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Jean Pierre Gascon – The fighter detective

I logged into GE recently to take some screenshots for my Jean guide, and I think the change now is quite drastic. Almost everyone in Pachelbel are either equipped with elites or elites that glow. And did I mention about the rise in Le Blanc owners also? But the only thing left unchanged or to be on the bright side, decreased by a bit – the neverending inflation of Pachelbel.

I still strongly encouraged against new users from venturing to Pachelbel if one is looking for a non-PK server. Carracci is your best bet, their economy is so stable it’s actually going through a period of deflation…

Jean Pierre Gascon

Finally I’m done with the Jean guide, it’s all down to two more before I wash my hands off GE for good.

i) Mini Intro

Total stat points: 30

腕力 (Str): 7
敏捷 (Agi): 5
体力 (Con): 7
知能 (Dex): 5
技術 (Int): 3
権威 (Cha): 3

Location – City of Auch, near Isabella, the cake girl (or just F9 if you still don’t know your way around Auch)

Starting Level – 40
Personal skill – Earth Mental Attack
Stances – Chapter of Earth

ii) Quest Info

Quest: Investigation of Torsche House
NPC + Location: Jean Pierre Gascon, City of Auch
Reward: 30000 Vis + XP Card

1. Talk to Jean Pierre Gascon
2. Travel to Dr Torche’s Mansion, Grand Library to kill Flying Books to receive 40 Torche’s Diary
3. Talk to Jean Pierre Gascon to complete the quest

Quest: Investigation of Joaquin Concentration Camp
NPC + Location: Jean-Pierre Gascon, City of Auch
Reward: EXP Card and 50,000 Vis

1. Finish the above Quest
2. Talk to Jean
3. Travel to Prison de Joaquin
4. Search the Gulag Furnaces to receive 10 Jaquin Diaries
Prison de Joaquin, The Mohrgus – I9, D6 & B8
Prison de Jaoquin, Altar of Despair – I11
Prison de Joaquin, Torture Chamber – J5 & B9
Prison de Joaquin, Schivarliere – A6 & B7
Prison de Joaquin, Gehenna Bridge – F3 & F10

5. Talk to Jean to complete the quest

Quest: Investigating of Sir Lyndon
NPC + Location: Jean-Pierre Gascon, City of Auch
Reward: Jean-Pierre Gascon’s Card

1. Complete the above quest and talk to Jean
2. Travel to Cite de Reboldoeux
3. Talk to Brunie Etienne
4. Give her 5000 Vis
5. Talk to Eusebio (not sure if you have to Talk to Jean first??)
6. Travel to Joaquin de Prison, The Mohrgus and farm for 20x Bulk of Gold
7. Talk to Eusebio
8. Talk to Domingo
9. Talk to Jean to complete the quest

An averagely tedious quest but you can opt to buy his card off players, but I would not recommend this option for Pachelbel players unless you are loaded. 🙂

iii) Stance/Skills

Jean is one of the old school martiarl art rNPCs, he only has one stance, Chapter of Earth.

Stance : Chapter of Earth

Stance Bonus at Level 25: Attack Speed +15%, Critical +10%,
Block +10

Level 5 – Blazing Uppercut
Level 15 – Lionheart
Level 20 – Atomic Phoenix Bomber

Comments: A very straightforward anti-air attack, vital as a knockback since it’s spammable too.

Comments: A smaller version of Menace Shot but with decent damage included, fear can be scary in pvp but getting your opponents to stay within the circle while you cast may be tricky…

Comments: Unlike it’s other cousins, this finisher has a short and sweet animation. This is the only early dose of Enervation you would see before a Vet Wizard with Anathema. What does Enervation do you ask?

No joke alright, and 25% chance is fair enough. Any higher and players will yell “IMBAL”.

Comments: In my opinion, this is one of the few best personal skills out there for a rNPC. Usually self-buffs come at a penalty for -DEF, which will make the user to only consider to use in do-or-die scenarios instead of a regular usage. The penalty you see here is a reduction of Movement Speed but think about it, when you are attacking/defending, why would one even bother with movement speed? (Unless you’re on a hit-and-run tactic but otherwise that does not apply to Jean)

Extra DEF and RES would make Jean more resilient against magic classes, not by a lot but it’s pretty good for a melee character. The extra DR at level 11 is a nice addition and lastly, Mental ATK. People often look down on bonus elemental and mental attacks but never wonder the “extra” damage bonus they do apply.

From what I found out, the special thing about Mental Attack (Stock Wizard’s attack/skills and LOE based spells deal Mental damage) is it’s “piercing” damage. And in Jean’s case, his Mental Attack CANNOT be blocked by Spiritual Shield.

Lastly here’s a hot piece of news people will enjoy – Earth Mental Attack STACKS with Protection Field, yay for more DEF, and another extra DR if you have level 11 Protection Field.

iv) FAQ

Having one stance, the FAQ column for Jean is also very short.

Q: What stat should I give him at Veteran status?

A: Jean’s stats make him very versatile as a character so he has three best options to choose from…

STR: The core stat of a melee, if you like damage there should not be any further questions asked. Just go for it.

AGI: As I mentioned, Jean’s stats make him versatile meaning you can play in any style you like. Since he’s already a 7 on both STR and CON, players who love to play different styles may try AGI which will in turn make Jean quite stable as a character. But I need to remind you that do not expect to go any further than pve if you chose this.

CON: If anyone looked at Claude Baudez’s stats, you would realize that Jean is actually almost on the same level as he is, but restricted in terms of stances. As everyone (ok maybe not everyone..) knows, an additional stat to CON gives extra HP, increase in HP regeneration speed and endurance (knockdown resistance, spiritual resistance) so 8 CON is very lovely for Jean who’s role seems to be more towards defence than offense.

And with Earth Mental Attack in play, it somehow makes him even more “godly” though not as exaggerated to the point it will supercede High Guard/The Defender.

Q: What’s the max block Jean can attain?

A: The max block he can attain is 20 with a maxed Chapter of Earth stance. But if you gave your vet stat to CON, I am sure the max block may be increased by a little. (Need confirmation on this)

Q: Can his Enervation stack with other status effects?

A: Yes it can, I’m not entirely sure though do status effects split into different categories because I noticed you can sometimes get two different status effect together, but also some status effects cannot stack with one another.

Here’s a screenshot of Giant Comodo (Boss mob) getting inflicted with Enervation and Freeze status at the same time.

v) My Overall view on Jean

“I’m not useless!”

If not for his CON, I would say Jean really has lost to his successors (Irawan, Soso, Baihu) . He will be a hard character to play and train with considering he only has one stance (don’t even bother about bareknuckle ok?). But don’t let whatever is around you influence your playing style. I’m very thankful for the fact I still see players using him and he’s a very unqiue character.

If you trained him to level 100, or even better Veteran status and still going – give yourself a pat on the shoulder because you deserved it. He will be quite balanced in both the Pve and Pvp playing field and given the right gears he would be still able to kick some butt. When used in conjunction with Magical Piercing, APB + Earth Mental Attack will gain a boost in damage because of the opponent’s decreased mental RES. (Credits to Rinkaru for this tip)

And forget questions like “is he good or not?”, if he catches your interest just go for it. Short and sweet, just like the way his stats and skills are.

vi) Credits

– Quest info taken from “Full quest & rnpc guide” by Giliam, link:

Please do not reproduce guide without permission.

If anyone has any more questions on Jean please feel free to post queries here.


  1. One thing to note. Debuffs come in 2 kinds, the ‘Mental’ and the ‘Elemental’.

    Blind, Enervation, Confusion etc. come under Mental, while Freeze, Shock, Burn etc. come under Elemental, and its perfectly possible to have 2 of them overlap at the same time.

  2. @ bearz: woah, thanks for the contribution, just what I was looking for. Credits will be given ^^

  3. And read the other thread already

  4. Hi, this is Senior Mod Rinkaru from sGE Forums. Im an avid Gascon User also. Btw, you forgot to add in your article, that when a target gets hit by Magical Piercing, his APB + Mental Buff gets a boost of attack also 🙂

  5. @ rinkaru: woo thanks for the tip

  6. For my opinion , is to give the additional vet stat to str, i was thinking a lot about to give it to con , but his “bomber” is not powerfull enough ,and +str will give more chance to debuff enemy , so I thinck str will be the best, and 7 con it’s quite enough)

  7. It’s pretty much up to the player, but of course I would definitely go for STR. Thanks for replying~

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