Posted by: Souken | January 31, 2008

Knuckles vs Gaiters: Analytical Guide

January is coming to an end soon so watch out for the MBB poll results! I have a feeling despite MSP winning by the nose, IAH will still organize something to appease the other half. The best arrangement I can think up of is probably a mix of choices from the poll (No Angie card/Jewel Powder please unless you want an angry mob with pitchforks!). I’m back into GE finally after downloading incessantly over the internet. I’m starting to believe I should have chosen Windows XP to reformat with…I cannot believe the Aero factor from Windows Vista affects GE too much – how annoying. 😦

Brunie Etienne – Day job: Treasure Hunter. Hobby: Shooting guns (ok that sounded a bit wrong)

I made a new character to while the time in GE away, Brunie’s nothing new and I’m starting to take a liking to this underrated hot chick. And good news, I made another guide again because I’m too free and bored. Whether this guide would be vital or not depends on if the reader owns a martial art rNPC.


Gaiters – Weapons exclusively used by recruitable NPCs, they are worn beneath the knee to deal damage in the form of kicks to their opponent.

Knuckles – Weapons exclusively used by recruitable NPCs, they are equipped on the hands to deal powerful blows to opponents.

List of rNPCs that are able to use Gaiters – Gracielo, Irawan, Feng Ling, Bai Hu

List of rNPCs that are able to use Knuckles – Gracielo, Jean, Irawan, Feng Ling, Bai Hu

Basically, the reason you see for the above differences are simple, it is due to the rNPCs stances that allows them their choice of weapons. While Chapter of Wind and Earth are strictly gaiters and knuckles only respectively, Chapter of Fire, Ice and Mind allows duality between both. And as for Gracielo’s name appearing under the knuckle category, reason being is that he has a bareknuckle stance which allows him to do so. Unfortunately, there is no such stance that allows Jean to equip a gaiters.

Gaiters vs Knuckles – which one?

This may be very well the most popular question on martial art rNPCs. If I had a dollar every time I hear that, haha…So let’s get down to the basics:

Knuckles – Slower base attack speed but compensates with high base attack

Gaiters – Lower base attack but compensates with faster base attack speed. It also noted that Gaiters provide additional but low amount of DEF when equipped.

This can be proven by the following gaiters/knuckles one is most likely to use in the later levels…

As shown, the elite 84 series knuckles win in damage but the gaiters make up for extra built-in attack speed.

A perfect Eternal gaiters/knuckles both will have the similar stat of ATK 50% and ATK Speed 30%, but Eternal knuckles still win in terms of base damage.

By the elite 100 series, both will have eliminate the attack speed barrier as shown so making the knuckle the ultimate high end weapon for duality martial art stances. There really is not much of a choice for the gaiters-only Chapter of Wind.

Elemental Knuckles/Gaiters

I only recently made this section because people have been raiding the gates of fire and lightning and have obtained the elemental gear. At first look, it may seem that their base attack is lower but when in usage will their real prowess come into hand. Elemental attack bonuses are calculated differently in terms or damage and may increase or decrease based on the enemy’s resistance.

Eg. The opponent has high Ice and Lightning res but low Fire res, so using a fire elemental knuckle/gaiters will increase your damage.

This is important also as being an elemental equipment, part of it’s damage is able to bypass the DEF factor. But of course if your opponent has maxed resistance to all three basic elements then it’s better you use the knuckles/gaiters mentioned above.

Currently only the Fire and Lightning elemental knuckles/gaiters exist, as nobody has raided the Gate of Ice (Ice Wizard Tower) there are no Ice knuckles/gaiters in existence. But basically they all have the same base attack with additional 85 attack of whatever element from which gate they come from, the only thing different will be their looks and weapon aura.

Fire series Knuckle

*Screenshots of the Fire Gaiters,Lightning Gaiters/Knuckles will be appreciated and credited

Knuckles/Gaiters of the Three Kings

They exist but are GM weapons only so the chance of owning them are zero. Their additional bonuses will consist of fire/lightning/ice attack, as for the amount it is unknown.

A simple guide but I hope it clears up the misunderstanding and doubts people have of gaiters and knuckles. I hope you enjoyed this guide and feel free to post up questions via the comment boar. 🙂


  1. I’ll lend you the E.Knuckles.

    You left out the fire knuckles and fire gaiters.

  2. Lol there are fire knuckles and gaiters? Only heard of the ice ones xD

    And thanks again~

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