Posted by: Souken | October 21, 2008

Suprisingly Fresh…

I’m planning another bout of updates to some of the thread, if anyone has noticed, the quest for Calyce’s Sagitta Stance Book has already been uploaded. Next in line would be the straightening out of the Socketing guide, it’s really annoying to have so much to do but have so little time. I’m also in the midst in dealing a lot of issues in real life so please bear with me here.

Once again, jGE has never ceased to amaze me. I was wandering around looking for Socketing details (which I already have found) and I came across one of the vended shops…

Cash Shop costumes can be sold and traded!

Not sure about kGE, but jGE indeed has bended a lot of rules and made custom items that go against kGE’s “rules and regulations”. In all good fun, the players are happy with a lot of interesting amendments made.

One of the more interesting detail that’s rather unique to jGE is their roulette like game, Coimbra Shuffle . Players would have to spend money of course to engage in an online gambling like game, and it’s up to luck to see if you can bag in the big prize. Unlike our very own Adelina’s Booty Search, the prizes are always unique and quite attractive. And the best part is, the Coimbra Shuffle prizes changes quite often.

Some of the more attractive recent changes include the following:

30 AR Polearm with a fiery glow, veteran exclusive

Thanks RandomSwordDude for confirming!

LOE with 29 base AR, veteran exclusive

The biggest shock of all was probably this…

New wig for male fighter!

Wig Icon

I never really liked the male stock fighter, along with his Terious Hair wig. But this time round, my opinion of him changed. Am I the only one who think he looks a bit like Final Fantasy VIII’s Squall , but with the hair dyed blonde? ๐Ÿ™‚

Why does jGE always get the good stuff? And most of the items are usually designed or suggested by the players or jGE’s management. I still remembered the contest they had, which resulted in a new costume for Grace Bernelli and Emilia the Sage/Emilia Guliano. Oh well…live and let live, I’ll still bear with IAH.


  1. Hey guy, I just want you to know that polearm is 30 ar. And both weapons is consider 92 elite ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Thanks for confirming, credits will be given ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Yeah, I also don’t like Terious Hair, it’s so untidy and it blocks vision. ZZzzzzzzzzzzzz. I’m better of hairless (stock hair I mean) than use that. I’m getting this hair, but I think it will be very expensive at the beginning to buy it from players. Do you know how to get this hair? Is it still from the box? Or from the Shuffle?

    PS: Astaros, Liaros same person? (@_@) I think I mistook you for Liaros (~_~) and I saw Nikko logged in yesterday.

  4. Uh Liaros is a different person altogether, anyway I already changed my IGN to Souken now, so if you see another Astaros running around out there, that isn’t me ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  5. sigh. if i know that the bach costume can be bought n traded i have not traded my SSS for 1 vet scroll n 10 booster to get rio. and the new hair style for fighter looks really cool and i agree that the fighter looks like now squall XD like also the polearm and for the elem n scout costume looks nice expecially for perverts XD if i can understand or speak a korean language or japanese language might play kGE/jGE rather than sGE IAH sux!!!

  6. Hey no worries, from what I know, it seems this system is only unique to jGE alone and it’s not going to happen in sGE. My Japanese isn’t that excellent as well, I have to make use of pictures and Kanji to get by x)

    And yeah, for someone like me who doesn’t own a male fighter, I feel like making one now.

  7. Cool polearm by the way, I guess that now completes the “Japanese” series weapons found in game (judging from the design of the flaming polearm, I’d say that’s a Naginata)

    I’m assuming with you posting up those info, they’re already released in jGE?

  8. How is Liaros now? He was very helpful back then when Rosentolz was still around, I was still newbie.

    I always thought of changing my fighter gender because of lack of hair heheheh. But if this hair not gonna be implemented in SGE, I…………….. will still not change sex… lol,not worth the gpoints o_o to me.

  9. @ Fuhrenhart: Yeap they’re out in jGE already

    @ anythinq: Some hairstyles were thought to be jGE only, in the end kGE also have so I assume they will come to our region when the time comes ๐Ÿ˜›

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