Posted by: Souken | July 26, 2008


Today I woke up to receive this:

Link –

Ouch, unpleasant but I still think it’s worth it. So more or less revealing my blog URL is “banned” from the forum so to those who know, I would be using my old faction blog to link to my current blog. Anyone who never visited my blog before can try PM-ing my forum account, Larg to receive the URL.

The things I do for you guys. XD

*UPDATE – I still want to showcase this blog to present information to aid players (not the illegal kind), so to continue posting this blog link I have appealed to password-protect the previous two posts.  (Not that it’s hard to guess anyway but well…)


  1. LOL. Aye. Astaros you prolly just wanna take out the IPF extractor and jGE experience and place it somewhere else.

    Then, they have nothing to say. 😀

    And…you got IAH-ED! 😀 LOL!

  2. It’s too much work to do so, anyway the password isn’t really that hard to guess 😉

    Just note the first letter is a capital and that’s all. Hope community crews don’t pay regular visits here.

  3. arrrrgh…

    the pw thing is bothering me…

    i wanna see the jGE experience post cause i’m hoping to find the new jGE VO pack that you promised is there >..<

  4. I can’t guess the password! halp!

  5. Eerr. Disregard that! I got the password…I feel really silly for posting that….

  6. @ Komatsu: I sincerely apologize, it’s either that or people won’t know this blog link at all (meaning I can’t even display the link in the forum). But hints on the password have already have been dropped. 😉

    @ Invierno: It’s not that hard, just look around the site. 🙂

  7. omg…

    i’m soooo retarded…

    how did i not guess that password….



  8. and this is 3 months since I was frustrated too XD

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