Posted by: Souken | February 4, 2008

Feng Ling arrives

Yup after a push forward and lengthened (typical IAH) maintenance today, Feng Ling finally arrives from Dang to Granado Espada. Without hesistating, I just bought 50 Mystery Powders from the cash shop and obtained her card. Like I said, she’s definitely worth her weight in gold and I also updated stuff in her guide.

Feng Ling’s card after a simple (but jia lui) quest

*Note: Jia Lui is hokkien translated as money eating :p

Unfortunately I also have to downgrade to Windows XP again so no GE for a while again, blast it. Turns out Windows Vista still has compatibility issues with many programs (especially the games!) but the only good thing is having Directx 10.0 which is awesome for graphics dependent games like GE.

And for those curious of Feng Ling’s stats again, here they are for your convienience:

8 AGI is what makes her unique

IAH also introduced two more money sink events and those darn premium boxes. In my opinion unless you are very loaded and lazy (and lucky), I would not touch those boxes even if they were free. Especially with a thread where people posted their results, I’m even more inclined (and more convinced) that it’s not worth my money.

Link –

Plus even if you got the elites, please do note they are still recipes and not in the item form.

Lastly, I’m really thankful for today’s hits on my blog. It is rather astonishing to me when I was checking out my blog stats. I mean I anticipated this but this was beyond my estimated number…

Many thanks to the readers again. And yes once again, if errors were found in the Feng Ling guide or if you thought the guide was helpful please do leave a comment! šŸ˜‰



  2. Jia Lui~ XD


  3. Roy Roy Roy~~
    since u got Feng Ling, can u tell me how’s her voice? from what i heard it’s really annoying >__>

  4. @ kris: I didn’t use her normal voiceover (using japanese voiceover) but I was told she’s really annoying in the english one (ratatatatata thingy god @_@)…she’s silent in japanese though I think it’s because I’m still using a not updated one.

  5. LOL, okie donkie, thanks ^^

  6. a passerby here.

    Just wondering, did you get your GE fonts from another client?

  7. @ blank: yup I did, they’re from jGE

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