Posted by: Souken | January 29, 2008

#1 Annoyance ranking: Bot Report

I’m back but this time I’m living in a no GE period. My laptop is reformatted with Windows Vista now and regrettably there are certain compatibility clashes with other programs. I anticipated this but I’m already all for the looks over functionality thing. Well, until February’s MBB is out, I’m still out of bounds to GE for the time being and yes – my account is still being temporarily managed by a friend.

Nothing like a nice “You have been reported…” in your face on a lovely morning…

Hours before my reformatting that day I had to run into an annoyance. I was grinding my team in the prime hotspots of Skullic Dungeon 1F in the wee hours of the morning then suddenly I noticed a catherine/viki/whatever-the-third-character-is team in the vicinity. Never mind that but when I was spamming Frozen Field trying to save my butt (was training Ice Domination stance on elementalist), I was rudely interrupted by a bot report…on me.

Really now, I was surprised by the fact I was reported (I’ll explain later) but I was more angry the fact about how the bot report is working lately. That little bugger wanted to steal my hotspot and so he so “bravely” hid behind pillars away from me and conveniently clicked on my name to report me. Sad to burst his bubble but I typed out the code so essentially making the report an invalid one.

Spying on me, that nasty little thing (note the Catherine dolls)

The spot I was at maybe the most optimal training spot in the entire Skullic 1F but it is not the only spot there is. As I mentioned, I was grinding in the wee hours of the morning so basically the entire dungeon was empty. Seeing his sneak attack on me failed, he ran across me and with me scolding on him. After that I thought it was all over only to notice several attempts he keeps coming back to see if I’m gone.

The name of the perpetrator – DUCHUY

I have no qualms about thinking whether to withhold his name, I would gladly warn of this weasel to everyone in Pachelbel (he is factionless). Now moving on to the bot report, seriously what people had imagined to be a god sent tool turned out not only to be ineffective after a while – but is also abused at the same time. The bots already have found their way of bypassing it, that I’m not surprised. But what I’m more annoyed about is that it even works on the legitimate players.

There could be a million and one things wrong with the system but I would not know. I will not blame IAH either because this thing is still “invented” by IMC to be passed down to IAH. But rather I would want to know how does this Bot Report feature test for offenders?

How it works (more or less)

I was told it figures out irregular movements of the suspected player especially if you are doing things at superhuman speed or looting/spamming skills at the same time and a whole lot of other oddly things beyond a normal human’s playing capability. Basically, AFKers are safe from this dreaded tool (but if you were afk and still got reported and sent into jail, please do tell me).

But now it’s a fact that it is unable to distinguish between real and botting/macro players. At the time of the incident, I was spamming Frozen Field/Blizzard and looting in between intervals. So I’m declared a bot just like that?

Using the Bot Report function wisely

If one has been to the forum, you would have seen that this is now a very popular annoyance in sGE nowadays be it any server. But I would concentrate more on Pachelbel now, especially noting the silliest scenarios the bot report actually works during the following:

– Colony War
– PvE (like my incident)
– Boss raids

Looking from various different points of views, I would say the people who abused it in the above scenarios all have purpose to achieve so whether what they did is right is debatable. After all the in-game function is there to let you use it but regrettably, there still is no rule about misusing it for the above purposes.

The only thing that’s worst is being reported for nothing – and by nothing I mean it’s only because the reporters WANT the victims to be sent to jail, it’s all for kicks, their idea of a sick thrill. These people, should be dragged out to the street and be shot. What different is there between pressing the fire alarm button just for kicks? Especially nowadays it’s so widely popular in Pachelbel as well. In fact, don’t even talk about the Bot Report function now – people just point fingers on would-be botters.

There was a case I heard that this guy was in the Frozen Plains when he was being observed by another player. After that he changed his channel and so did that other player. The actions continued and the observer finally comes to a conclusion – the player is botting.

Really, where’s the logic in this now?

Isn’t it natural instinct if someone keeps stalking you (in-game or real life) you would want to get as far away as the person as possible? Or even if the person is oblivious to the observer, what’s wrong with switching channels consistently? Always take the above steps to find out if someone is botting:

– Reason out why would the person want to bot? (do you know his background well enough? notorious/famous in the server for something? hearsay?)
– Doing anything out of the ordinary, and by that I mean doing things beyond a normal human’s playing capability of defying in-game logics. Eg. Using that Frozen Plain scenario; switching channels consistently means nothing but if the person can use normal attacks in a crowd of mobs in that map and still survive – something fishy is going on
– If you aren’t sure about the symptoms of botting, please. Consult others before you go around pointing fingers
– Finally hand up solid proof to backup your accusation, this is the most basic of the basics

The failure of the bot report is nothing, it’s more on the users who use it.


  1. *raise eyebrow*

  2. *coff coff*

    The topic here is about breaking clues like a detective to find out if someone is botting without using the bot report, not pointing any fingers 😀

    And yo kk~

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