Posted by: Souken | October 24, 2008

2.9 Begins

sGE got patched version 2.9 yesterday, and rather surprsingly, Calyce was released earlier than the supposed said released date. But not surprsingly, I saw a surge in numbers in my blog hits…

23 Oct – 314 in a day!

In any case, I corrected a minor detail in the Calyce guide, the crossbows and crossbow bolts are sold by a Mercenary Soldier NPC beside Calyce instead of Calyce selling them. I would also like to seek anybody’s help in the Sagitta stance book quest if they already have a veteran Calyce. It’s only been a day, but you’ll be surprised at the leveling speed of players these days. 🙂

Unfortunately, Claire has not been released though oddly, the ore extractor beside her is. No point taking on the Rumin quests for now since you need her help to refine. Then another addition would be the Feso Shop, for some reason it was renamed “Peso” instead of Feso by IAH. And for those who did not know, Peso is actually the currency of The Phillippines. I have to remind people though that the Feso Shop is not a total replacement for the Cash Shop, and earning Fesos without spending GP is easier said than done.

Alright, something to be happy about. Version 2.9 sees the compatibility of skins from the kGE website, meaning from now onwards you don’t have to remodel, configure their skins just to fit our region/version.

Check out my new skin –

I have gathered the top 3 coolest skins from kGE, well according to my standards anyway. I have listed the links here for those people who have difficulty navigating around the site.

Update: I decided I’ll just upload the link of whichever skin is nice, enjoy!

1) Transparent Heart –

2) Regal Black –

3) Bloom (what I’m using now) –

4) Transparent Sky Blue –

5) Blue Flora –

6) Gothic Rune –

Names are of course, nicknamed to describe them for I don’t know their true Korean name. Simple click download and replace your skins folder. But just in case, always keep an additional copy of your original skins folder.

The full version 2.9 isn’t out yet, but there are a lot of obvious and undesirable changes, one example would be chucking all megaphones/microphones to the Cash/Feso Shop. No doubt it will strongly reduce those RMT broads but it costs moolah to broad now. A real absolute copy of Maplestory…

For those who often make use of broads to buy/sell things, don’t fret – you can rely on the forum and vending as the cheapest form of trade. Slow, but in the end it’s worth it, plus your reputation as a trustworthy trader will spread by word. 😉

Right now, I’m just gonna play with the Pet quest and wait for Claire. 😮


  1. saw the sagitta stance book being sold by the feso npc, sucks big time since its not clear yet how to acquire feso.

  2. Well you can always do the quest, but the requirement is that your Calyce has to be lvl 100 or veteran. 😮

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