Posted by: Souken | July 7, 2008

2.5/2.6 explained (Part 3)

Alright sorry for the delay in between, I was working on stuff during the weekends but here we are back on track again. Here we would go in-depth on 2.6 now…

Calyce the Assassin

The core focus of 2.6 is most likely on Calyce no doubt, all the wolves are already howling to the moon here. Of course do note she is cash shop related rNPC, so better stock up those mystery powders again.

ver 2.6.5

Source –

– New rNPC, Calyce
– Probably another duke thing, this one involves a lot of vis, colony pillar and the market manager
– There’s an extension of stats, the immunity stats which are already released in sGE
– Garim’s nest information

Immunity is the one at the bottom

The final part of the 2.6 update, be real excited now!


Source –

– Clare is released (not for recruiting yet) as an NPC to help you get some special enchantments on your equips, they’re those green words you see in kGE/jGE screenshots
– New pvp games of some sort
– A change in the equipment window
– Cash Shop can be accessed through the UI at the top, no need to go running to Letica anymore to access it (She will still be there, this update is for convienience)
– Through a quest, you can get quite good equipments

PvP games

Equipment window change, nice gears

Beyond here now onwards would be 2.7~3.0 which is what kGE’s current patch is at. I hope more or less this allows everyone to understand what’s to come or is already here. You should be able to tell also that IAH is jumping around on content. (Yes, some 2.6 content are released with the 2.5 content)

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