiting for your reply too, I still have it and it’s sitting in my storage and yes of course can help ya craft~

    Seargoth is managing my account atm, you can pm him or my account because he’s on both.

  3. sure. thanks by the way. ;D you dont cherish my takion ring ;_;

  4. and, is that you in the dp?

  5. Er that’s Tifa from FFVII LOL…and not that I don’t cherish your Takion ring, I hardly ever need to summon Takion :p

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