Posted by: Souken | July 4, 2008

2.5/2.6 explained (Part 2)

Everyone makes mistakes and I would like to say on the last post, I still have not finished on the version 2.5 details, the following post will contain the final note son 2.5 before we move on to 2.6.

Bai Hu – The White Tiger

To be precise, the version Bai Hu gets released is 2.5.17, this was one of the confusing random content release I was referring to. Wait till we go on to look at some of the early version 2.6 content they already put into the game and you’ll know what I mean.

Content release are as followed:


– Release of Bai Hu
– Reboldoeux Trooper’s costume is now available, and similar to Ramiro’s costume, it will boost a stat (AGI) by 1
– Group Chat function is available

Reboldoeux Trooper’s costume

So I can confirm that concludes the entire version 2.5 now. Going on to 2.6…

Version 2.6 starts off with the following updates,


– Release of the Requiem maps (extension beyond Bahamas Swamp, level 118~130), this also includes the new raid boss in a form of a hill giant

– The storyline quest continues, this should continue on from the Gavin/Novia episode
– Earring as accessories are now available
– Looks like the group chat function, not sure about this part
– Resistance stats are now further split into another group (what it is I have no idea)
– Quests are now grouped into easy classification for easy reference eg. Kill count/Pioneer/Elite
– Some unknown information on the buddy list

Don’t be surprised, most of the screenshots used on IAH’s website are all from kGE

The second part of version 2.6 – 2.6.3


– Something about the precious metal merchant…
– New dungeon, new raid boss
– Release of Vicente RIo’s veteran stance, Serenade which can be acquired from a quest
– Another chat function
– Extension of barracks, free I suppose
– Release of costumes for Jose and Karjalainen

New chat function

I’ll stop here today, of course feedback are always welcome. 🙂

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