Posted by: Souken | November 15, 2008


This blog will be on hiatus for a while because I’m busy with some school projects, and this post is basically to brief everyone what might be upcoming next.

Upcoming Blog Projects

– Selva’s recruitment quest
– Nar’s recruitment quest (deciding whether to do or not)
– Expansion and consolidation of the Rembrandt Price List
– Shifting and updating of the Irawan Guide from the forum

First of all, thank you all to those whom have sincerely gave me your opinions on the price list. I will now starts to expand beyond the list, and will post them here instead of the forum. Inserting into the list next will probably be rNPC cards and the full set of cash shop items price list. Observation period may take up to a month or so if latest to ensure accurate data, so please be patient.

We’re not that far off from version 2.9.4 (currently, sGE is in 2.9.1), and that marks the start of Selva’s recruitment quest. Once again, information regarding her is scattered all over the net. I aim to consolidate and possibly correct some data on her for easy viewing. Credits and references will of course be given.

Nar’s quest will be a challenge as I’m at a total loss, hell I’m not even sure where Errac is exactly. Well anyhow, look out for a more expanded price list soon! 😀

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