Posted by: Souken | August 7, 2008

Some updates

It’s been a while, I really have lack of stuff to showcase already. This blog has seen better days and already has crossed the 10k views which I’m thankful for, I haven’t forgotten about it totally though, always checking my guides especially to note for updates and such.

Not surprisingly, I noticed that the views on Bai Hu already is closely inching to the top. I will be double-checking my guide closely for errors and such, anyone with extra information to provide can chip in too. (of course credits will be given :D)

In case anyone’s curious about the ‘bandwidth exceeded’ pictures, yes my photobucket account which I used to host all the blog’s pictures have overexceeded the bandwidth, but this is in fact a good thing. It can only mean a lot of you people out there are viewing my pictures on a daily basis (I think?). Don’t worry, the bandwidth will see a reset every month. I also updated the guide on knuckles vs gaiters, feel free to check out the part about elemental weapons.

Last but not least, regarding the two posts which contain the ipf extractor and jGE voiceover/fonts, I apologize for having to lock a password on it. This is to ensure that I can continue to display my blog link on the forum. As exciting as doing illegal things is, I still want to showcase the information here to other players without getting myself barred from the forum. Even though I cannot reveal the password openly, but I will be dropping hints on it.

Hint # 1 – First letter is a Capital

Hint # 2 – Password is found on the site, look around for it

The password should be obvious enough, should you still be unable to guess it out you can ask around or PM my forum account. 😉

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