Posted by: Souken | April 14, 2008

Hi guys, I’m here

IAH finally featured Gavin ( or Hingis as I like to call it) on their homepage. As of whether his quest can be activated yet I’m not sure but I know you guys know where to look for if you’re lost. 😉



In case you haven’t saw the link –

And also just in case I missed out this information on the Hingis’s recruitment guide, I would like to say he gets a veteran stance, Outrage Shot. He’s one of the three who gets that stance, the other two being stock musketeer and Brunie Etienne.

One more thing I would like to clear up, Hingis’s stats on their website is INCORRECT! His actual stats:


I hope IAH better clear up their mistakes, it made Hingis seem relatively better than stock fighter. The only “advantage” Hingis has over fighter would be his DEX. And also, this would mean Hingis is better off going off the path of a range attacker rather than melee.

Here’s a treat for you all, this is a pretty old screenshot of the GM. GMs now should have buffs that give the same effect as some cash items (Hrin’s buff etc…). But this is a clean one with no skills at all.

Why GMs remain GMs

Yeah 9 stats is of GM material, even Sir Lyndon’s straight 8s doesn’t cut it. If she has an arsenal of stances like Catherine (STR/INT/DEX), the actual GM will have a field day leveling those lol.

The second treat is, regarding my Modification post; I’m considering uploading the voiceover file from jGE due to some feedback and interest. But do take note this is quite a old update of the voiceover, it only features voices of up to rNPCs before Irawan. I’ll make a new post should I decide to do so, so watch this space. 😉


  1. If you want the new jGE voicepack, I have it. 🙂

  2. Oh cool, I don’t know how to upload mine though =/

  3. If you would be so kind as to upload the latest jGE voice pack I’d love you forever. *o*

  4. Hi, any update to jGE voice pack that will work in sGE 3.5.13?

    • The next update only will probably come when Reckless Emilia gets released in jGE

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