Posted by: Souken | October 31, 2008


I can’t remember the last time I really went all out with adrenaline just to obtain an rNPC. Trying to get Claire certainly brought memories back…

I knew that players were warned about the last step of her quest, I just didn’t realized it was that insane. I guess this is the outcome of all free rNPCs from now onwards. Whatever happened to all the other normal rNPC quests out there? Nobody went through a hell obstacle course to attain Grace Bernelli right?

For the solo kings out there, you really have to drop your pride and just look for a squad. The first Elite Storm Cockatrice you kill won’t even guarantee a drop of the Unknown Ore. And other players have noted out too that the Unknown Ore from Jack’s quest doesn’t work at all. Going back, Bonavista River is a tiny map and there’s really nothing much one can do alone running through the rather squashed map camped rapidly with players.

And for those who squad-ded for the quest, just be patience as it will all pay off in the end. I just went to sleep, and the next day – 2/2. But of course, some people might be luckier and finish faster, overall it took me exactly 11+ hours or so to finally get the two unknown ores via squad.

11+ Hours just for this…

But then again…

The four faces of Claire

Ignorance ❤

Serious ❤

And silly Claude gives her a “crap” reward after all MY hard work.

I slaved for Claire and all I get is a stupid Ore? (no T-shirt either)

Shocked ❤

Disappointed ❤

But seriously speaking it is really all worth it, I put Claude and Claire together in the barracks:

The “awwwwww” moment…

For those struggling over the quest and you have a vast fortune of vis, there might be hope for you. Luckily Claire’s card can be tradable so you might just be able to buy them off from players who don’t intend to make her. Do be warned that prices maybe ridiculously overpriced, but then again, you’re rich… 😉

Still gotta thank my squad members out there, and especially those who invited me in, you know who you are! Good luck getting Claire, just do what I do, AFK and go to sleep. xD

Claire’s Summon Bearwalker Skill data

Ok guys, here’s the update on Claire’s power pedobear. It has three attacks, all which are physical

1) First attack is a basic swing of the pickaxe, targets only 1

2) Second attack is an upward swing, it’s an aoe this time, targets only 2 (Pedobear was able to inflict Stun status on mobs with this attack)

3) Third attack is a 360 degree swing, also an aoe, targets only 3

The odds of her bear using either is equally chanced, it moves around at a decent speed and attacks at a decent speed, albeit slightly slower than moving around.

This is already it’s stats at lvl 58 (same level as Claire), I can’t imagine how it’s stats will be like at veteran. It’s unsure what happens to the bear’s stats if you managed to find 2 bearwalker summon rings and equip it to Claire

lvl 58 Bearwalker stats

lvl 66 Bearwalker stats

And in case anyone didn’t know, the frozen marlins needed to summon Pedobear can be farmed at the frozen marlin minigames at Bahia. Or if you’re rich, you can choose to buy off players who stuffed the market manager full with it.


  1. Dammmmmn! That’s nice 😀
    Most likely will take like months till Sword gets her lol
    Please take a screenshot of the bear’s stats when you turn vet 🙂

  2. This needs to be Blog-spotted…

    Don’t you think?

  3. It does? It’s not a guide, just an afterthought on getting Claire xD

    And thanks randomswordude, I’m still trying to find the source of frozen marlins

  4. hey wat skin u use in ge?

    anyway, i like tt aww moment screenie. i wish we can arrange barracks freely 😦

  5. I’m using Transparent Heart 🙂

  6. 11hours only… youre pretty lucky

  7. My friend gotten the claire rnpc card, but found out that its actually non-tradable under normal conditions, although its not stated “non-tradable” on the card.
    If anyone out there who have gotten it can try and double check whether its true.

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