Posted by: Souken | February 2, 2008

Death by lack of content

If anyone noticed, I’m blogging at slower intervals now, mainly because there are too many insignificant things and too little interesting things to blog about. The issue is simple – GE is getting boring now, well at least until newer updates get pumped into this game. IAH is still slowly dishing out events but the problem is it’s more a money buffet for them instead of “fun” for the players.

Boring… (off topic: Brunie goes great with poses :D)

I don’t really wish to keep comparing between sGE and the other versions but at least kGE and jGE get their money worth to their advantage with a dose of fun at the same time. The latest examples really proved it all, take the Idge’s +8 enhancement challenge and the Hrin Potion auction and you will really see what I mean. The Idge event is a good idea of a vis sink tactic because even with boosters…no wait actually if you used boosters and imperviums just for the sake of this event – I’m sorry to say but you have been made a dunce. With only 20 spaces per server, it would have to depend on luck and vis (and to a certain extent, gpoints) to speedily acquire the +8 item AND the “recipe pack”.

Red dot (error box)

And the worst part is probably you don’t even know if the 20 spaces have been filled up or if you are guaranteed to win. And obviously, the Hrin Potion event is a play on vis and gpoints (more towards gpoints) bringing forward the theory of the “rich getting richer, the poor getting poorer” in sGE. No game is perfect and sGE has it’s own fair shares of bugs and such. I rather they spend their time to actually fix up these bugs people are complaining about than to release events which contribute indirectly to their revenue.

Whatever the situation is, I hope IAH can quickly do something to resolve their web of problems because it’s a waste to see this game die. Some even speculate we will not even live past the full version 2.4 of the game, in any case I already have backup games to look forward to. *coff*

Ok I’m digressing. The blog stats really show a lot of referrers from other links to my blog these days. I noticed some links from other blogs and also links from faction forums/groups where unfortunately, I am unable to view without being a member (and the need of the approval after registration). I was psyched to see a link from Wikipedia today and to my surprise…

I believe I just saw my name *rubs eyes*

I really can’t believe that my name actually made it to the Wikipedia entry on Granado Espada. The Cerventes, Caravaggio and Carracci bloggers I really admire because they have been “in this line” longer than I did; and I most certainly agree that their name deserved to be up there. Kinda sad to see Vivaldi has no contenders but thankfully Pachelbel has two shown but then again, I wonder what are the requirements to make this list considering the overflow of links under the Blogspotters’ thread.

I would like to thank whoever put my link up there. 😉

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