Posted by: Souken | November 1, 2008

The Great Rembrandt Price List

I’m in a midst of doing a great project that’s certainly beneficial to everyone, that is to create a price list. Anyone dealing with the GE market these days will know how tough it is, you have to keep up to date with the constant price changes, and also interacting with players who love to play the “price guessing” game or simply love to overprice things.

Well the point of the price list is to try to reduce, if not totally obliterate such nonsense. This will help making buying/selling a more relaxing thing to do.

I’m still unsure how should I post the data online, but it won’t be in this blog for sure. I’ll definitely be hosting this in a thread at the IAH forums. Anyhow, here’s a sneak peek of how it might look like:



Just a little explanation on the concepts, I’ll be dealing with items that are popular to deal with. Meaning normal everyday items that have little impact on the GE market will be ignored. And because I’ll still trying to get a response to this idea, I’ll be starting out small, preferably with commonly dealed cash shop items. So here’s a guide to what the above titles mean:


Min Buying Price – The lowest price buyers may propose

Max Buying Price – The highest price buyers may propose

Median Price (B) – The standard (fair) price in taking in consideration of the minimum and maximum prices


Min Selling Price – The lowest price seen sold

Max Selling Price – The highest price seen sold

Median Price (S) – The standard (fair) price in taking in consideration of the minimum and maximum prices

Price Changes (I/D) – Indicates whether if the overall price had increased or decreased since the last update

Of course, right now there will be a lot of questions buzzing in everyone’s mind, but that burning question that worries everyone will probably be whether if they can still sell for a profit with this considering everyone will want to buy at minimum prices and sell at maximum prices.

1) This price list is not meant to be of a personal monopoly over prices, neither will it be subjected for abuse.

2) Minimum and Maximum (especially Maximum) prices are heavily taken into consideration and double checked before submitting data. While Maximum prices may seem infinite, we do have a certain target in mind to ensure that any amount pass the mark is considered overpriced.

3) Data is gathered from viewing of up-to-date buy/sell forum threads, vendor prices, market manager observation and the broads of players buying/selling. As like previous, heavy considerations will be taken and double checked to ensure that the Minimum and Maximum prices will not screw up and thus cause unreliable data.

4) As common as Maximum prices are, one should remember Minimum prices are an exact opposite – a rarity. While you can choose to buy/sell (mostly buy) at a Minimum price, they are pretty uncommon and usually sold by parties who have no idea of the market price or are in a hurry to get rid of their wares. So players can still make a profit irregardless of the Minimum standards.

5) Median prices are the so called, “fair price” in between the Minimum and Maximum to ensure that you have an easy way through when dealing with fickle minded players. Hey, at least no one will call you a scammer now.

6) And finally, this price list serves as a guide or reference, hence there is a reason why it’s separated into Minimum, Maximum and Median otherwise I’ll just put direct pricing. In the end, prices are still dictated by the players themselves. It’s ironic people should blame the guide for changing prices when the guide itself is updated with data gathered from the market in the game.

Of course, with such a huge project, I certainly won’t be doing this alone. So far, I have managed to enlist the help of two friends who are willing to volunteer their services. Just drop a comment here should you want to help, but keep in mind it is a rather tedious work. And also, as a helper, maybe the sole benefit you have over others is that you get to view the updated list first. 🙂

And obviously, data gathered will be double checked before updating into the list to ensure sabotage is prevented. In case anyone is still wondering, this is only for Rembrandt server. 😦

Look out for the first batch of the price list soon in the forum, it will be including commonly traded cash items though.


  1. wai r u not in bach 😦

  2. Neko, ish FILTH AND LIESSS

  3. Yeah, we need someone like Larg in bach ^^

  4. That’s because PK servers scare the crap outta my pants 😦

  5. But we ish nice people in Bach! ^^

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