Posted by: Souken | July 3, 2008

2.5/2.6 explained (Part 1)

Yeah I know this blog is pretty much dead, I already accomplished it’s purpose since I finished the guides on the five martial art characters. I also reckon it would regain some hits again when Bai Hu gets released by IAH. But anyway I’ll just post some parts of 2.5~2.6 you will be expecting.

Disclaimer: But I’m not exactly a pro on Korean so expect some loose ends.

Vicente Rio – Serenade Stance

I noticed even though IAH claims to have the full 2.6 version and is releasing content bit by bit, it’s really confusing to see them release parts (randomly?). I would be explaining some content release prior to kGE’s assuming IAH really listens to them a lot.

2.5 for kGE started with the following:


– There are now Elite mobs that summon the regular versions of themselves
– A new raid boss in Los Toldos
– Level 100 Glazium exchange equipment are available
– More Pioneering statues available (the mini Ferrucio Espada statues you normally see)
– New Colony pillars
– More veteran stances
– Vicente Rio is available for recruiting

So far IAH can be said to followed all of them successfully.


Based on the screenshots, the second part of 2.5 will touch on the following:

– In-depth detail of veteran stances
– Something about the colony pillar (yes I don’t know this part xD)
– Extra options you can change under…erm options
– Merman Eater bosses
– Swordfish catching mini-game at Bahia
– Certain NPCs will have their look/face changed

NPC faces/looks will be changed

I’ll go down by column…

NPCs on the left: Basic NPC lady (she sells stuff), Federigo (NPC can be found in Reboldoeux and Auch), Eva Sharon

NPCs on the right: Nunez, alchemist NPC found opposite the Market Manager in Auch, Leonara Rose

The final part of 2.5 is explained –

– In-depth on Vicente Rio’s stance
– Seems like through a quest, a costume for Ramiro (and possibly Tiburon) can be gotten, it adds a +1 to STR
– More mini-games available through PVP arena (or through Jose, at possibly Bahia as shown in the screenshot)
– Pioneering statues

Exclusive costume for Ramiro (and possibly Tiburon)

That more or less concludes the entire 2.5 patch, which more or less IAH should provide on it’s release. I’ll post up the patch notes for 2.6 hopefully by tomorrow. Should anything that needs to be corrected please feel free to point out.

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