Posted by: Souken | November 7, 2008

Rembrandt Price List [BETA]

It’s out, for now, the list only contains a selected commonly traded cash shop items. All data were carefully observed within a period of 2 to 3 weeks. Question mark would mean that insufficient information or no information could be gathered at all.

I would have to see the response first to see if this project is worth continuing or destined to be moot. The image is quite large so I have to link it instead.

Rembrandt Price List:

Your opinions and feedback are very much appreciated.

Only when the response is good, then will the whole thing be shifted to the forum instead. Don’t want to create a thread for nothing only to let it waste away if it doesn’t turn out good. 🙂


  1. *sigh* bach’s market is always so f@cked up. 😦

  2. hmm… if the prices stated here are true and everyone follows… basically much of the problems of rembrandt’s trade will be eased…

    *maybe i can follow this guide too o.O*

  3. Statistically you Min Buying/Selling has to tally – post one or the other. Vying away from this simply results in the imbalance that so many people call ‘overpricing’. Logically this has to be the same as well, (i.e. Min Buy (Vet Scroll): 110m, Min Sell (Vet Scroll): 80m), who would buy at 110m, rather than wait for someone to sell at 80m then?

    Piece of advice: Don’t simply take random occurrences into consideration when compiling a list. These extreme highs/lows are merely outliers which won’t feature or add value to your compendium.

    Anyway, great job xD

    P.S. It might be helpful to include a standard deviation off the price, for buyers/sellers to decide how much variation is acceptable/tolerable.

  4. P.P.S its ‘your’ in the first line of my previous post.

    Also your ‘Soul Crystal’ does not pass sanity check. Take a look and you’ll get what I’m saying.

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