Posted by: Souken | January 12, 2009

Dignite Costumes

What was supposed to be armours has suddenly became mere costumes due to an abrupt change in GE version 3.4. Nevertheless, they will still look awesome though. The costumes are already released in the official servers but…

7 days limit 😦

Seeing as how screenshots go, they’re temporary and are probably premium items.

There were sources stating that these unique costumes are supposed to be dropped as recipes from high level raid bosses such as Sekhmet, but then again they were never confirmed. As of now, screenshots with premium redemption windows are popping up all over the kGE website, proving otherwise.

IMC has the power of temptation on their side, how can you resist these costumes really…?

Male Elementalist

Female Elementalist

Male Fighter

Female Fighter

Female Wizard

Female Scout

Male Scout/Fighter/Musketeer

I mean really…


  1. Sad to know that these costumes are time -based. The Dignite set is really nice.

  2. I think the 7-day versions are from the new Andre mission. I’ll post the result somewhere after I try it. I’m still trying to get my 2nd cow costume now. 😀

    The dignite costume was actually mentioned in two patches.

    which is the Andre quest.

    And this:
    which is about Sekhmet.

  3. Bleh, is there a permanent version because these rock!

  4. Newbie Questiong

    Erm at your 1st Picture tht Red Wings , u get it from cash shop or quest?

    Mind telling me?

  5. Those are the Phoenix Wings, as of now there is a 30 days version with stats which is buyable from the cash shop but not released in our region for now. The other version is the permanent one but without stats, only obtainable by chance from the Premium Treasure Box (30 Days) service.

  6. ooo.. okie my fren said there was few option when u get the Premium Treausre Box (30Days)

    u get it from Mysterious Item or Todays Item?

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