Posted by: Souken | April 8, 2008


Just when I thought finally this blog of mine was out of material to write, I was real dead wrong. While browsing though the forums one day, I suddenly saw this…

*goes all spastic

April Fool’s Day was already a week over so I had doubts at first but luckily it wasn’t a prank. :p

tsk, Astargos? *raises eyebrow

Unfortunately, someone must have typed it in a hurry to make this embarrassing typo, and to my greater surprise, the entry that was blogspotted was the Bai Hu guide. I was taken aback because other than his quest info, stats and some background information long with his skills/stances it was actually incomplete. ._.

And besides, I’ve been blogging quite a while now without the intention of ever trying to be blogspotted (didn’t even put up my link at the blogspotting thread) so I wonder how my entry is actually counted. 😀


But then again, I gotta still give some credit to people who helped my in writing these guides and also definitely, the readers! This blog would be nothing without you~

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