Posted by: Souken | October 17, 2008

New Life

IAH totally surprised everyone for once, the server was up even earlier than it’s supposed time. While everyone were glee over this movement, it’s not considered a happy ending until something screws up. Indeed, the timings over the world package items that were given after the merge ended earlier than usual. Even my 1 Day only Lucifer Wings showed 9 Hours left when it was only activated 2 Hours ago.

Souken chilling…

More importantly, I almost forgot to remind everyone while restarting life anew in the now defunct Carracci. I have changed my IGN to Souken now, Astaros is an identity long gone. I will only mention that name to close friends, thought I should mentioned this since IAH gave everyone a free family name change after the merge and scammers were more than happy to abuse that function.

Rembrandt, the name has a refreshing tinge to it, and possibly because it’s named after a toothpaste brand! But anyway, the new servers have a bit more life in them now which has it’s up and down sides. Nobody is spared from lag though, even how good their specification of their desktops/laptops are. For now I’m steering clear of Coimbra and Auch areas to prevent an annoying freeze everytime I login. Most happiest thing about the merge is of course…


…seeing my ETS from Pachelbel again. I thought I really lost her for good, and to think she cost an arm and a limb as well. The gods are clearly giving me a sign to recreate my lost Pachelbel characters, as the first three Karja’s Vanity boxes gave me Gracielo’s Iguana (real happy about this), Jean’s Detective Hat and Emilia’s Sage Hat. Though right now it seems that most maps are real crowded so grinding’s going to be a problem.

Lastly, I would like to let everyone know that I would still be updating the guides whenever I’m free, especially the Socketing Guide, I haven’t forgotten about it. It’s just that I’m busy with school right now and it’s my final year!

Enjoy the new servers everyone~

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