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Weak pun, but that’s just to demonstrate one’s mental state while doing Nar’s recruitment quest. It drives you crazy because of the sheer length, details and requirements.

Biggest build among all the male characters

And talking of requirements, there are quite a hefty load of pre-requisites:

1) The Basic introductory quests in Errac (I still can’t get used to calling it Zeia) has to be cleared, and this brings about one of the most important points, the Chancellor’s quest known as “Protection Mission“. This immediately brings about to mind the importance of all that in-game voting that has been going on for quite a while.

Anyhow, it’s because Errac and Vespanola have absolutely no connection with one another, the Chancellor here acts to try to bind a diplomatic relation between the two. So the Chancellor has to clear that quest otherwise, all families in that server will be unable to enter Errac.

The Chancellor has to wait until 12pm on the next day to re-do the quest should he/she fails it. Continous failure or not being bothered to do the quest will of course result in the delay of entry and exploration for all players in the server, so the Chancellor holds a very big responsibility here.

Rembrandt players read this!

The portal to Errac has been successfully opened to all, kudos to our Chancellor, Mahoney!

2) Emilia Guliano’s quest to find her father has to be completed, it’s a short and easy quest for those who still haven’t.

3) Finish the Bahamas Pioneering Quest, up till the part “The 10 Nobles of Vespanola” – so you can be granted access to the Reboldoeux Culverts

4) Prepare 1 x Elemental Jewel

i) Mini Intro

Total stat points : 30

腕力 (Str): 8
敏捷 (Agi): 5
体力 (Con): 7
知能 (Dex): 3
技術 (Int): 3
権威 (Cha): 4

Location – Errac

Starting Level – 60
Personal skill – N/A
Stances – Back Guard, Combatant, Semilunar

ii) Quest Info

Important Note: From this point onwards, this quest is free to all players. And it will only be available once the Chancellor completes the quest aforementioned.

Part A: Entering Errac

The Region of Magic ahead

In order to enter Errac, one has to proceed through the Reboldoeux Culverts and through The Region of Magic, the latter where all of sGE is currently still unable to proceed. To be able to enter The Region of Magic, you’ll need “The key of the Reboldoeux Underground Culvert“.

Move to the door that leads to The Region of Magic to trigger a quest to find Emilia Guliano. Then head to Port of Coimbra and talk to Emilia. You would be then given a quest to get 10 pieces of Lorenzo’s Memo. This item is dropped by mobs in the Culverts and feedback from players say that it takes quite a while to hunt all 10.

After you gathered the required amount of items, return to Emilia Guliano and she’ll send you to look for Brunie at Cite de Reboldoeux to get “The key of the Reboldoeux Underground Culvert“. One interesting fact is that she’ll forget that you have helped her in the past. 😀

Getting the key automatically triggers a quest “Exploring the Underground Waterway”, in which you have to take down the boss of the Culverts – the Undertaker. Only when you are in Channel 1 then are you able to enter Errac and on contrary to belief, you can save warp in Errac and thus sparing the trouble whenever you need to go there the next time.

Undertaker Stats
Level 114
Class: Human/Soft Armour/No Attribute/Medium
HP: 7960800
AR: 59
Attack: 7356
DR: 59
Defense: 234
Fire/Ice/Lightning Resistance: 35
Mental Resistance: 61

If you’re not careful or prepared then… 😦

*The Undertaker has a spawn time (not sure how long), anyone can enter The Region of Magic before it respawns. However, if it respawns, you would have to kill it to gain access.

Part B: The Errac Quests

UPDATE: jGE provides an easier understanding in navigation due to Kanji, use this map and the names provided.

ア二ア – Ania
ナル – Nar
リボルドウェ地下水路 – Culverts
酋長ハマン – Chieftain Hamann
団長 – Team Leader
入り口警備兵 – Entrance Guard
東警備兵 – East Guard
西警備兵 – West Guard
ハント担当兵 – Pioneer Hunt Guard
エラク二つの大地 – Entrance to The Land of Day/Night

After you entered Errac, the guard at the entrance will welcome you. He’ll then ask you to go talk to his Team Leader.

Red Dot = Team Leader’s position

The Team Leader will send you to hunt for Rhodolite Pieces, which are dropped off mobs in the Errac Meridian – The Land of Day and The Land of Night, these places will change every 4 hours.

Red dots = Exits to The Land of Day/Night

After you’re done, return to talk to the Team Leader, he’ll reward you with a level 90 EXP Card and bring you to Chieftain Hamann.

Chieftain Hamann

After some conversation between you and Chieftain Hamann, go back and talk to the guard who welcomed you when you first entered Errac. The guard will ask you to find her again and bring along a jewel as a present – this jewel is the Elemental Jewel. After you brought her an Elemental Jewel, Hamann will ask you to meet the warriors of Errac, in which will trigger the next quest.

Talk to Nar who is standing in front of the Temple, while conversing with him he will tell you the name of the Team Leader. However, during the conversations, monsters will attack and you have to kill all the monsters surrounding Nar to complete the quest. If Nar dies, the mission is considered as a failure, but the outcome does not hinder progress of the quest in any way.

*From this point onwards, a side quest “Trade Negotiations” will be available.

After clearing this quest, the guard will come to inform you and Nar that Ania is in danger of the monster attacks. Another quest will then ensue, you would have to rescue Ania who would be in the center of the map. If she dies, the mission is considered a failure.

Important Note: From this point onwards, success or failure of this quest will be an importance to those who wish to recruit Ania. If successful, this will trigger Ania’s recruitment quest, also even if you failed you can always keep retrying.

You don’t have to complete Nar’s quest or create Nar in order to start on Ania’s recruitment quest. For more information on recruiting Ania, please go to the following link:

Ania will only be available for recruitment in version 3.3.

After you rescued Ania, talk to Nar. He’ll mentioned about a pair of glasses with the initials L.G, which stands for Lorenzo Guliano, Emilia’s father. You’ll then know a bit more of the connections between Lorenzo Guliano and Errac and after the conversation ends, another quest will be triggered.

Go to Port of Coimbra to tell Emilia Guliano news about the glasses and it’s initials; and she’ll immediately recognize it as it belongs to her father. You’ll receive Epic Glaziums and Level 90 EXP Cards as a reward, then another quest will be triggered.

Return to Errac and talk to the Team Leader, he’ll ask you to kill 50 Kobold Crotch and 10 Kobold Elders; which are found in the maps The Land of Day/Night and Okuruta Dungeon respectively.

Part C: Occulta Dungeon Exploration

In order to gain access to the Occulta Dungeon, 5 Ancient Runes are needed. There are two types of Ancient Rune, Day and Night. So depending on what time (this reflects the game region’s actual time, please check your GMT to know the time if you’re not from that region) you enter.

So for example; if you entered the dungeon at 4.30pm, you would need5 pieces of Ancient Rune – Ti to gain access. So likewise for the the twilight Errac, you will have to use 5 pieces of Ancient Rune – Te. The difference between Day and Night would be the race of mobs that spawn in there, specifically the Ogre and Kobold races. The game also follows a timetable to indicate the duration of Day and Night depending on real time.

Important Notes: Squadding is recommended for this dungeon as it is riddled with traps and rotating blades, strong monsters are also roaming around in there. This is also to ensure your 5 ancient runes aren’t for naught should you die. The runes are seemingly hard to obtain as well, with a rare drop rate.

Recommendations: Please be reminded that after the lobby, there are guards on the next room (they are deadly as you can see) and another room that’s full of traps so please be reminded to bring along some soul crystals with you (even some ELN users die on these rooms). You need not kill any monster on these rooms, just run for your life until you make it through the last room.

xBayushi’s explanations

Getting the “Diary” might take some time (coz I knew of someone which took 9 hours to get it) but as for the time being, complete the 10 Kobold Elders that the Captain asked you to kill. The diary is essential for you to be able to complete Emilia’s quest and thus, allowing you to purchase Expert Stances (you already know what they are ). Reminder, expert stances are non-tradeable. So in order for you to gain flintlock, you got to finish this quest.

Once done with both mission(Diary and Kobold elder/Crouch), talk again to the Captain to submit the mission. Then after, this is a part where he will ask you to go back to Occult Dungeon to investigate something. Also, he will tell you to go to Nar for some debriefing.

Lastly, talk to Nar, he’ll reward you with yet again Epic Glaziums, Level 90 EXP Cards and the best prize – his card.

Moving on with the quest that the Captain gave, you will need to farm Ti’s and Te’s (sounds awful for Ph players ) to re-enter the dungeon for an investigation. To trigger the investigation, you will need to go to the square mark on the map.

Move to the position indicated in the map to trigger the next part of the quest. In this quest, Nar and Ania will appear and you need to defeat the Necroshaman type monsters around them.

Red Dot = Quest Trigger

Here, you will kill 3 Necroshamans (not the regular mini-boss) and after killing them, tons of Kobold Elders will appear.

*A side quest “Father’s Whereabouts” will be triggered along as well, so it’s recommended you get this quest from Emilia Guliano before attempting to go into Okuruta Dungeon.


Necroshaman Stats
Level 125
Class: Undead/Soft Armour/No Attribute/Medium
HP: 2916000
AR: 68
Attack: 1592
DR: 64
Defense: 232
Fire/Ice/Lightning Resistance: 65
Mental Resistance: 85

UPDATE: Ignore the above mentioned stats, it’s only for the actual mini-boss. Posted below are the quest Necroshaman’s stats, credits to xBayushi for providing the picture.

In the middle of the quest, Chieftain Hamann will appear and destroy all the monsters which will then bring an end to the quest. So in other words, hang on until she arrives, survival is the main goal for this quest. Return to talk to the Team Leader to get your rewards of Epic Glaziums and Level 90 EXP Cards.

Some Thoughts…

After you’re done with the hunting of the Kobold Elders, you would need to return to talk to the Team Leader and then he’ll ask you to do a Search Occulta Dungeon quest. The confusing question is that – it is not sure to trigger the mission, do you need to head to the red dot position shown in the picture above or move to the arrows as indicated on the map.


Lastly, talk to Nar, he’ll reward you with yet again Epic Glaziums, Level 90 EXP Cards and the best prize – his card.

UPDATE: Apparently, you’ll get Nar after you’ve completed the 10/50 Kobold hunt. Below is considered a side quest, sorry for the late confusion!

The Team Leader will request you to assassinate Hamann as he wants to be the next Chieftain. The instanced quest will begin soon after and Chieftain Hamann will be guarded by Errac Soldiers and Kobold Archers.

*It’s unknown what happens if you accomplished this quest, the Korean player who made this guide said she failed this mission as time has ran out by the time she defeated the monsters. Though it’s assumed the mission will fail anyway, assassinate the hot chieftain? Who would? 🙂

After the mission failure, talk to the Team Leader and tell him to give up. For your “help”, he will reward you with Epic Glaziums and Level 90 EXP Cards again. This officially marks the end of the Errac Region quests, congratulations if you made it this far. 🙂


Yes, a disgustingly tedious quest that seems to drag on forever. Luckily, his stances and skills are worth the trouble. Like all previous guides, we’ll only be concentrating on the unique stances.

Stance: Combatant

For a more in-depth description of skills, please refer here –

Stance bonus at level 25 : accuracy + 15, aspd +20%, crit +10%, block + 15

Battle Smash: A single target skill that ignores 20 DEF, stuns at 50% rate and has a fast cooldown. Very nifty for those 1v1 situations.

Rolls of Thunder: An area attack skill that targets 7, and has 66% chance to inflict [Rolls of Thunder] which I unfortunately have no idea what it does. It consumes 5 ancient stars per usage though.

Shoulder Charge: Moderate area attack skill that targets 3 and ignores 30 DEF, it’s not really underpowered nor overpowered.

Throwing Axe: Single target ranged attack that ignores 50 DEF, this is definitely a great skill.

Windstorm: Lots of finishers that ignore 50 DEF these days, has a tiny knockback to boot as well. Without a doubt, fantastic.

Once again, five skills only means one skill cannot be maxed. For my choice I’ll leave out Rolls of Thunder to be maxed last. For a melee, area attack skills that target a lot are usually not meant for raw damage but to inflict status as shown, and plus it needs to consume an item per usage which means I have to constantly stock up a lot of it.

Stance: Semilunar

Stance bonus at level 25 : accuracy + 12, aspd +18%, crit +6%, penetration + 20

UPDATE: New weapons for Semilunar and Gorgeous!

UPDATE: Semilunar, along with Gorgeous is officially released as of version 3.4.4. Stance books are available from the Feso Shop. The aforementioned stances are Expert stances, and so far only weapons from the elite 92/AR 30 series are available.

Weapon used for Semilunar

Ania’s exclusive stance – Gorgeous, and Nar’s exclusive stance – Semilunar

Not many are rather sure on what weapon exactly this stance uses but I would like to wager a guess based on some pictures and references.

Clue #1: Weapon Icon

The top two are Tonfas, which is Ania’s exclusive stance, Gorgeous also unreleased at the moment. The bottom two are the weapons used for the Semilunar stance. As the name suggests, the weapon is shaped like a half moon. The thin handle is where the user holds it while the edges are obviously used for attack.

Many people have mistaken it to be a bow at first sight due to the handle’s slenderness and size just by looking at the icon.

Clue #2: Stance Icon

It’s not very clear and it’s very small and I apologize but it’s the best (probably only) screenshot of the stance available on the Internet right now. You can tell the weapon is very huge and heavy due to Nar having to be in a bending position.

Clue #3: Skills

The skills for Semilunar are as followed: Impulse, Gruesome, Militant, Merciless, Occult Sciences

Other than the last skill, does any of the other four imply that the weapon is somewhat heavy and ‘violent‘? IMC is known after all for coming up with skill names that describe or suit the weapon and user the most. And just an interesting note – Militant is a buff skill that gives Nar a boost of his CON by 1! At level 1, the skill duration already lasts for 1 minute. Like Rolls of Thunder, this buff skill requires 5 Ancient Stars per consumption.

Clue #4: Official Art

Look within the red box, that’s the official art for the weapon used for Semilunar. It’s more clearer than the one shown in the icon right now…does it resemble an axe to anyone? 😛

Clue #5: External References

Errac is after all a theme IMC chose derived from the ancient South American cultures and tribes, namely the Mayans and Aztecs. While doing a search over the Internet, I managed to chance upon this archive that spoke of the discoveries and items they unearthed on these cultures.

One particular paragraph caught my eye, if you’re scared by the chunk of words, just read the following:

The first of the lot (Plate III flg. 1) , is one of the finest specimens of those magni-
ficent semilunar axes which I consider the most beautiful weapons of their kind. Such
perfectly shaped polished stone semilunar axes appear to be peculiar to certain .tribes akin
or belonging to the Tapuya stock inhabiting the north eastern part of central Brazils,
along the Amazon, and more especially the Karahö or Caraös and the Karakati or
Gavioes, who live in the dense forests along the lower course of the Tocantins in the
back conntry of Maranhao and Parä. Of these semilunar stone axes two principal types
and several sub-varieties can be distinguished : one is long stemmed and thinner
, a good
example being the well known specimen of the Ambras Museum at Vienna; the other is
short stemmed and thicker
, such as the Gavioes war-axe in the British Museum.


My drawing conclusion in debunking Semilunar is – the weapon is a fancy two handed axe, wielded with one hand but during attack requires two hands to swing. Axes and Nars do fit together nice and well, at least GE now has real axes instead of those flimsy looking ‘fakes‘. (lol to those Porto Bello Axes which are categorized as swords!)

iv) Stat point at Veteran/Expert

Blunt damage output is dependent on only one stat – STR. By expert, Nar should achieve perfect 10 STR and since we have a master level now, one can opt to pump CON, AGI or DEX (only for accuracy issues). Accuracy only matters to people who want constant damage, anyway I’m not very sure if DEX and accuracy works the same way for melees like range.

But anyhow, as shown from the screenshot; Nar only lacks 15 accuracy to a perfect 100. With buffs and socketing, reaching 100 shouldn’t be a problem.

v) Trivia

– Nar and Ania are lovers
– Under that helmet, Nar has hair and it’s dreadlocks
– It is unknown if Nar wears anything under those layers he calls clothes *cough*

– It seems like Nar is able to wield a Tonfa under the Semilunar stance, it is unknown whether Ania can do the polar opposite for her Gorgeous stance.
– Because the lowest levels blunts are available is at level 84, Nar is virtually useless in combat until at that level. His Back Guard is special such that it only uses blunts instead of swords.

vi) Extra Notes

Being a very long guide and still unreleased in sGE, there are bound to be mistakes here and there with time to come. So please bear with me, and if you spot anything that needs to be corrected, feel free to point out. The most important advice while questing in Errac is still however – squad, squad and squad! You will never go wrong with this, Errac is a pure expert level map with the minimum level at 120 for an average mob.

Because it’s all about me…

And I will ignore requests on Ania or the side quests, this guide is not for the following purposes.

vii) Credits

Major credits are given to Asuka, who had hell aiding in translation of the quest details to English
– Dem’s blog, Book of Wind, for his reference of Nar’s stances and skills

– Doratomo – /
–, the original korean guide
– Various external sources and Korean blogs
– A big fat thanks to xBayushi for clearing up some errors in my guide.
– And of course, to the reader who managed to read it till here. Bet it was hell as well. 😉


  1. Very detailed infor about Errac quests and Nar’s recuitment. Thank… perhaps I should delete mine in the forum….zzz

  2. Er you can continue if you want, this guide doesn’t cover the side quests etc. 🙂

  3. Yea…that’s another headache again… side quests… I’m seeking help from my friend to proof read the details 1st… Anyways, for Nar, I think my characters will definately die on the part where I have to kill necroshamans… =.=

  4. Thanks for going trough all this trouble for creating this great guide for us.
    This quest will be a pain in the a**

  5. Thanks for the guide though there is one big glitch were we got stuck. After entering the Occult Dungeon, the path to H9 is closed from H8 making it inaccessible for us to move on. Did we miss something?

  6. Hey Souken, I already edited your post. Placed the right quest in place.

  7. I’m currently stuck on Protect Zeia. I lost the fight, but both this guide and the sGE forum one says that doesn’t matter.

    I’m confused because Nar never talks to me. There’s no guard who comes to tell me to protect Ania. Nar never says anything about Lorenzo’s glasses, so I can’t trigger the next part, either.

    Do I need to win at Protect Zeia to trigger the next part? 😦

  8. As an update, it seems you do have to win Protect Zeia to proceed. That might be different for sGE because all the quest guides I looked at said that letting Nar die wouldn’t hinder the quest line. :-/

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