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Recruiting Garcia Hingis

sGE has once again decided to amend some rNPC’s names for their version but I’ll be sticking with his original name Garcia Hingis because it sounds way nicer than Gavin Jameson .

Garcia Hingis – the ultimate insanity

The recruiting part isn’t exactly a walk in the park, so if you have lack of patience I would not recommend doing this. If you thought Viki was insane, Garcia has brought insanity to the next level.

Disclaimer : Information maybe subjected to change due to time and difference of versions. Because of translation of different languages, some pieces of information cannot be confirmed but otherwise we’ll do our best to update them.

Please ensure that you have finished the following quests otherwise you cannot activate his quest:

– The Pioneering quest (finishing the Bahamas Swamp section)
– The entire Katovic Snowfield Quest series (giving you access to the Ice Wizard tower and finishing the original soup quest)

A new tip from Weinz

Just a little tidbit, if Edward is on the team then gavin’s quest can’t be triggered. (for some rather obvious reason.)

“・メンバーに「エデュアルド」がいると進められません。” from a jge website. ^^

So please remember not to have Edward on your team when you talk to Elenore.

Elenore’s request

Joaquin Expedition

Continuing on, Elenore the Auch Pioneering Officer will ask you to catch Garcia, but she will send you to do an instanced mission called the Joaquin Expedition.

Simon’s proposal – accept or decline

Once you’re done, head on and talk to Simon Ayende first. He will offer you two options, just select ‘Accept’. If you reject him you won’t be able to proceed with the rest of the quest.

Location – Ferrucio Wall (F2)

Meeting Selva Norte

After receiving either of the two missions, head to Ferrucio Wall, and there you will meet Selva. After some dialogue, go to the Frozen Plain and talk to Invernio to continue investigation of Feruccio’s legacy. You will bump into Selva and Garcia again.

Invernio’s location

Touching Reym’s heart would allow you to know what exactly is Ferrucio’s legacy, but before that, you need 50 philosophers stone, 50 ice crystals and 10 cursed crystals. (Found out that they aren’t black magic stones but cursed crystals )

Cursed Crystals

Invierno will give you 10 ghost nucleus, in which you are required to throw them into Reym’s Heart. Every ghost nucleus you throw will summon a level 110 Forsaken Snow Storm Apparition . Defeat it to get a cursed crystal.

Ice crystals and philosophers stone can be farmed throughout the Katovic map.

6 v 1, fair battle? xD

After solving the mystery of Reym’s heart, Montoro will appear and steal the Ice Queen’s seal. Selva, Garcia and Invernio will join your family in battle so you can attack from the corners. He will start the battle off at 1/2 HP and here’s Montoro’s stats just in case:

Montoro’s stats

At this point, you will receive this awesome item that adds 3AR and DR called Necklace of Sage (aka Wise man’s necklace in sGE). (Name may change due to different versions)

The timer (3 days) will start to countdown the moment you equip this necklace and only one character may equip it

The next mission is to enter Ice Wizard Tower itself and defeat Novia. (Need to finish all katovic quests at this point to enter.)

Please refer here for the Katovic Snowfield quest guide:

Once you entered the Ice Wizard Tower, move forward a few steps and a window will trigger asking you if you want to advance to the mission. Selecting yes will warp you to the instanced mission.

Once you’re warped to the mission the battle will start against Novia. This will be no easy battle as you will not only face off Novia, but with her “summons” and Montoro. Selva and Garcia will aid you in the battle.

Note : It is extra important you stand at the following spot as indicated if you even want an easy battle. It will give your family a buff of AR/DR + 5 (It used to be 10 but the buff got nerfed as of ver 2.4) .You maybe fighting a quest version of Novia but nevertheless she’s still a tough cookie.

lvl 130 = Novia, lvl 110 = Montoro, lvl 120 = Novia’s summons

You need to take down Montoro and her summons, and bring down Novia’s HP to 50% before the quest is complete. For those who want to get the idea of how the battle is like, here’s a video from jGE. Note the user only solos with a expert Catherine (STR).


*Vital battle tip – Bring Elementalists or rNPCs with the lightning evocation stance; excluding Montoro, the others are very weak to lightning but remember to cover them while they spam away their skills

Important Note:It has occurred to me that I forgot this point out, Novia and her minions are compulsory opponents while Montoro is an optional opponent. Meaning if you killed Novia’s minions and reduced Novia’s HP to 50% you will still pass the quest.

I had to point this out because I hear players heading straight to decrease Novia’s HP to 50% but only to be surprised the quest isn’t over yet.

But after the battle, Garcia has been turned into the undead and you need to save him.

So talk to Invernio again, and he will tell you that you need 1 soup (Note : Yes it’s 1 soup and not 10!) and 10 philosophers stone to create a remedy to save Garcia. 1 soup requires 50 Wolf’s meat, 20 Golden apples, 50 cabbages and 50 beets.
[Katovic Soup can be bought off players or attained from Adelina’s Booty Search for your convienience]

Note : If you have not done the soup quest in the Katovic Snowfield quest section, you will not be able to proceed to this part.

Updated Scenario

Gavin will join you after you talked to Simon, he will also give you a level 100 enchantment chip. And after that, remember to head on to Elenore for 5 soul crystals.

*Thanks Novo!

A very tedious and hardcore quest but as the following quotes say


Translated, this means Garcia may not be one of the strongest rNPCs out there but to get him would mean you are very strong and a certified hardcore player.

“If you got me by questing then you’re a certified professional!”

Give yourself a pat on the shoulder for that achievement. (If you bought yours via Mercenary then don’t xD)

Their concern is that by opening up Bahamas when the majority of the community is not yet ready will further widen the gap between the hardcore users and the casual gamers.


Now you know one of the reasons why Bahamas Swamp is delayed. 😉


Stats for Veteran/Expert status – Players have done experiments to prove that most of Gavin’s stronger stance falls back on the DEX stat, so it’s better to pump DEX for him. Some of his stronger stances include Advance Garde and Outrage Shot. However, version 3.0 sees a new stance, Rapiere for Gavin. This is a double rapier stance which means STR will be the determing factor in damage.

So overall, to pump DEX or STR will depend if they prefer their Gavin to be a range or melee attacker.

Speculation – There is a rumour claiming that Garcia’s quest is needed for Selva’s future recruitment quest, how sure this is I cannot confirm at the moment but don’t let this impede on your decisions whether to get Garcia or not.

If anyone has any queries please feel free to post them here.

[Selva’s recruitment quest is officially out on kGE as of version 2.9, you don’t need to create a Gavin to get Selva. But of course completing the following course of quests is a must to get to Selva’s recruitment quest]


– Japanese guide:
– Chinese guide:
– Special thanks to Weinz who did an excellent job translating both guides and confirming on the loose details
– Thanks to Stormraven for correcting me on one of the quest ingredients
– Thanks to Valinorian for correcting me on certain details
– Thanks to Novo for providing information on Elenore’s reward
– Thanks to Dem [aka Book of Wind] for his references on Gavin’s stances
– Source on Gavin’s DEX reference:

Please do not repost/distribute this English guide elsewhere without permission, thanks.


  1. Okay, nice guide.

    Is it just me, or i see a fighter carrying a frozen marlin in one of the pics?

    I thought Frozen marlin is of lvl 40, then why? Or got a stronger version of it?

  2. It’s a GM only weapon, gives 999 to a lot of stats. And the screenshot for some of them is mostly a test server ss. 😀

  3. Oh….silly me, i thought it was the real server.

  4. he guy

    can i please add your info to my guide?
    i will and your link only now and update to text if you allow me


  5. Ok permission granted, but do note changes may be made in the future. It’s not definite yet 🙂

  6. Hi,Can i add your info to my faction forum guide?


  7. tnx man

  8. @ lMrl : Yeah you can, but once again do note there maybe changes in the future so you need to constantly check back for updates

  9. Thx^^

  10. cooooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllll!!!!!
    i luv the vids…is that great sword elite 100?

  11. I guess I will have to buy mine. I can’t even beat those monsters! 😦

  12. @ AMIRULARIF: I’m not sure but it is a chess series GS

    @ verticalinfinity: Lol, get to expert at least first then settle the other stuff. 😉

  13. Sword of King is the Chess Series GS that the expert Cath STR uses in the video.

  14. Just did part of the quest. Minor correction here – Invernio wants 50 Philosopher Stones, 50 ice crystals and 10 Cursed Crystals.

  15. @ Val : woot thanks

    @ Storm : oops seems like your comment came in late but thanks for the heads up~ credits will be given

  16. Its lvl 110 not 120 for the ghost nucleus part. And Montoro goes off at half hp. And the necklace is wise man’s necklace, not sage.

  17. May I ask sumthing….TheWise Man’s Necklace(a.k.a Neckla of Sage) will dissappear after 3 days after gettting it? Or u can use it anytime u want, then the 3 days timer starts?

    Plz answer my Q….Tnx
    This is a very nice guide^^

  18. @ niceman : The moment you receive it, it doesn’t matter if you “used” it or not – the 3 day timer will start to countdown

  19. r ur sure? did u tried it?

  20. @ Niceman : Sorry I went to find out a bit, seems like it’s what like I said (I apologize)…according to what I hear now, only if you equipped the necklace only then the countdown will start.

    Meaning you can save it for an occasion when you need it, if you’re that good, you don’t need the necklace for the Novia battle

  21. The reward frm Eleonore is 5 soul crystals in the end

  22. Ty for the guide, otherwise i wouldnt be able to kill complete the quest and kill novia~~

  23. @ Novo: Welcome ^^

  24. Larg, my final edit – Montoro does not start the battle with half hp (the one where he takes the seal) – he GOES off with half hp, and that is where a whole group of Ice Wiz mobs appear to attack you.

    I tried running after him to finish him off but he disappeared. lols

  25. would just like to ask your permission to link this guide in my blog?

    thanks in advance.

  26. @ valinorian: noted 😛

    @ ninemoons: permission granted ^^

  27. Real nice guide =) Bookmarked it ;D

  28. uhmm could i ask permission if i can borrow your guide and put in our own phil forum if its ok??

  29. omg.. good work, bro

  30. Thanks, hope it helped you 🙂

  31. nice work, brother

  32. I used your guide and now I’m at novia (last) quest, tnx ^^

    I read from granado espada forum that I only nid to kill montoro then down novia’s hp to 50% and don’t bother with the other 3 monsters. It this correct?

  33. You have to take down the other three monsters and Montoro is optional so I heard. Last time I received feedback a guy went to kill Novia straightaway and brought her HP down to 50% but the quest didn’t end.

  34. LOL, Photobucket totally IAH’ed the images part of your guide. xD

  35. I cleared the Novia seal by killing montoro and down novia to 50%. Mob is optional I guess.

  36. if patch 3.0-3.2 comes, which stance you think it’d better between dex or str. help me help me

  37. It’s either a choice between Rapiere or Outrage Shot, personally I would stick with Rapiere though meaning STR

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