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Gracielo – Iguana’s view

A big fat thank you to all those who commented on the farewell entry, I’m also surprised hits on the blog still are still coming back but of course, not to the extent of it’s former glory but it’s good enough for me.

Gracielo – Storm kicker

Woo, one more guide to go. Without further ado, here comes another short guide on Gracielo.

i) Mini Intro

Total stat points: 30

腕力 (Str): 6
敏捷 (Agi): 7
体力 (Con): 6
知能 (Dex): 5
技術 (Int): 3
権威 (Cha): 3

Location – Port of Coimbra F4

Starting Level – 40
Personal skill – Violent Wind Attack
Stances – Chapter of Wind

ii) Quest Info

Quest: Hungry Hungry Gracielo!
NPC + Location: Gracielo, Port of Coimbra
Difficulty: easy

1. Talk to Gracielo
2. Buy ferrucio bread and milk from the girl at Queen’s Gate.
3. Buy chocolate from Lisa Lynway
4. Return to Gracielo to complete the quest.
This will open up the quest Gracielo’s Mission

Once you did this, go talk to Camille in Coimbra (F10). She will ask you to fight Gracielo, he is lvl 40.
Go talk to Gracielo again and he will give you his card.

Gracielo has two kinds of quest in total, the first one is only to obtain his card. He can be a bit difficult for characters below 40 but it’s not totally impossible to defeat him. Spam knockbacks to ensure your victory.

Now once you obtained Gracielo, you will notice he does not come with Chapter of Wind learned. That’s where the second part of the quest kicks in.

Quest: I Warrior’s path to Humility 1+2
NPC + Location: Gracielo, Port of Coimbra
Reward: Lvl 48 Leg Guard, XP Cards

1. Bring Gracielo in your team and select him to be your leader. Then walk to the highest point in Coimbra.
2. The mission will begin and Gracielo will say he can handle it alone.
3. 3 Thugs will appear and Gracielo has to defeat them.
4. After defeating the thugs Talk to Camille.
5. Go to Reboldoeux and talk to Menendez.
6. You will be teleported to an instance and you have to battle 100 Reboldoeux Soldiers.
7. The soldiers will start in groups of 1, followed by groups of 2, followed by groups of 3, and at the end even groups of 5.
8. Talk to Menedez to complete the quest.
Tips: You are fighting with Gracielo only so before the fight you should stack up on health potions. Also use acceleration when the fight start. This way you finish them af much faster. Don’t use the skill when you are fighting more then 2 enemies. As you cant spawm pots for 1 or 2 seconds after the skill and this could mean your death.

Quest: I Warrior’s path to Humility 3+4+5
[i]NPC + Location: Gracielo, Port of Coimbra
Reward: EXP Card
Difficulty:easy /I]
1. After finishing the above quest follow with this one.
2. Talk to Menendez. He will tell you to challenge the Combat Squad of the Coimbran Guard.
3. Talk to Coimbra’s Combat Master. You will be teleported to an instance and have to fight 4 Coimbran Guards & Epoite.
4. After defeating Epoite, who is Camille’s brother, he dies.
5. Talk to Camille. You will be teleported to an instance and have to destroy the crates and barrels within the time limit.
6. After this battle travel to the highest point of Coimbra again.
7. You will be teleported to an instance and you will have to fight the 3 Thugs again.
8. After you defeat them 5 Coimbran Guards will appear.
9. Defeat the Guards.
10. Talk to the Substitute Combat Master of Coimbra. You will be teleported. Click on the Tomb of Epolite. Fritz will appear and tells you to go find a hut located at Porto Bello, A Deserted Quay.

Quest: A Warriors path to Understanding
NPC + Location: Gracielo, Port of Coimbra
Reward: EXP Card

1. Click on the Door of the Hut. And talk to Fritz
2. Talk to the Scarecrow and be teleported to an instance, here kill a lot of Cannon Tortoise (lvl 35) after this try to destroy the stone
3. Talk to the Scarecrow and be teleported to an instance, here kill a lot of Grey Wolves (lvl 35) after this try to destroy the stone
4. Talk to the Scarecrow and be teleported to an instance, here defeat a Grizzly Scavanger (lvl40)
5. Destroy the stone
6. Talk to Fritz to complete the quest
Tips: Spam pots where needed. Also buff with chilling touch and meditation if you have an elementalist ans scout, before walking on the arrow. These buffs will stay when you really begin the quest.

Quest: A Warriors path to Strength
NPC + Location: Gracielo, Port of Coimbra
Reward: EXP Card + Skillbook: Chapter of Wind

1. Finish the above quest
2. Talk to Las Casas near the warp point in port the Coimbra
3. Defeat Las Casas.
4. Travel to stone pit and talk to Reen
5. Defeat Reen
6. Travel to ferrocio junction and talk to the worker near (north of) the statue
7. Defeat Selden
8. Travel to Deserted Quay and talk to the door again
9 After the conversation you have finished the quest
Tips: Spam pots where needed. Also buff with chilling touch and meditation if you have an elementalist ans scout, before walking on the arrow. These buffs will stay when you really begin the quest. Then buff with acceleration and mithridart to get extra speed and power. Now with all the battles spam pots and use your skill to knock them back. Maybe buy some sp pots for skills spamming. The fights are irritating but not that bad.

A very very tedious rounds of quest where only Gracielo is involved, meaning you cannot use any other characters to aid. Your only “skill” is Side Kick under Bareknuckle stance. So train up your Bareknuckle stance a bit to max the skill before you start the second series of quest.

Alternatively, you can also hunt the stance book off Phobitan General or buy it off from other players.

iii) Stance/Skills

Gracielo is the first martial art rNPC to be released in GE, there was the biggest hooha over his sole stance, chapter of wind. Naturally, the excitement died down as his successors appeared one by one.

Stance : Chapter of Wind

Stance Bonus at Level 25: Attack Speed +15%, Critical +10%,
Evasion +15%

Level 5 – Tornado Vortex
Level 15 – Dragon Kick
Level 20 – Atomic Crazy Rush

Comments: Spammable knockback skill which till today, is a popular choice for almost all martial art rNPCs. Doesn’t exactly deal the highest damage among all the spammable first skill, but it’s notable for affecting up to 5 enemies.

Comments: A very flashy skill which if used correctly, maybe a boost to victory. Beginners often find themselves trouble with this skill also as they may activate it too early or too late, thus making it a hinder as there is a certain after delay when the skill is activated. Another knockback skill also.

Comments: The first martial art finisher and still is the highest among all finishers (in order from the lowest % damage: ACB>ATS>AWTS>AGS>ACR). Couple with rings and a good stat lvl 92 unique gaiter, one can easily achieve a lvl 13 ACR for even more damage. And typical of all martial art finishers, this skill can knockback as well.

Comments: A new addition to Gracielo in the 2.4 patch alongside with Jean (who has his own personal skill now). People are now beginning to favour elemental/mental attack bonus as they do in fact further enhance damage. You can really see the difference in ACR with and without this. Lvl 11 of the skill gives a AR +1 which is also helpful, Gracielo is also able to hit his max attack speed cap easier with this buff.

But of course, the penalty is that DEF will be reduced by 20 in the skill’s duration. It’s definitely a painful experience, not recommended to use unless in a do-or-die situation. And similar to Jean, this skill stacks with Protection Field but for me it’s a hassle unless your main team is inclusive of a wizard or a rNPC with ESP.

iv) FAQ

Q: What stat should I give him at Veteran status?

A: Gracielo is a very simple character, you can choose between the two which I highly recommend.

STR: The core stat of a melee, if you like damage there should not be any further questions asked. Just go for it.

AGI: Like Soso, Gracielo’s sole survival depends a lot on evasion. An increase of AGI not only boosts his attack speed but also enhances his evasion. I haven’t tested it myself personally but with a 15 evasion elite camisa/naranja or lvl 92 pericolo, you should be able to stay within the range of 70~74 evasion. Unfortunately, I don’t think one is able to hit the max cap for evasion (75) unless you still want to consider adding AGI at expert status which I think it’s a waste.

Q: Is Gracielo useless now that there are better martial art rNPCs out there?

A: I would give a yes and no answer to this question.

Yes, for people keen on raw damage (what martial art rNPCs are made for) , Irawan, Soso and Baihu can already outdo him. Even Feng Ling can win him in terms of damage and evasion at expert level (he barely evens the competition with her). Also, Chapter of Wind is no longer exclusive to Gracielo alone if one notices.

No, for the fact you’re a collector of certain rNPCs. Looking from another view, Gracielo is still the second fastest in terms of attack speed, with the champion taken over by Soso. You can think of it as a poor man’s martial art rNPC for those who cannot afford cash shop items to get Irawan/Soso/Bai Hu.

v) My Overall view on Gracielo

“goes all emo”

If one notices the trend, martial art characters after Jean onwards all require cash shop items (yes even Bai Hu). Think of Gracielo as the only way to obtain without the need of spending real money. He is not exactly useless either since he’s the only other character other than Jean who has a CON stat above 5. This means he’s likely to survive a hit better than his successors.

In my opinion, he’s still a pretty cool character and there’s no deny that his cash shop costume is way hot. (and not forgetting that iguana on his head :D) No character is useless, it just depends on how you use them. My Irawan ever lost to a Gracielo before 😮

vi) Credits

– Quest info taken from “Full quest & rnpc guide” by Giliam, link:

Please do not reproduce guide without permission.

If anyone has any more questions on Gracielo please feel free to post queries here.


  1. nice guide… i am a gracielo user myself.. i would say.. ur guide is good..

  2. Are those screenshots yours? Nice font! How do I get them?

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