Posted by: Souken | March 28, 2009

Master’s Martial Art

It’s been a while since I posted something namely because there wasn’t any interesting content worth posting in GE. kGE just entered into version 3.5.4 about a day ago, looks like there are a lot of juicy contents this time round – and particularly a good news for all and myself; a new stance for martial art characters!

For people seeking the full version 3.5.4 summary, please refer to this link –

With the release of the rather powerful expert stances, it made players who have martial art characters felt IMC was neglecting them. And gradually, people begun to feel discouraged playing or even creating the characters as they couldn’t out win the better stances which have more firepower and penetration, even if the knuckles and gaiters were chipped with godly stats. Finally IMC have heard our call and proceeded with a stance to keep us MA fans satisfied.

There are however requirements to be able to access the stance, like the expert constellation stances.

i) Requirements

  1. Must complete both Gracielo’s and Jean’s recruitment quest (I believe Gracielo’s side quest to get the Chapter of Wind stance book is optional however)
  2. Finish the Arsene Circus quests (this will be available from version 3.3 onwards)
  3. Must have at least one Master level MA character to proceed the quest (Soho the Wind counts as well)

Source: Zer0-GranD, IAH Forums

UPDATE: You have to talk to Gracielo to trigger the quest, Jean’s purpose is to sell the stance book. It’s the same as buying an expert stance book from Emilia Guliano but with extra two constellation symbols required, Gemini and Libra.

ii) Stance/Skill/Quest Information

The stance, Master’s Martial Arts has a total of five skills and it’s rather unique with the last skill being learned only when the stance is fully maxed. As usual, any stance with five skills will mean there will be one skill not being able to be maxed.

UPDATE: Stance bonuses include Accuracy, Attack Speed, Critical, Evasion and Penetration.

Information regarding the entire details for it’s quest, stance and skills have been updated. I claim no credit for the above information so please refer to the link to the author who has so painstakingly collected the information from the kGE test server.

Stance/Skill Information

Quest Information

Also there is something special regarding this stance…

I have strong reasons to believe this new MA stance to be a dual-weapon (knuckles + gaiters) stance by the way, cos…

i. the stance is not accessible with just knuckles or gaiters, and

ii. Gurtrude can wear gaiters now and

iii. when equipped, knuckles and gaiters take up only one weapon slot instead of both now.

So assuming my belief to be true, the low % skill modifier won’t be a problem.

The test server is resetting sometime next week, and I’ve experience game-stopping lag a lot the past few weeks, so I can’t, and I’m not going to, do any testing for now. If my connection improves next week, I’ll check it out.

Source: Dem, IAH Forums

While people are going to scream “overpowered” since it would seems like Bai Hu, Feng Ling and Irawan would have an edge since their stances cater to knuckles and gaiters as compared to Jean and Gracielo. This would bode bad news if it was true as the three can spam more finishers in a shorter span of time. But I believe only Master’s Martial Art will be the only applicable stance under the dual equips to prevent balance, morever, dual weapons would probably mean different damage calculations.

The mentioned assumptions are now confirmed ๐Ÿ˜‰

There are some very interesting screenshots of Fritz’s test, this is an instanced mission with the backdrop of Island of Fire. You don’t have to go there to trigger the quest though. ;o

Jean vs Phobitian General (supersized)

STW vs Einwind

Myths are now abolished, you can refer to the final reference for more in-depth details, credits to Dem once more.

Stats Analysis & Confirmation on Master’s MA

iii) Character Choice

A lot of people have been asking about this, considering the quest is not exactly a walk in the park, people would rather let the stance be used on the character most compatible to this stance. Right now, we have six characters with access to this stance so we’ll list out the comparisons bit by bit.

Note: Please do note all recommendations are taken into consideration with the new update of every MA’s personal skills! I am also very bothered by accuracy, so ignore those accuracy comments if you’re not. ๐Ÿ™‚


History Analysis – The pioneer of the Martial Art characters in GE, but due to his sole stance and inflexibility of being able to use knuckles, he was quickly replaced by his successors. His stats also doesn’t prove as attractive as his successors though this can be due to the fact he’s a “free” rNPC unlike his other successors who are indirect cash shop rNPCs.

Current Analysis – With the update done to the MA’s personal skills, it may prove that he’s the most attractive choice for Master’s Martial Art. While he may have lost out by 1 STR to the current best (in terms of stats), he makes up for it in the attack speed department, he’s one of the few who can hit the attack speed cap of the stance alone if well geared and fully buffed.

Choice Factor: 4.5/5 – Free and one of the reigning king of DPS among the six? Sign me Up!! His personal skill is also rather overpowered now, but -0.5 since he still can’t hit 10 STR by Master.


History Analysis – Also one of the pioneers, but as compared to Gracielo he wasn’t that popular due to the fact he is lacking a lot in the attack speed department, and his sole stance isn’t helping much to boost his popularity either. While Enervation proved to be a deadly status, there were soon better options of inflicting that onto your opponent. This further booted him out to the pavement, making others to create him for the sake of fun or to increase family levels.

Current Analysis – Realizing his defensive potential, IMC began beefing up a bit with what he started with – defense. While he’s not the best offense among the six, he certainly has the best defense and can endure what most can’t. He also has a natural higher than average CON which further helps. Likewise, his personal skill now packs a punch though at the cost of reduction of attack speed. (but if you’re Jean, who cares about that really? :P)

Choice Factor: 3.5/5 – You’re a certified hardcore player to even bring him up to Expert, or Master yet. Not the best in offense but rocks at defense otherwise.

He loses out a lot in DPS though, not recommended for those who want to play fast and dangerous. He’s free as well and also one of the few to be able to hit 10 STR by Master, which gets bonus ratings from me.


History Analysis – He used to be a boy wonder to be able to do kick ass damage under his stance, Chapter of Fire and the stance bonus with his buff skill made it even unbelievable when it came to attack speed. But all ended when IMC decided to do a couple of updates, realizing he was…slow, everyone slowly(lol, I made a pun) chucked him aside.

Current Analysis – Being one of the earliest of the MA to be able to hit 10 STR, you can’t deny he can dish out great damage straight out. But DPS wise, he fails quite badly. Not surprisingly, his personal skill has updated to be all in relation to fire, I suppose this could be a boost from certain angles especially if fighting lightning type mobs which have a weakness for fire. And not to mention Burn itself is a very lovely status effect.

He’ll still do decently since Jean who is the slowest can still manage a decent attack speed when well geared and fully buffed under Master’s Martial Arts.

Choice Factor: 3.5/5 – Still a great choice for Master’s Martial Arts. After hearing some queries answered, I guess I have to give him a little boost in ratings.

Feng Ling

History Analysis – One after another, they all had their moment of glory, but Feng Ling still proved to be a popular MA character out there for having Lisa-like stats. With 8 AGI, she was able to hit the attack speed cap (easily with good gears and buffs) is almost any stance she has.

Current Analysis – Fastest, but not the strongest. I’ll keep it sweet and simple, opt for her if you feel you have the need to play with status effect infliction, especially since her personal skill now adds on chance of freeze. Gaiters and Knuckles as I recalled are able to chip poison and stun onto them.She will also utilize the maximum capability of the evasion bonus when used with her personal skill buff.

Choice Factor (AGI): 2.5/5 – She won’t be utilizing the full potential of Master’s Martial Art with one half of the needed elements missing, attack and her personal skill doesn’t add-on accuracy unlike a few others.

Use her at your own discretion.

Note: The above rating is based only on the fact if you maxed out AGI for Feng Ling at Veteran and Expert. Read the next one if you added STR.

Choice Factor (STR): 3/5 – Clearly, it makes a huge difference for STR, but she still loses points for making it hard to achieve full 100 accuracy even if geared well and fully buffed.

Bai Hu

History Analysis – One of the best, and still is, his stats made him the most versatile among all of them since he dominates in all attack, attack speed and HP. His personal skill made it even more impressive since it added additional attackย  and resets skill cooldown.

Current Analysis – While he is excellent with the aforementioned, IMC thought he’s becoming too good so they decided to give a little downgrade to his personal skill. Sadly, it no longer does the same though the effect of the skill now describes his stance accurately.

Choice Factor: 4/5 – You can’t really have the best of both worlds, he still rocks a lot even with the personal skill downgrade. You won’t be regretting it still as one of the choices for Master’s Martial Arts, in fact, he’s second best. He loses points for having no accuracy boosts in his personal skill.

Soho the Wind

History Analysis – He’s still the same Soho we knew, except he has an additional Chapter of Wind stance. It made it more unique since he has the dagger stances, and he could buff and heal (albeit not much) himself.

Current Analysis – He’s another versatile character because he can switch between buffing, dagger and MA stances; that being Chapter of Wind and Master’s Martial Arts only. He is able to reach a slightly higher natural accuracy (difference of 5 more) due to the fact he has 1 more DEX than the rest. Jack of all trades, master of none, you can pick him if you’re torn between issues like attack, defense, buffing and versatility.

Choice Factor: 3/5 – This is like sitting on the fence, there are both pluses and downsides all over which makes his rating average. With the same stats as Gracielo, there’s only that far he can go since his personal skill is Healing. But the fun part is he has access to Fortitudo and Tactical Assistance, saves the trouble of bringing a scout just to buff for the lazy and offensive oriented players.

I am very bothered by accuracy so he also gets a plus for having extra 5 natural accuracy but he loses points again because he was exclusively available and now retired from ABS, meaning he’ll be quite expensive to obtain.

UPDATE: I seeked an audience with Dem on some questions and advice, here were his inputs…

Q: How bad is it for the rest? Everyone has 5 DEX, but only a couple of character would have a better chance of achieving full 100 because their personal skill adds accuracy. I’m already scrapping off characters off the list since they’re least likely to hit 100 accuracy.

D: Personally I’ve never been really bothered by accuracy issues in the expert stances anyway, so my opinion is biased. (click to link to understand more)

Even without buff, it’s already at 70 (75 for STW), which is a lot higher than the rest of the expert stances.

Throw in gloves = 10acc.

Steroid = 15acc

And that’s 95/100 already.

Here were some other relevant questions by others…

Q: i notice jean’s dam lower than gracielo,10 str vs 9,5 str anh jean’s dam lower ?

D: every 2 agi above 5 = 1 str

Gertrude has 10 str 5 agi, Gracielo has 9 str 7 agi, so their base ATK are the same. My Gracielo has much higher ATK in the last screenshot because he’s using the bandanna that gives +5% atk, and because his personal skill adds more ATK bonus than Gertrude’s does.

Q: ah,jean and iranwan who is better

D: It’s easier to compare with the base clean lvl60 weapons, so at master level:

Gertrude = 10 STR 5 AGI = 262 ATK

Gracielo = 9 STR 7 AGI = 262 ATK

Soso = 9 STR 8 AGI = 275 ATK

Irawan = 10 STR 7 AGI = 288 ATK

Baek Ho = 10 STR 7 AGI = 288 ATK

*My additonal add on: STW = 9 STR 7 AGI = 262 ATK

Irawan is definitely better than Gertrude stat-wise, but the differences in their personal skills mean they are designed for different purposes to begin with. You just have to decide who is more suited for your needs.

Hope this clears up all doubts everyone has about Master’s Martial Arts, make sure to read through all of Dem’s materials otherwise it’ll be very hard to understand the concept around it. And just for those curious, here’s how the pose for the stance looks like…

Credits to Dem once again for the screenshot. ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Astaros is that you?
    Long time since I touched GE.

    Prolly going back to it soon after I get my new PC!
    Did you change your name to Souken or something? LOL.

    Hope you still remember me. LOL.

  2. Yeah I still remember who you are, and that was a quick response considering I just uploaded this post.

  3. LOL I was about to comment on another post but when I refreshed another one popped out. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Wow. So much has changed. I thought you gave up this blog to someone else or something LOL.

    Anyway, see you around or something. You still playing?

  4. I really hope this new martial arts stance will be just an expert stance. Grinding to master will be slow and painful (well for a casual player like me, that is).

  5. lol @ VF………..

  6. It’s good to have martial artist finally get recognition. And that they considered to separate the knuckle and gaiter.
    One thing is the gaiter is being worn on the left leg while the knuckle on the right fist.

  7. hmm u have great blog.and i have a question,with master stance,u think who will strongest ?

  8. Bai Hu would still win hands down, though others like Jean would show some greater potential

  9. Choice Factor (AGI): 2.5/5
    Choice Factor (STR): 3/5

    escuse but i think that soso is better than pierre(gertrude),gracielo,irowain and baekho i killing with my soso alone 5 familys with 1 or more soso,gracielo,etc etc she dont have much str but she have agi and you cant put de vet and expert point in str and make a balance…

  10. Baihu is still the best but if u have all the better

  11. and is the gaiter and knuckle 33ar ?

  12. Btw id say Gertrude will be the best ma to use MMA on ๐Ÿ˜› cuz all ofhter ma’s will get -2 dr and +2 ar will die asap … gertude will get -0ar -0 dr so he will stay ass the non buffed ar and will get alot of atk speed aswell cuz of the self buff in MMA and walk speed aswell and lots of Atk up and DEF up << inportant ๐Ÿ˜€ soo id give gertrude a 4.7/5

  13. Nah soso is not better then gertrude and garcielo.. she has less con and she will die in one hit by anything =_=

  14. Irawan is hot !!!!!!

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