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Calyce Guide: Fully Loaded!

I was searching the internet and found that there was a lack of a comprehensive English guide for Calyce, this mysterious hot individual. So I decided to host one here for the benefit of many.

Calyce is her name, and that’s it

And before I continue on please note the fact that despite Hrin stated that Calyce’s last name is Bernelli, the truth is that Calyce is not related to Grace Bernelli at all. In fact Calyce doesn’t even come from Brestia nor does she have a last name, she’s an orphan that was adopted by the Mercenary.

i) Mini Intro

Total stat points : 30

腕力 (Str): 5
敏捷 (Agi): 7
体力 (Con): 5
知能 (Dex): 7
技術 (Int): 3
権威 (Cha): 3

Location – Port of Coimbra, Pegadilla

Starting Level – 1
Personal skill – Cat’s Eye
Stances – Escrima, Dolobada Corte, Arbalester, Sagitta

ii) Quest Info

Calyce is an indirect cash shop rNPC again, while her quest requirement is level 1 (just like any other indirect cash shop rNPC), it’s better if you did it at lvl 100/veteran and above.

*NEW* – I tested with a lvl 1 character at jGE, if you can bring your character and go hide, the npcs (including Calyce) will kill the other pirates for you.

Entering the Pegadilla, talk to Calcye first and then talk to the Mercenary NPC beside her. You will be warped into an instanced mission where you have to take out pirates but leave the pirate leader alone. When you’re done, the mercenary NPC will ask for 50 mystery powders from you.

After which you will be sent off to Cite de Reboldoeux to talk to Princess Gabriella. She will then hand you a letter which you will be needed to pass back to Calyce. And after receiving the letter, Calyce will agree to join your family.

iii) Side Quest

I believe this is only a quest to attain the level 60 crossbow and nothing more, this quest is optional. (Just so you know, Calyce’s crossbow stance is only accessible at level 60 onwards, that’s also the lowest level the crossbow weapons starts at )

After you created Calyce, select her as leader and head to Auch and talk to Jean-Pierre Gascon. You will be teleported into a quest, where Jean, Calyce and Gerard Lauren will have some conversation. After the mission talk to Jean again, and return to Pegadilla.

Talk to Gerard Lauren, after that select your other character as leader and talk to the NPC Calyce, she will give you a lvl60 crossbow and three level 60 EXP cards.

iv) About Crossbows

In the age of pistols, rifles, shotguns and cannon – you ask what good is of a weak crossbow. The answer to this would be penetration, Calyce is not only about speed but damage through the piercing of defense. Thanks to a forumer, this is the clear definition of Penetration:

For every +1 penetration you get, you ignore the following enemy’s values:
1% Ice/Fire/Lightning/Mental Resistance
1% Block
1% Evasion

hell_xtremedawg, IAH Forums

Crossbow uses cross-bolts as ammo, which can be purchased from the Mercenary Soldier NPC beside Calyce (on her right) at Pegadilla and all of them have an innate DEF Penetration + 10* stat. Some crossbows come with inbuilt accuracy stat though. I would like to mention also that Lorch Furholden will be the rNPC to look out for should you want to craft crossbows.

*Note: DEF Penetration simply means it acts like a skill which ignores X amount of DEF (Thanks Glacie for pointing this out to me)

v) Stance/Skills

I won’t cover about Escrima and Dolobada Corte, you already know what it is. What will be discussed here will be mainly her exclusive crossbow stance, Arbalester and Sagitta.

Stance : Arbalester

Stance bonus at level 25 : accuracy +30, aspd +10%, crit +6%

For a more in-depth description of skills, please refer here –

Poison Bolt – A single target skill that has 100% chance of poison, relatively good for the constant status inflicting attack. And being the first skill, it’s spammable.

Explosion Bolt – Mini aoe attack.

Fanwise Shots – This skill hits three more targets than explosion bolt would, has a lower attack in compensation for more targets. It also hits at a particular angle as the name suggests so it might take some skill to master this.

Dark Judgement – Heavy damaging single attack skill, classic.

Stance : Sagitta

Stance bonus at level 25 : accuracy +40, aspd +25%, crit +7%, penetration +15

For a more in-depth description of skills, please refer here –

Feso Shop

Sagitta is a veteran skill, the pre-requisites for this stance is that you have to be a veteran (obviously) and your Arbalester stance has to be maxed. You can get this stance book via quest or the Feso Shop (coming soon in ver 2.7)

Hawk Eye – As far as buffs go, this is a very good one, I believe it’s only through buffs and good weapons in which you can attain a full 100 accuracy for Calyce while using a crossbow. This also adds on to the attack speed.

Submarine Shots – Stronger version of Explosion Bolts.

Hold Shots – Think of it as a damaging web, but only targets a one to be fair. Web only has 80% chance of working. As for whether chance to evade web is based on mental resistance is unknown for now.

Burst Shots – Stronger version of Fanwise Shots, not only it hits a lot more but it ignores 30 DEF on it’s targets. Couple that with penetration, ouch.

Silent Move – This is a single target version of Invisible Stalker, and in comparision, the invisible status finishes 10s faster than the Wizard’s skill.

As you can see, there are five skills in this stance meaning there will be one skill that cannot be completely maxed. I vote for Hawk Eye, Submarine Shots and Burst Shots to be maxed. Hold Shots and Silent Move will depend on the individual.

At any level, Hold Shots’s chance of Web is still at 80% success so only the damage is dependent on skill level. Silent Move will depend if the player wants to save on Invisible Pots, play assassin style (lol), or think Invisible Stalker is a hassle. Either way, both are PVP skills.

Personal Skill : Cat’s Eye

consumes SP 100, Mithridart x3
targets self

level 10 : 180s duration, penetration +20, accuracy +20

Level 11 and above will see additional penetration, accuracy and AR +1.

Comments : A good geared Calyce in Sagitta stance buffed with this will have a decently high penetration which will be deadly to any character.

vi) Stat point at Veteran/Expert

There are a lot of possibilites for Calyce but the main ones you should concentrate on are AGI or DEX. STR will only increase the damage of her daggers but if you are such an avid dagger lover, you should not use a Calyce in the first place. (Go back to your Lisa!)

AGI – I have seen a video on kGE’s version 3.0 trailer where a Calyce is seen shooting with a crossbow at a remarkable speed. While evasion is useless to Calyce (other than her dagger stance, Escrima), AGI will boost her attack speed suitably. If you want Calyce to attack like a machine gun then pick this.

DEX – Like any range attacker, DEX will be the determining factor in damage. This stat will also boost Calyce’s accuracy which allows one to hit 100 accuracy more easily, and thus being able to deal constant damage.

But of course, if you want a balanced Calyce, you can always opt for 1 point in AGI and 1 point in DEX. She just won’t be the fastest or the being better at dealing damage.

vii) Sagitta Stance Book Quest

Requirement:As long you have your Calyce to talk to the NPCs.

Take your Calyce and let her speak with Gerard Lauren to start the quest. After some dialogue, he will refer you to the nearby Mercenary Soldier NPC.

After which, you will be sent to Porto Bello Deserted Quay for some investigative work of some sort.

Move to the spot F2, and something will catch Calyce’s attention. You will then be needed to proceed to the entrance of Los Toldos, in which you have to speak with the guard.

After some dialogue again, you will get into a fight with the NPC guarding Los Toldo’s entrance

Head to the Sea Elephant Cafe, Coimbra next to witness some conversation between Gerard and Jean. And yes, they’re really seated down on the chairs. 🙂

Then head to Auch to speak to Jean, more conversation. After more conversation it seems you would have to return to Porto Bello Deserted Quay where you would engage into an instance quest. You have to lose so that Fritz would show up to talk to Calyce and finally present her the Sagitta Stance Book.

Author’s Note: My Korean isn’t good, I only can use basic translators and inferring from the screenshots/sequences as a guide. For now, this is considered a rough guide for the Sagitta Stance Book.

viii) Impression

She’s an indirect cash shop rNPC, but among the many so far, I feel she’s worth her weight in gold. Penetration will forever be a valuable stat and if you think about it, she’s probably the only character out there capable of attaining that much penetration. And ever since the AR/DR has been slightly nerfed to such that you can still hit a bit instead of misssing completely, Calyce and her penetration ability will take advantage of this heavily.

The only other way you can get a reasonable (or at least little, but decent) amount of penetration stat is via earrings, Nar (another upcoming rNPC who has penetration bonus in his stance, new stances (Rapiere, a dual rapier stance with penetration bonus) and the Scout’s skill under Tactical Assistance, Consolidation.

And of course the usual, hot and sexy female rNPC that sets all the male players ( well almost) fishing out their wallets for her but let’s not go there…

IX) Extra Notes

– Crossbows have the same damage penalty as Rifles
– Crossbows have innate DEF penetration which is different from overall penetration
– It is unknown if Cat’s Eye and Hawk Eye buffs stack, reason being if they do and if someone has both of their rings, one should get a total AR buff of + 2 (Credits will be given for any kind soul who can confirm this)

X) Credits

Full credits are given to Kuroza , for he is the one who started this guide. I only helped him clarified the guide and further add more details
KUSABIREIKA for providing some details on Calyce
Dem’s blog, Book of Wind, for his reference of Calyce’s stances and skills
Japanese Guide:

– Thanks to Mordial for providing me information on Calyce’s Sagitta Stance Book quest


  1. The bonuses from Cat’s Eye and Hawk Eye buffs DO stack.

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