Posted by: Souken | February 6, 2008

Happy (Lunar) New Year!

Yeap, it’s officially (lunar) new year, so like these few days I’m gonna slacken on updates so I figured I better do it now. The hype on Feng Ling is reducing by now but she’s still a cutie on my list. I also want to thank those who pointed out errors or contributed juicy bits on her which I have failed to note. I can safely conclude now that her guide is totally complete.

Happy Lunar New Year!

I logged into GE with a lag spike today, figured it would be some event that cranked up the server load and I was right. Turns out the GMs were visiting today and accepting their love/hate votes from players. [GM] Selva caused a ruckus in Channel 1 Cite de Reboldoeux and throughout the entire server, and with the gathering and all the broads, no wonder the lag.

[GM] Selva’s erm..Selva 🙂

I was forced to put off training for that entire afternoon, I even had a forgotten territory pass activated so it was rather annoying. But since Selva, the rNPC graced us with her presence I was willing to let that passed. I also captured lovely shots of that hot chick. The difficulty ensues because people were constantly mobbing her thus it was only for a while till I was able to get some good shots.

Selva Norte, Eduardo Hingis’s fiancee

Also according to [GM] Selva, it seems she will be recruitable only during version 2.6 and she’s a pure rapier stance user. Now it figures why even in kGE nothing on Selva was released yet. Probably not ready for recruitment still at the moment. Selva is also afflicted by a horrible curse; as one can see, she has a skeletal left arm (the horrors!).

Skeletal arm!

No matter, all in the name of fun, I traded 5 chocolate votes to [GM] Selva and received 5 heart sprays in return. I guess it was “worth” it in a way since the heart sprays are really nice backdrops to a perfect valentine’s screenshot.


Heart Spray in action

The only craziest thing from the outcome of this entire event would be who will be the winner. Frankly speaking, this is a battle of the rich men to acquire the fantastic rewards of a 2 Hour date with the winning GM, a Cumulonimbus shield with 2 DR and a Le Blanc of their choice with stats of DR + 3. To me it really isn’t worth it considering the moolah and time you have to put into it. Though the shield seems rather tempting, 30% Lightning resistance + 2 DR is really a good prize. (And with the shield being a level 100)

That’s all for now, this blog is going on a break for a while to enjoy the festivities. I also hear blackjack sessions calling me, enjoy the holidays everyone~


  1. Heh, you definitely got more stuff than me on Selva Norte><. We both voted for the same GM, but you know it was a pain in the arse to get a picture of the lovely Selva. Especially when the mob crowding the GM just refuses to budge from their spots.

    When are you gonna comment on my blog, man xD .

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