Posted by: Souken | September 24, 2008

Server Merger

Disclaimer: This is a long rant, and if you’re not a GE player you probably won’t understand what the issue is about.

I don’t really have to elaborate further if you were in the IAH forums tonight, the latest news is exactly which most have feared about. While I personally support server merge in a good way, but the major terms and conditions were a shocker. I lament the fact during the past about leaving my level 100 martial art characters, Viki, Brunie and a Veteran Emilia the Sage behind, because there was no way of transferring them from Pachelbel to Carracci.

For a second it seems like eternal bliss when IAH announced the news but the world came crashing down when I noticed this particular portion:

Situation 1: Overlapping Families on the Same Account
If, using the same account, you have created a family on more than one server of the same type (PK or non-PK), only one of your families will be migrated into the new world of that type.

For example: If, using the same account, a player has created a family called ‘Familyone’ on the non-PK server of Carracci, and another family also named ‘Familyone’ on the non-PK server of Pachelbel, only one of those families will exist in the new non-PK world of Rembrandt.

IAHGames internal systems will keep the family with the single highest level character, and the other family will be deleted.

Players holding families on different world types (example: 1 family on PK server, 1 family on non-PK server) will not see their characters affected.

Players are highly encouraged to delete their unused or unwanted families prior to the official migration on 7 October 2008, Tuesday to ease transition.

Seriously, what-the-fuck doesn’t even begin it with correctly. Let me explain my situation first:

1) I have two families under the same account, one in Pachelbel and one in Carracci

2) My Pachelbel characters are either veteran (only one), level 100 or lowest at level 89

3) I have equally precious items, GP related or not in both servers which I don’t want to part with or discard without a regard

4) My ETS has hope of coming to Carracci, but at a hefty price

5) My Carracci account will lose out, but I already have spend a minimal sum of restarting and even got myself a veteran Jack to grind – But that was the only expenditure and no more

To put it simply in an analogy – it would be like the doctor telling you that you have a terminal illness but can be saved by amputating either of your arms. Both of your arms have their uses and surely you would not want to abandon either.

That’s the scenario I’m in right now. And if I want to save my Carracci account, I have to transfer my items to a dummy account in Pachelbel which will be ported over to Carracci. Then I will have to decide on merc-ing some of my characters, it’s ashamed to delete characters like Gracielo, Jean, Brunie but at least they’re expendable in Carracci. It would be a cold day in hell before I willingly let my ETS be deleted like that…

After settling the characters and porting over to the dummy account too, that just leaves one major problem of untradable GP items. Would you bear to discard costumes/unopened manuals etc without a thought?

If no, my point exactly. If yes, get lost already.

While I managed to get a reply from a moderator about the working of each issue from priority to priority; they have yet to work on this major one – which I believe many out there might experience the same issue. Not that I’m whining like a spoilt child but we only have 12 days before the merger.

How quick can issues be settled? Ironically, it would be ridiculously funny if IAH didn’t delay the merger.


  1. Yeah, I understand how you feel. All IAH thinks about is milking their customers. Not even giving a damn concern to our own views.

    But I hope things will work out for you, Larg.

  2. Yeah I hope it does, this whole thing came like a bang and I’m only given a span of 12 days to resolve it.

  3. Heh Astaros,

    Good to see you’re still around even after all this trash. There’s only one simple solution: Sell for cash, and attempt to buy it back after the transfer.

    Sad to say, its really come to this ey.

  4. Unfortunately yes I’m still around, GE is a great game but not so sure about the management running it

    Selling is hard for me 😦

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