Posted by: Souken | January 9, 2009

The Sewer Road

The Reboldoeux Culverts are part of the 2.9/3.0 update and newly released into sGE as of yesterday. There are many secrets hidden in this culverts indeed and this entry aims to introduce bits and pieces to the clueless. 🙂

The Reboldoeux Culverts entrance

Unfortunately, life isn’t always fair; there are requirements to be fufiled before being allowed into this dungeon.

Dungeon Requirements
1. Must have completed the Bahama pioneering quest “The Ten Nobles of Vespanola”
2. Families with at least 57 ATK Rating and 55 DEF Rating
3. A craving for adventure

Source: IAH

The third requirement is just for laughs, albeit it has a point. 😀

Here’s the link to the entire article –, but basically I’ll be concentrating on the more less obvious of the Reboldoeux Culverts. But first things first, a little tour guide around the area. The Culverts doesn’t actually provide a minimap, so it’s actually a bit tough to navigate around for those with a poor sense of direction.

Follow the numbers for a reference

There are a few special rooms which I’ll be explaining:

– The exit from point 1 is where the entrance to the Reboldoeux Culverts is.
– The room labelled number 5 is where the Pioneering Stone is located, you can register for quests to hunt the mobs there. The rewards are EXP cards and Pioneering Symbols – Ogre/Werewolf (depending which one you took), the latter which are used to craft the Ogre/Werewolf series dropped from the mobs.
– The room labelled number 7 is the place where the boss of the Culverts spawned.
– The exit from point 8 is the place that leads to Errac!

So yeah, for those who didn’t know, Reboldoeux is connected to Errac by the means of the Reboldoeux Culverts.

The arrow from Errac on the right leads to Cite de Reboldoeux

However, to actually enter Errac, you have to take down the boss of the Culverts. Only then will the portal at number 8 be activated. This will open as long until the next boss spawn. Shown next is a series of screenshots from a Korean blogger’s journey from the culverts to Errac after defeating the boss.

Well of course, as of now, nothing will happen even if you defeat the boss as the content for 3.0 is not released in sGE yet. And also, not mentioned are also unconfirmed information on certain requirements, but basically, this serves to only introduce the importance of the Culverts and where it leads.

Hope it was a helpful guide. 🙂

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