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Socketing Guide

No this isn’t a guide for recruiting Claire, this is more a guide on what Claire does. A new function in the late version 2.6 – Socketing.

To summarize it simply, socketing is the process of applying customization to your equipments. But of course, while it means you can apply more stats to a single equipment that does not generally mean more “Attack 40% ” or “AR + 3 “. Another recently found out fact about socketing is that it gives the unique ability of surpassing the maximum stat on the equip (assuming you have already hit the maximum ), this will be further explained in the guide.

i) Where to socket?

As mentioned, Claire will be the npc in charge of doing socketing for the players. She can be found at Auch, not too far away where Leonardo Expresso will be.

ii) Socketing Requirements

Other than needing vis to pay for socketing, these are the other requirements:

1) Only weapons/armours lvl 60 and above may be eligible for socketing (Thanks Hattori for the correction, and doing an experiment)


2) Number of sockets differ from the type of equipment, which are classified into Weapons, Armours and Others. They are 3, 2 and 1 respectively.

3) What stats that can be socketed is generally dependent on the Rumin used (which will be covered later) and possibly the stat that is already on the equip itself

Note : Picture 3 may show the sub-process to socketing, you may need more than just the catalyst alone

iii) Adding Socket Slots

Socket slots are not added into the equipment by default, you need to pay Claire vis who will then help you to add sockets to the equipment. And the worst part is, adding a socket slot is not a 100% success – unlike upgrading equipment, there’s no such incentive as a safety level. Yes, this means it could even fail on the first try, and your equipment is destroyed.

Important Note:It is now confirmed that your equipment does not get destroyed if you failed the first socket slot. And please note that creating a socket slot and inserting a rumin are two entirely different processes!

As long you’re willing to spend, we’ll protect! *gags

Fortunately (and unfortunately), the Cash Shop sells a Socket Process Tranquilizer which prevents the destruction of your equipment should the process of adding a socket slot results in failure. It very much acts like an Imperium for those who are confused.

And the rate for success is unknown, you can reference to this thread at the SOTNW for comparisons

Link –

iv) Ores and refinement methods

To get Rumins, you must first refine them from special ores, which are dropped by monsters all over Granado Espada. Refinement is done at an Ore Processor beside Claire. They are categorized so specifically that it will be hard to explain through words, I’ll try my best with the aid of pictures to summarize.

Yellow Ore

  • Obsidian
  • Topaz
  • Pearl

Green Ore

  • Peridot
  • Apatite
  • Opal

Blue Ore

  • Turquoise
  • Tanzanite
  • Zircon

Red Ore

  • Garnet
  • Bloodstone
  • Spodumene

The first type of category would tell you what kind of Rumins you can refine according to the colour of the special ore. There are basically four types of refinement methods:


This is a basic refinement method with a guaranteed success rate. However, the chances of obtaining a rare Rumin are relatively low.


This is an advanced refinement method that has a chance to fail. However, the chances of obtaining a rare Rumin is higher then the normal refinement method.


This special refinement method requires a Mystery Powder from the Premium Item Mall as a catalyst to prevent failure. The chances of obtaining a rare Rumin is higher then the advanced refinement method.


This special refinement method requires 200 Family Reputation Points as a catalyst to prevent failure. The chances of obtaining a rare Rumin is higher then the advanced refinement method.

v) Rumins In-depth

Here are the list of Rumins needed to perform socketing, their names are mainly named after minerals and precious gems and each can provide a different effect.

The Rumins are split into categories of grade, since there is no name given to the default type, I’ll be terming it “Normal”

Rumin Grades

  • Great
  • Major
  • Normal

Great would yield the best socketing results while Normal would yield the lowest. The type of Rumin you would get from the ore refinement is pure luck.

Magic Based Attributes

1. Garnet – Red
Weapon – Fire ATK +7 / +14 / +21
Armour – Fire RES +4 / +8 / +12
Others – Max SP +4% / +8% / +12%

2. Zircon – Blue
Weapon – Ice ATK +7 / +14 / +21
Armour – Ice RES +4 / +8 / +12
Others – Max SP +4% / +8% / +12%

3. Topaz – Yellow
Weapon – Lightning ATK +7 / +14 / +21
Armour – Lightning RES +4 / +8 / +12
Others – Max SP +4% / +8% / +12%

4. Peridot – Green
Weapon – Mental ATK +7 / +14 / +21
Armour – Mental RES +4 / +8 / +12
Others – Max SP +4% / +8% / +12%

5. Opal – Green
Weapon – All Elemental ATK +7 / +14 / +21
Armour – All Elemental RES +4 / +8 / +12
Others – Max SP +4% / +8% / +12%

Physical Based Attributes

6. Obsidian
Weapon – ATK 3% / 5% / 7%
Armour – DEF +3 / +5 / +7
Normal – Max SP +4% / +8% / +12%

7. Apatite
Weapon – ATK Speed 3% / 5% / 7%
Armour – MOV Speed +3% / +5% / +7%
Normal – Max SP +4% / +8% / +12%

8. Bloodstone
Weapon – Critical Rate +3 / +5 / +7
Armour – Max HP +3% / +5% / +7%
Normal – Max SP +4% / +8% / +12%

9. Turquoise
Weapon – Accuracy +3 / +5 / +7
Armour – Mental RES +4 / +8 / +12
Normal – Max SP +4% / +8% / +12%

10. Tanzanite
Weapon- Max SP +3% / +5% / +7%
Armour – Evasion +2 / +3 / +4
Others – Max SP +4% / +8% / +12%

11. Pearl
Weapon –  (% of) Damage to enemy restored as HP 2% / 3% / 4%
Armour – HP Regen +20 / +30 / +40
Others – Max SP +4% / +8% / +12%

12. Spodumene
Weapon – Penetration +2 / +4 / + 6
Armour – Immunity +2 / +4 / + 6
Others – Max SP +4% / +8% / +12%

It’s a bit confusing to read a huge chunk of information so I decided to split and categorize the stats for easy reading. Here’s a guide on how to read the chart:

– The different colours indicate which ore the Rumin is refined from
– The types of stats depending on the type of equipment is shown on the left side
– Notice that the numbers are in an increment from the left to right? This signifies the grade of the Rumin used (Normal > Major > Great)

If you’re still confused, here’s an example:

1. Garnet – Red
Weapon – Fire ATK +7 / +14 / +21
Armour – Fire RES +4 / +8 / +12
Others – Max SP +4% / +8% / +12%

So to interpret this, these are the stats according to grade of Rumin and type of equipments


Weapon – Fire ATK +7
Armour – Fire RES + 4
Others – Max SP + 4%


Weapon – Fire ATK +14
Armour – Fire RES + 8
Others – Max SP + 8%


Weapon – Fire ATK +21
Armour – Fire RES + 12
Others – Max SP + 12%

Hope everyone knows how to interpret the chart with ease now. 🙂

vi) Results of socketing

We’ll be using a Vampiric Edge, a lvl 100 Sabre as an example:

Socketed stats will be shown in green on the equip, equips that has used up their maximum number of socket slots will no longer be allowed to socket further. Stats shown here are due to using the catalysts from the physical attribute section.

Pearl is the only catalyst with a lifesteal option, and as you know the Vampiric Edge has an inbuilt option of absorbing 8% of damage as HP. Now with the catalyst, the new socketed Vampiric Edge now absorbs a whooping total of 16% of damage as HP. The third stat is attack speed + 10%.

Lastly, you are not able to change the socketed stat once you inserted the rumin into your equip, likewise you are not able to remove the rumin once you clicked on the “Insert” button.

vii) Socketing Planning

Overall, socketing is an expensive and time consuming process which is heavily defined by luck. So it is wise that you plan your socketing steps carefully so as to not waste a good stat equipment or make an accidental loss. This is my socketing checklist, you can follow it if you want:

1) Never socket a blank equipment, only socket the equips with the stats/level of upgrade you’re happy with

Reason: Like I said, refining of ores into grades of Rumins are by luck and you will definitely want to reserve your Great Rumins for your best equipment. When you’re happy with the current stats and level of upgrade of the equip, then use it for socketing. This will prevent addition of redundant stats or wastage.

Imagine you just socketed an equipment which has a good level of upgrade and base stats with a Great Rumin, then suddenly you feel like upgrading it you broke it. (Sounds implasuible but it could happen)

2) Prioritize which stats are important, also consider factors like the type of weapon and the stance it’s used with

Reason: I’ll give an example, suppose you just chipped an elite level 92 pistol or a Serpent pistol with 40% Attack and 20% Attack Speed and once you are happy with the stats and the level of upgrade, you decide to socket it.

You are stuck between two choices, more attack or more attack speed? (and assuming the stance you’re using the pistols with are for Outrage Stance and for raiding)

Consider the following:

– Outrage stance serves the purpose of DPS

– With buffs and other equipments, how close are you to the attack speed cap under Outrage Stance?

Then assuming my attack right now is decently high and I’m still not that far from the attack speed cap, I will then decide to socket attack speed onto my pistols.

3) Learn to moderate so this makes decisions on socketing less of a hassle

Reason: Continuing on where we left, let’s say you achieved a balance of attack and attack speed, then of course the best course of action would be looking for other stats (like Penetration) or do a mix and match of stats.

A picture is worth a thousand words, you can refer to the next section for a general idea of what I mean.

viii) More socketing examples

This section was setup to answer some of the questions asked, like whether is socketing powerful or can it be used to surpass the maximum stat. In the past we all know that for equips, stats like attack and attack speed on a weapon for example, are capped at 40% and 30% respectively. But with socketing (and a bit of luck) now, this is no longer an issue. I will be showing some more examples of socketed weapons and explaining their stats.

Disclaimer : I will only try to translate and explain stats that I understand, I won’t be trying to translate unknown Korean words yet

Original stats : 37% Attack and 21% Attack Speed, and a status effect

Socketed stats : 5% Attack Speed and the absorbing of 4% of damage as HP, this equip is still able to be socketed one more time

Original stats : Some unknown resistance stats, DR + 2 and 8% Movement Speed

Socketed stats : A total of 14% HP, this equip has used up all socket slots

Original stats : Once again, some unknown amounts of resistance stats (might be evasion but I can’t tell) and DR + 3

Socketed stats : 5% HP and an unknown stat, this equip has used up all socket slots

Original stats : For the first Serpent Revolver, 36% Attack, 16% Attack Speed and status effect. For the second Serpent Revolver, 32% Attack and an unknown mental/elemental attack and 90% damage to a certain type (possibly Human)

Socketed stats : For the first Serpent Revolver, a total of 10% Attack and 7% Attack Speed. For the second Serpent Revolver, 7% Attack and a total of 10% Attack Speed

Notes : As you can see, this is the first example that Attack has gone beyond 40% due to socketing

Original stats : 33% Attack, 26% Attack Speed, Max SP 23%, additional 26 attack of mental or elemental and 45% damage to a certain type (possibly Human)

Socketed stats : A total of 15% Attack

Note : A whooping total of 48% attack on this White Bishop now!!

Original stats : For both of the daggers, it’s a flurry of different mental and elemental attacks

Socketed stats : More mental/elemental attacks

Notes : The combination of that many mental/elemental and plus the initial fire attack boost from the inbuilt stat will cause significant damage to metal armour users.

ix) Notes

This guide is not considered completed yet as there are missing information due to translation issues or simply because there are no other sources that talk about the socketing system. I will be trying my best to research more on the following information

– Where do the special ores drop from (done)
– Does socketing process have a failure rate? (done)
– A more in-depth onto the stats given by the rumins (done )
– Are catalysts in different sections usable in all kinds of equips (done )
– Updated corrected information on equip requirement
– The xS beside the equips stand for how many sockets are made in it

Of course, if you are able to translate Korean and Thai, feel free to post what you found at the comment board. Also, if you have tips you would like to contribute to the Socketing Planning, or spotted errors in the guide, just let me know.

Credits will be given of course. 😉

x) References

– Thai GE guide:
– Brief English guide by sinistral :
– IAH’s Socketing Guide:
*SOTNW’s Socketing Guide:

*It’s more on the socketing experience by the players, due to version/region differences, I will not confirm that what they experienced there will be implemented in sGE as well


  1. is Socketing really powerful meow??

  2. are the catalyst gpts, normal or rare drop? it seems they used the birthstone in naming them

  3. I recall a source about them being GP related, but as of now I still won’t confirm anything yet

  4. What happens if you socket a stat (e.g. maxhp) into an item with the same stat (e.g. maxhp)? Is it even possible?

  5. Yes it is possible, I will be posting screenshots of more socketed items and explaining them

  6. Hey, just curious about something. How did you get 10% attack speed on that Vampiric Edge? Considering you already have 2 4% Lifesteal Opts, the most Aspd you should get from a single socket should be 7% right? So, how did 10% get in there?

  7. Interesting observation Anticran, I never noticed it before so thanks for pointing out. Unfortunately I do not know the reason behind this, but I’ll try my best to find out what’s going on.

  8. so we can go over 40% atk? or there is cap at 40%?
    dilemma to decide whether to socket atk or atk spd….
    i think it would be wiser to socket atk than atk spd as it is capped by stance…… especially outrage.

  9. Yo dude, nope there isn’t a cap as shown in the screenshots. Assuming you reached 40% in normal stats, you can still socket 7% more attack 3 times, making in total 61% attack. Of course you have to learn to balance, no point having such a high attack but with a dreadfully slow attack speed for outrage shot

  10. since inserting options into a socket is totally different case as socket processing, does it mean that, for example, i use a Rumin that gives 5% atk spd on my gaiters, will it be a definite success or it might fail leaving the socket to ‘clean’ state? or might the item just disappear 0,0?
    *Mind me i just wanna double check, never try it before haha.

  11. Inserting is a confirmed success, whereas making a socket isn’t. Sorry for the late reply 😉

  12. Thanks, btw, u still playing GE?

  13. HI, tnks for ur guide
    I wanna make 2 socket in my +6 3dr armor but I wonder 2 things:

    1) If i fail making the 2nd socket (though I used the anti-fail GP item), will the first socket disappaer?

    2) If I succeed in making the 2nd socket already, what is the coming risk of inserting the second rumin?

  14. @ Metallica: Yes I still am

    @ quan:

    1) Nope

    2) There’s no known percentage for success for socketing, and inserting has no risk. Inserting and making a socket slot are two different matters altogether.

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