Posted by: Souken | February 2, 2009


There are severely a lot of updates to be done to the blog and guides and several questions un-answered. I haven’t abandoned the blog dear readers, but I am rather busy during this Chinese New Year week. Also, I have some oral health problems as of now so I’m neglecting the blog for a bit.

Once again, an apology to all who came here with queries un-answered or reading a guide with wrong information. Meanwhile, so check out the comments of other readers whom have corrected errors for me and such.



  1. Health before blogging, certainly. Take care, and I hope you get better soon. And not just because I want updates :P.

  2. Everyone seems to be sick after CNY… o.o

    No llyse, I’m not stalking you. I just happened to see your name here so I .. Oh wait.

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