Posted by: Souken | February 22, 2008


This blog is inactive I know, yes something happened. I have quitted GE.

It took me quite a while to come to terms to even type out this entry. Whatever the reason I will not divulge but all I will say it’s just about being the wrong place at the wrong time. Since POBT, I have enjoyed my journey of GE quite happily. I met an awesome bunch of friends and even got invited to a faction I’ll never forget despite being disbanded already.

Of course, needless to say, all good things must come to an end. I often wondered when and how I would feel about quitting GE, who knew it crept onto me earlier than expected. And for those worrying about the yet to be completed martial art rnpcs guides, fret not, I make sure I will work on them and post them up here. Only after that then I’m totally done with GE.

I would like to thank the following for making my entire GE journey memorable – *Holly, Sid, Kay, K.K, Fleur, Mid, Mev, Milk. There are more of course but it’s just that I don’t think I can fill up an entire list here.

*Names were changed to prevent harassment, of course if you know who they are then that’s that~

GE is really one of the best games out there, pity I already lost the will to continue playing further. Also the fact about Pachelbel’s economy and IAH is a further turn off, oh well “great game, lousy management”. My only biggest regrets are the following:

1) I didn’t managed to let my male elementalist ever to have the chance to equip a elite robe of leviathan/behemoth/ziz (sole reason I chose a male ele over female)

2) I will never have the chance to collect all the martial art rnpcs (at least up to fengling is comforting…)

3) I’ll leave this last one unspoken.

Farewell GE, now it’s time to move on to better things…


  1. Roy Bunny, we will miss joo!!

    good luck to you!!

  2. yes, time to move on with your life. :D. nicely done. I was thinking about semi-quitting, and you just made up my mind.. I’ll just afk from now.

  3. Thanks a lot for replying guys, it means so much and I’ll miss you too >w<

  4. Goodbye Astaros….

    Dang, another one quitting….

    It was nice knowing you.

  5. yes, we will miss your laughs. its kinda mushy, but i wish you’ll be back. D: . you’ll keep this blog here.. right?

  6. @ Bringston: lol who were the other “ones”?

    @ Noobles: Of course silly xD Why would I wanna delete something that’s like a photo album and all the guides I made with sweat and blood?

    This blog will be here to stay, just like how rosenstolz’s blog still is ;P

  7. oh i’ll be bored with nothing else to read when you leave. Always love reading your blog. I guess if not all, most of the ppl who knew you will miss you. When if decide to return look up your old friends^^

  8. Take care dude. Drop me a msn (u’ll might not find me in-game either) every now and then yea?

  9. Quitting so soon? You are the last person I thought will quit!

    Just afk fulltime like me. When its 2.5 it should be more fun to play then… if we are still playing by then.

    So have u moved on to CABAL already? I tired it abit and i immediately got bored. LoL

  10. @ Lytxkin: oh don’t worry I will

    @ Mess: yea sure, I still have a lot of ex-rosenstolz’s msn x)

    @ Mid: ya Im playing a bit at cabal, the bgm of course sucks when compared with GE’s. AFK also ok lah except i don’t want stress my laptop too much hahaz

  11. welcome to the retirees club!!!!

  12. @ kk: omg who’s the founder then? O_o

  13. So many sad farewells… I have always been impressed by Rosenstolz >_<

  14. Well, Fleurie quit…..

    A couple of my non-Rosenstolz friends quit…..

    Now you quit T_T

  15. there goes a guy whom create good guides……farewell….gd luck.

  16. @ von: haha thanks for that thought 🙂

    @ bringston: oic 😮

    @ blank: mebbe I’ll make a little promise on making a guide if something interesting from ge ever catches my eye *cough*

  17. you may not know me but i read your blog. anyway take care dude 🙂

  18. @ elda: lol thanks for reading and enjoying this blog 🙂

  19. Get back here. I’ll make 1) happen.

    You know who to look for ingame.

  20. Cabal is like.. -_-. nevertheless, playing it now. asta, add me in msn. 😀 EDIT: ok got it thanks

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