Posted by: Souken | October 25, 2008

The Claire Checklist

Ever since the Viki episode, I think I’m going to wise up, and especially ever since the server merger, it’s better to be prepared. Back then, it took luck and fast preparations such that a few individuals were able to proceed in Viki’s quest up to the Mamund hunting part – and in peace. If you have read Claire’s recruitment quest, painstakingly translated and written by KUSABIREIKA, you would know that in Claire’s quest, there is a difficult stage to deal with.

The Bonavista River

And it takes place here.

This would be the final part of the quest where Claire seeks your family for help by Claude’s orders to hunt a gemstone or ore that’s only dropped by a specific mob in the Bonavista River, the Elite Storm Cockatrice. Sounds easy?

Think again.

Not only is the rate of getting the quest item low (meaning it’s not a one kill confirmed drop), the spawn rate of the mob is pathetic. And I really can’t imagine 927737462 families all squeezing in both of the two channels in the same map hunting for this elusive mob. To get myself prepared, I tried paying a little field trip to the Bonavista River today. The map is usually stark deserted and not really a desirable place to AFK but because I was already the third family in the map when I arrived, not surprisingly, there was no sign of the mob.

After a couple of hours later, I returned and made sure it was empty this time. And I sure did hit the jackpot…

I managed to find at least two of them not quite far from one another. You can tell the difference between the other cockatrice mobs as it is the biggest among the rest and is non-aggressive. But this just proves one thing – when Claire is released, and knowing how many loli-lured players are out there, it would be just like Mamund hunting.

But probably only a few hundred times worst, throwing in with the pathetic spawn rate and drop rate of the quest item. But in any case, here’s the complete Claire checklist to ensure a rapid cruise through the quest, unless you don’t mind getting Claire later after the excitement dies down. (which can be probably months later)

The Official Claire Checklist

  1. Claude in the barracks
  2. Avocado Sandwich x 1
  3. Elemental Jewel x 1
  4. 10 million vis (for the purchasing of the Elemental Jewel)
  5. 500k vis/ 50 Reputation Points (Optional, this part is for the Jose section of the quest where you can choose another longer method. But of course if you want a smooth sailing, then pay your way through)
  6. Warp Points to Auch/Coimbra/Cite de Reboldeux/Bonavista River (Optional, once again, if you want to beat the competition then I strongly recommend this step)

Hopefully after this, nobody loses their sanity or a couple of years off their life while doing Claire’s recruitment quest when it gets released.


KUSABIREIKA’s Claire recruitment quest guide –
Dem’s Claire recruitment quest guide –


  1. I imagine this is like that elite bee thing in the Bahamar questline. Except you don’t get the item everytime, and you have to get 2 of them XD

  2. Err… if people were to squad… If one happens to get the quest drop, will the other squad members get it too just as any other quest?

  3. @ RandomSwordDude: Yeah, same case, just that drop isn’t 100%. 😦

    @ Palukz™: Guess what? According to Kusa’s Claire guide, squad works 😮

  4. Oh by the way, do you have any screenshots on the summon bear’s stats? It would be nice to see if it’s any good 😛

  5. This is more of a checklist to prepare for Claire’s quest, not a Claire guide. I’ll post the link for Claire’s guide 😮

  6. noooo, the bahama elite amber bee spawn rate is already quite bad, now this.

  7. Knowing how many Loli lovers this server has, Bonavista river is going to be a hotbed for squabbles, so really have to chiong through Claire’s quest 😉

  8. Hi, is Claire’s card tradeable? Or must it be merc-ed like the MP-sniffers?

  9. Her card is tradable, she’s not a cash shop related rNPC.

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