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The Selva Compendium

Selva is without a doubt, one of the highlights in the 2.9 set of updates. She becomes officially recruitable as of version 2.9.4, no longer is Selva the rNPC a myth or exclusively GM/CM only. And people who have long wanted to complete the entire Garcia/Jameson family can now celebrate. 😉

However, before you continue reading on, please note that the following has to be completed:

1) The Pioneering Quest
2) Katovic Snowfield Quests (Completion of the Katovic Series Equipment is optional)
3) The Bahamas Quest
4) Chaos Requiem Quest

Here’s the links to all of the guides for your convenience, order is as of previous list:


i) Mini Intro

Total stat points : 32

腕力 (Str): 7
敏捷 (Agi): 7
体力 (Con): 5
知能 (Dex): 5
技術 (Int): 5
権威 (Cha): 3

Location – N/A

Starting Level – 60
Personal skill – Destino
Stances – Epee Garde, Cauchmar, Back Guard, High Guard, Rapida Espada

ii) Quest Info

Important Note: If you didn’t complete the requirements mentioned at the start of this article, Elenore’s quest will not be triggered!

To begin, talk to Elenore, the pioneering officer in Auch.

She will ask you to give her 2 Hero’s Seal. You can obtain them via Superfights. However, if your level is too low for the Superfights, you can opt to head to the low level Superfights and collect 6 Ancient Hero’s Seals to exchange for 2 Hero’s Seals. (The exchange rate is 3 Ancient Hero’s Seals for 1 Hero’s Seal)

After you have collected the 2 Hero’s Seals, go back to Elenore. You will then be asked to look for Nunez at Port of Coimbra.

Nunez will request you to defeat Dr Fran Mothtein, who resides in the Corridor of Assize. Obviously, this means you need to have 1 Key of Assize at hand. Proceed to the NPC at Gehenna Bridge, the final level of Prison de Joaquin.

Important Note: The gate to an activated Corridor of Assize will be opened for while, meaning players can follow you in and disrupt your quest. Please check your surroundings at least before trying to attempt this quest lest you waste your key, which will probably shoot up in prices due to Selva’s quest.

The Corridor of Assize is available in both channels 1 and 2.

You’ll be facing off a weak Chrysalis and after defeating it, 2 soldiers and Dr Fran Mothtein will spawn. The minimal set of equipment needed to survive and make this fight easy will require at least elite 84 armours and elite 92 weapons.

Return to Nunez once you’re done, and you will be sent off to look for Ludeza Vishihah at Katovic Snowfield.

He will give you 3 Ghost Nucleus, in which you’re supposed to drop it into Ryrin’s Heart to summon an Avalanche Apparition. However, do note that the summoning process is not 100% successful. If you have used up your initial 3 cores, you have to return to Ludeza Vishihah to get more, who will give you in sets of 3 again.

But this time, he will require a price. You will have to exchange 20 Wolf Meat and 10 Elviot’s Leather for Ghost Nucleus.

Important Note: AA needs to be summoned within a 2 hour span within the last spawn else summoning would result in failure!

If you have successfully summoned and defeated the Avalanche Apparition, this will trigger Montoro’s appearance. You will then have to fight and defeat him. Once you’re done with both task, return to Ludeza Vishihah again, who will then send you to look for Invernio at The Frozen Plain. After some conversation, you will be sent to Dr Torsche’s Mansion to look for Dr Torsche.

After you have spoken to Dr Torsche, a clickable bookshelf will appear in the room. Clicking it will send you to a secret room where you will see a petrified Cortez.

In order to recover poor Cortez, you need to have 1 Katovic Soup. head to The Frozen Plain to look for Invernio to make the soup. As usual, the ingredients are as followed:

20 Golden Apples
50 Wolf’s Meat
50 Beet
50 Cabbage

Once you gotten your Katovic Soup, return back to the secret room where Cortez is by clicking on the bookshelf in Dr Torche’s room. Once you turn Cortez back to normal, that ungrateful noble will attack you suddenly. But thankfully, he’s weak so just try your best and defeat him.

After you defeated him, return to look for Dr Torsche for your reward. He will give you the following:

1 Selva Character Card
1 Cauchemar Stance Book
1 Rapida Espada Stance Book
1 Selva’s Armshield Recipe

iii) Selva’s Armshield

The recipe requires the following ingredient to craft:

1 level 80 Chain Gloves
20 Composite Steel
20 Cast Iron
20 Solvent
50 Mystery Powder

This is technically still a shield, so the crafter responsible is Idge. And the burning question on everybody’s mind would probably be – why would I want to craft this?!

Selva’s Armshield is a special shield for her undead arm. It requires 50 Mystery Powders to craft, which makes her as good as a cash shop RNPC even though she’s “free” to recruit. Selva’s Armshield acts as a normal shield in most aspects, except it adds 1AR instead of 1DR. It can be enchanted with DEF, Block, RES, and AR options.

Source: Book of Wind

In short, most of Selva’s stances will be inaccessible to you. Without her armshield, you can only access the normal stances, namely Epee Garde and Back Guard.

iv) Stance/Skills

Likewise as previous rNPC guides, only the exclusive stances will be covered. But just a tiny explanation regarding Selva.

Rapier (Without her armshield) -> Epee Garde
Sword (Without her armshield) -> Back Guard
Rapier + armshield -> Epee Garde, Cauchmar
Sword + armshield -> Back Guard, High Guard, Rapida Espada

Stance: Cauchmar

For a more in-depth description of skills, please refer here –

Prerequisite: Epee Garde level 25

Stance bonus at level 25 : aspd +16%, crit +30%

Vampiric Obsession – A single target skill, as all first skills go it’s spammable. Nothing special here. 🙂

Insanity – This skill targets up to 6 but the area affected is very precise, look at the above link for a clearer explanation.

Death Crest – Single target skill that ignores 30 DEF and shocks at 15%, light armours and soft armours (especially soft armours) will have hell against this.

Eternal Tempest – Targets one and ignores a whooping 50 DEF, if you thought the previous skill hurt, this one would mean instant KO. Well, to light and soft armours anyway.

Stance: Rapida Espada

For a more in-depth description of skills, please refer here –

Prerequisite: Back Guard level 25

Stance bonus at level 25 : aspd +35%, crit +12%, block +25

Espada de la Rotacion – A weak attack but in exchange, it targets 7. There should be knockdown involved.

Espada del Viento -Targets 1 and ignores 20 DEF, an averagely decent skill.

Dragante – You can say that this skill is the upgrade of the previous skill, but ignoring 30 DEF.

Saltos de Ataques – A mini aoe skill which targets 5 with decent damage and has 15% chance of causing shock.

Rapida – Ridiculously powerful skill, thank god it’s a single target. Ignores 50 DEF and has 75% chance of causing shock.

Five skills under this stance would mean one could will not be maxed. Let’s prioritize first, in my opinion, Rapida, Dragante and Saltos de Ataques should be maxed. Dragante and Rapida should be maxed , as they’re the two strongest skills under this stance. Regarding Saltos de Ataques, the rationale is because it’s a mini aoe that damages and has 15% chance of shock. Such combination of group targets, damage and status effect is always highly valuable.

Then for the last two, Espada del Viento would be maxed leaving the remaining skill points into Espada de la Rotacion. The reason being is that Espada de la Rotacion isn’t meant for damage, it’s spammable and as a characteristic of a first skill, it should be able to knockback. But knocking back 7 targets at once is indeed something valuable. As for Espada del Viento, it’s a third skill to use while Dragante and Rapida are on cooldown. 🙂

Of course, what should be maxed or not is completely up to personal preferences as this is merely a guide. But whatever skills you decide on, there should be no excuse why you won’t max Dragante and Rapida.

Personal Skill: Destino

consumes SP 100, Magical Orb x5

targets self

level 10 : 180s duration, immunity +20

Level 11 and above will see additional immunity and DR + 1.

Comments: Free 20 immunity at the cost of 5 magical orbs and 100sp? Sign me up! At level 11, it’s simply another added bonus to include DR. This skill will indeed come in handy, especially against rNPC like Calyce and also weapons or stances that come along with penetration.

v) Stat point at Veteran/Expert

There shouldn’t be a need to think twice, STR is the way to go. At 9 STR by expert, Selva will be able to dish out her full potential as an all out offensive character. Basically if you opt to put stat points in AGI or CON, then I would say, Selva isn’t a rNPC you want to play.

vi) Extra Notes

There will be some queries here regarding Selva’s quest that will be noted here for now as it is unconfirmed

– Unknown if the quest to recover Cortez accepts the Katovic Soup item from ABS

– Unknown for now if squading to kill Dr Fran Mothtein will allow all squadmates to get the kill count, likewise for the part of the Avalanche Apparition (Now confirmed that only kill count is needed!)

– Squadding is allowed for the Dr Fran and Avalanche Apparition

Source: ( ジャケンゲヘナ大橋奥Dr.フランモール退治、審判の鍵は自腹、SQクリア可、2時間湧き)

Something to take note about…

Here’s some advice for people doing Selva’s quest

1) Squad up with strangers when killing Dr.Fran, kill count is available to all in the squad
2) Squad up for Huge Avanlanche Apparition as well,he’s tougher than normal AA
3) The nucleus has a chance of failure in summoning
4) If the heart fails to summon, try another heart beside it
5) Montoro will appear near the entrance of the cave, kill him for the Montoro Memo

Credits: Arconis

If anyone spots mistakes that needs to be corrected, or has information not listed here, feel free to contact me. Credits will be given of course.

vii) Credits

Full credits are given to Asuka, who painstakingly translated this guide from Japanese to English
– Dem’s blog, Book of Wind, for his reference of Selva’s stances and skills
Japanese Guide:


  1. Espada de la Rotacion works like brandish, tornado vortex and dust devil. It has an added AoE of .5m which seriously helps. I’ve seen it at work from friends overseas. Let me see if i can find a replay for you.

    Before that, the skill is tremendously powerful to use in a pvp situation and extremely spammable.

  2. That’s a really nice skill then, but 7 targets is seriously a lot. But it’s useful more on knockbacks rather then damage.

  3. Wow. This is great. Finally a guide to get Selva.
    How come Selva’s seems to be not part of this her quest or I just missed it.
    Thanks Astaros/Lag. ^_^

  4. The guide didn’t mention all the conversation sequences in between the quests, I suppose you can find it out for yourself when sGE finally gets them 🙂

  5. It is ^_^ Instant cast too!

  6. All first skills under stances are pretty much spammable, but Selva takes that to a whole new level – 7 and spammable = ghey x_x

  7. I am alarmed by this:

    “There are debates regarding the part about Dr Fran Mothtein, some say all you need is to take him down as a kill count while others say you need to hunt a rare drop (quest item) from him. As of now, it’s assuming that it’s a kill count”

    I seriously hope it would be a kill count and not another Unknown-Ore type of difficulty. God! Imagine that if it was.

  8. You can get Selva even if you don’t have Gavin/didn’t do the Gavin recruitment quest.

    This is possible by only doing the Pioneering quests, Bahama Quest, and Chaos requiem quest.

  9. Alright thanks for telling, though I need to reconfirm it again because I haven’t been touching GE for a while and details are sketchy.

  10. I am curious.. is it possible to do the Corridor of Assize in a squad and get the count of Dr.Fran’s death? if yes it makes it pretty easy if not then I need to find people to get ready for baron 😡

  11. Hey there, yes it is indeed possible to squad up. Once it dies, everyone gets the kill count, I’m in a non-PK server so it’s kinda different here. Squads are important for winning a KS.

  12. Thanks a lot 😀 this page went off to my bookmarks the day I saw it! :O

  13. ill take all bosses from you Skadi Q_Q

  14. hi, can u tell me about low level Superfight? Maybe a link also. Thx

  15. i tried exchanging 3 ancient hero seals to the katai merc (the NPC for poison yard) but he doesnt accept the item.. what am i doing wrong here?

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