Posted by: Souken | December 2, 2008

Doratomo, enjoy it while you can

First thing’s first, most of the guides have been updated and voiceovers re-uploaded in accordance to jGE’s 2.9/3.0 update. But apparently, they haven’t begun doing proper Japanese voiceovers for Selva, Nar and Ania so those three remain empty for now. And yes, more delays…I’ll be busy like the whole entire December so I probably have to put a lot of things on hold. Thanks yet again for comments, corrections, suggestions and etc you people have provided to all particular entries regarded. 🙂

Now back on topic, I have heard from a reliable source (well, my friend actually), that Doratomo might be closed soon. Apparantly, the owner of the site (whom so happens to be a female) is busy with her real life alterna, and thus updates to the site will be slow. Since updates will be slow (dreadfully slow), she considered closing down the site.

Many would have asked for proof, according to my friend, the owner did posted a notice of closure in Japanese but by the time she alerted me – the notice was already taken down from the site. So exactly whether the owner of Doratomo wishes to continue or halt progress for the site is currently unknown for now. But whatever it is, I just thought I’ll give a little warning – after all, the owner of the site did used to have a section dedicated to Maplestory, but it was taken down soon after a similar notice too…

Doratomo is truly a wonderful source of information when it comes to GE, hats down to the female individual who managed to translate raw Korean into Japanese accurately and on time without fail. I sincerely wish her all the best in whatever decision she decides to make.


  1. d@mn. n i dont understand korean good enough to translate offhand. T.T

  2. My Korean isn’t exactly good either 😉

  3. hey, sorry to ask.

    how did you get your fonts for your ge client?

  4. Hi guys, please look around the previous entries, the font download is attached to them.

  5. Er, you mentioned re-uploading the voiceovers. Could you link to the upload, please? I’ve scoured the site and I can’t seem to find the relevant post.

  6. Sorry for the late response, I’ll do some checking on those entries again. 😀

  7. Is there a new voiceover now from jGE? I really liked their voiceovers.

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