Posted by: Souken | February 14, 2008


I think I had too much of a break, brain drain ouch. CNY was fun though I won fairly in gambling unlike last year with was jackpot season. And yes I neglected the blog for two reasons:

1: Lack of things to blog

2: Self extension of holidays

Someone once raised the question of how I changed my font in GE, I can answer that but it is considered “modifying the game client” so please use in discretion. And of course don’t post it in the GE fourms, the threads will bound to be locked.

jGE font

The font I’ll be showcasing is jGE’s awesome font, but please be warned that all Alt code letters will be replaced by an X in a box because the file cannot read those, and thank god at that because I always found them annoying.

Access this folder as shown in your GE

ge folder

Under it you should see a bunch of ipf files, reason being the mods always lock your threads on how to get different fonts/voiceovers is because it’s modifying of the game client. And obviously for other reasons, like why waste their time and money hiring local talents to do the sGE voiceover when everybody is just gonna download and replace it with jGE’s one?

Ok now moving on…

These two files should be your main interest:

font.ipf will change the fonts (shown in screenshot) of the game and se.ipf will replace the voiceovers.

Whichever your interest in either of different versions of GE, just go download their full client and look for their ipf files. Every GE client file should have one. Then just drag and replace it into your sGE ipf folder and then you’re done!

*Note on voiceovers: You should know that for the Japanese voiceovers, some rNPCs are silent. A few examples are Irawan and Catherine (though Catherine makes a horrible sadako screech when she dies, makes you wanna pine for Emilia’s dying noise in sGE). And of course since many characters are constantly being added into GE, you should keep your other game client and update whenever you can.

I didn’t update mine so I’m unsure if Feng Ling has a voice or not, she’s silent in my Japanese voiceover.

And before I forget Happy Valentine’s Day! If you haven’t got your loved one something, please get out of your chair and stop grinding GE to go get something quickly! :p

Lovely heart

Players are making a lot of hearts lately, this picture is done by a friend of mine, if you haven’t see his GE comics thread you should definitely check it out. He already has sent even the forums mods and Hrin mad with ecstasy. 😛



  1. hmmm….thanks for answering my qns….do you know of any font that is similar to ver 2.0.9’s? I missed that font very much.
    Btw. I am using jGE voicepack too ^.^

  2. Bro can you post a link for the jGE voicepack? Damn been looking for a month now and the only se.ipf that I have downloaded is the kGE one. I really need to check out the voices from jGE.

  3. Can you upload the jge font :3
    The font really rox

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