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Dignite Costumes crafting

As you all have known, there’s a set of swanking new stock costumes known as the Dignite costumes. If you still don’t know what they are you might wanna read here a little bit. The costumes are a brand new update in the version 3.4 and they’re originally slated to be 34 DR armours but somehow there was a decision to revert them to costumes unfortunately.

Nevertheless, they still look awesome so let’s take an insight on how to acquire them.

A quest is needed to be completed to establish the crafting of Dignite costumes, and not surprisingly that would fall under the responsibility of Andre. The family is required to have Ania in their barracks, and at Veteran level at minimum to start the quest.

Let Ania be the leader and talk to Andre at Cite de Reboldoeux, you’ll be sent into an instanced mission after talking. You’ll spawn in a room that looks like the interior of the place of where you purchase your stance books. Head to the middle of the room to talk to Andre and suddenly, Emily Rose of the circus will appear behind.

Emily Rose’s stats

Load’s stats (apparently, the translation of the other mobs with her was given this name)

You’ll be required to defeat her and her minions and this battle is still reasonably easy for a well geared veteran. If you win, the instanced mission ends and go talk to Andre to receive some rewards – a Veteran EXP card and a damaged ancient abrasive.

Now with this over and done with, a new quest will be available on your quest tab. You’ll be asked to hunt for materials for the creation of the Dignite Costumes. Once, you gather them, talk to Andre to receive the Dignite costume of your choice.

DISCLAIMER: Names are subjected to change upon version, the english translation is just my version of directly translating from the Kanji.

UPDATE: Finally got hold of the list of ingredients needed with credits to Doratomo.

天界水12個 (known as Ambrosia in sGE)

赤い高級布切れ50個 (Fine piece of high quality red cloth)

白い高級布切れ50個 (Fine piece of high quality white cloth)


Ambrosia is only available in the cash shop, but they’re tradable so if you have a lot of vis on hand; you can just buy it off someone who is willing to sell. As for the other two ingredients, they’re only dropped exclusively in the Errac maps – Errac Meridian/Twilight. I am absolutely uncertain for now if the cloth are quest-only items or tradable miscellaneous items.

UPDATE: Thank you Whitestone for confirming that the cloth pieces are tradable miscellaneous drops.

This quest is repeatable but to make a Dignite costume, you’ll be required to start all over again by what was listed here earlier (talking, fighting, gathering of materials…).

Yahoo, permanent versions!

UPDATE: The Dignite costumes shown previously maybe of a special variety, it is now confirmed that there are permanent Dignite costumes. It’s likely that the crafted ones are of the permanent version.

Alternative Method (Requires GP)

Only at 9,900 GP, no discounts

If you can’t be bothered with the quest, lazy to craft, don’t have Ania or <insert whatever reasons here> – sGE is kind enough to put up the costumes in the cash shop. They’re tradable as well, meaning you can buy if off players who are willing to sell.

Prices in vis may vary upon server, I would still recommend the crafting method for players who wish to save on money or vis.

Dignite costumes preview (front/back view)






Author’s Notes

– Unsure whether the cloth items are quest items or tradable miscellaneous items
– Unsure for now if the products from crafting are 7 days only or permanent since the 7 days version was mentioned in one of the patch notes from Doratomo.
– The repeatable quest may simply just start from the item collection
– Unknown for now if the Andre rNPC is able to craft the costumes, or does one have to repeatedly approach the Andre NPC to craft them

I am seeking people to help me find out the above mentioned as I don’t have the means to access the quest, credits will be attached. 🙂


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  1. I should try suggest to IAH and see if they can convince IMC to change the Dignite series in the cash shop to be permanent ones for SGE…

  2. The high quality red cloth drops from mobs in zeia, just looted a couple during meridian. Not sure if the white cloth is dropped during nitetime tho. It drops as a normal loot and is counted when you pick it up.


  3. I managed to obtain the high quality white cloth from meridian as well. I reckon.. Both cloth might be obtained during meridian. For twilight, not so sure about it.

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