Posted by: Souken | March 3, 2008

Bai Hu – The White Tiger

Finally the last guide is up, but because he isn’t officially released in sGE, the information I have will be limited but just nice for one to know what to expect for.

i) Mini Intro

Total stat points: 30

腕力 (Str): 7
敏捷 (Agi): 7
体力 (Con): 5
知能 (Dex): 5
技術 (Int): 3
権威 (Cha): 3

Location – City of Auch G10

Starting Level – 1
Personal skill – Spirit of Hwaorang
Stances – Chapter of Mind, Chapter of Wind, Chapter of Earth

ii) Quest Info

Bai Hu’s quest is very straightforward but that’s because he’s a indirect cash shop rNPC.

His quest will be activated the moment you talked to him, a small scene will happen where you will have to fight him. You will lose but that’s part of the quest.

You aren’t supposed to win so don’t worry if you lose 🙂

After that some conversation will happen and you have will to find and talk to all the martial art rNPCs in this order:

Jean/Feng Ling/Irawan/Gracielo

I think by now everyone should know where each of them are situated. After that return to Bai Hu when you’re done and you will see a scene where he defeats each and all four of them. And finally here it comes – he will ask you to give him 50 mystery powders and after which he will give you his card. So that will put Bai Hu in the same price as Feng Ling will cost.

You can choose to obtain the above items via the Premium Shop NPC for a total of 11000 G-points OR you can get them from other players.

Currently on the average for Pachelbel, mystery powders are around 2.5m each.

iii) Stance/Skills

I will only touch on Chapter of Mind here.

Stance : Chapter of Mind

Stance Bonus at Level 25: Attack Speed +20%, Critical +15%,
Evasion +15%

Level 1 – Bluedragon Hill-kick
Level 10 – Breath of Hyunmoo
Level 15 – Half-moon Kick
Level 20 – Atomic Whitetiger-strikes

Lvl 10: sp 100, recharge 0s
ATK 860%
1 adjacent target

Comments: For a spammable first skill, the attack % is noticeably high. This would be good if you intend to damage and knock down your opponent at the same time.

Lvl 10: sp 200, recharge 10s
ATK 984%
3 targets in a 2m radius within 8m
33% chance to Stun

Comments: 33% is a weird number but stun is essential be it in pve or pvp scenarios, and most stun skills usually try to be as balanced as possible by trying to being single target. It doesn’t seem to be the case here though, but you can still make light of the small radius. After all, during colony war, everyone tends to “huddle”.

Lvl 10: sp 250, recharge 15s
ATK 1138%
4 adjacent targets
Ignores 30 DEF on targets

Comments: Another decent aoe skill, the ignore 30 DEF is nice but it will take some time to use this skill more effectively as it says adjacent targets.

Lvl 10: sp 300, recharge 20s
ATK 3635%
1 adjacent target
Ignores 50 DEF on target

Comments: A superb finisher in my high opinion, adding the ignorance of 50 DEF is really trying to give the target a painful death. Use knuckles for effective damage. 😀

(Personal Skill)

Lvl 10: sp 100, recharge 60s
consumes Analeptic Remedy x3
duration 180s
ATK increases by 10%, skills recharge time decreases, (AR +1 at lvl11)

Comments: This is one buff skill that does not have any downside at all. An excellent 10/10.

iv) Impression

I would say by far Bai Hu would be one of the best martial art rNPCs out there, apart from Jean (who still ranks #1 at survivability), you may say the rest outclassed him at their own aspects I mentioned previously. But Bai Hu’s stats is what makes him the champion of all eventually, his stats sort of remind you of a stock fighter starting out doesn’t it?

This would mean at veteran or expert level, the stat combinations are almost, well…up to you. Of course I would recommend pumping everything to STR (which will put him at 9 STR at expert) but imagine this, 1 STR at veteran, 1 AGI at expert and viola! You just got a male version of Feng Ling. And I daresay his stance offers the highest attack speed bonus at maxed level which is a plus to his already 7 AGI before veteran. More or less you can get the idea how fast he is, probably just a minor difference from Feng Ling.

Skill wise, Atomic White Tiger Strikes may rank 3rd in terms of attack % but it would rank 2nd in terms of weapon choice. Remember, Chapter of Mind is usable by either gaiters or knuckles and if you read my other guide about them you should know by now which is the preferred choice. Furthermore, assuming there are no mistakes in translation, his personal skill and stun skill is a welcome addition to the martial art world.


  1. i knew he would cost some cash.. ;))

    atomic white tiger strikes.. ignores 50 def.. omfg.. is that zenith at level 30?!

    such a pity for all those 4 martial artists, they’ll get a taste of butt-kicking heh.. xD

  2. Yes Baihu will be quite strong, even better than Irawan because of survivability. And the trend of rnpcs now is they’re mostly cash shop related.

  3. I agree, irawan is only at the STR lvl. while this DUDE carries the tradition at his back~ STR ANG AGI and we all know there are lots of ways in improving EVA! armors have EVA stats while BLOCK doesnt really appear at all.. survivabilty is a YES!

    I was simply amazed on how he can still carry knucks while having eva stats.. coz eva is usually for gaits and block goes to Knucks..this guy carries em all! A sure ROCKER in the martial art scene!!

  4. He will be an expensive RNPC for anyone on Pachelbel. The current Market Price for Mystery Powders has actually jumped to 6M a piece so you are looking at a 300M RNPC just for the items to get him.

  5. Nice guide. Yeah Bai Hu is the best offensive rNPC without the side effects. Almost all people choose offensive rather than survivability. It all falls to the personal gameplay preferences.

    Still ❤ Jean pierre :3

  6. Ohhhh…. YeaHH… Bai Hu Rock my world I think he’s best of all martial art char, but the problem is the where i can find a Mystery powder in a cheaper Price!!!!! T_T

  7. What Bai Hu says – mystery powders indeed are becoming the second currency. 😀

  8. Really awesome article. Truely!

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