Posted by: Souken | May 9, 2009

Dragonia: Classic Godsent

There aren’t any good games out there these days, I’m either playing repeat regional versions, going back to my current games that leave me hanging or just simply awaiting the new ones to arrive (and to add more salt to the wounds, the current best are only available in countries like Japan, China and Korea). The top notch ones such as Aion Online, AIKA and Blade & Soul don’t really get release until the final quarter of this year. It’s certainly a long wait but luckily salvation has arrived in a form of Dragonica.

Well at least for easily impressed sub-standard gamers I see. But if it can keep me thrilled for a very long time, any game is a topper on my list. It is indeed rare to see IAH promote much of other online games other than it’s top (and main) seller, Granado Espada. It was a long wait but finally Dragonica is finally in CBT and I really thank IAH for bringing this here. I complain more than I praise about IAH so you can tell this game’s really a recommendation. 😛

I’m not really sure if people recall the first time they get introduced to MMORPGs, but playing Dragonica certainly brings back that reminiscense. It’s certainly a lot of combination of loads, and before anyone asks – definitely better than Maplestory for sure.

A typical in-game screen

Actually there is a lot to be discussed about this game, I’m not even sure where to start but the positives beat the negative points by a far shot. You can take your time to read up more on Dragonica via the website, wikipedia and the CM, Kaye’s blog. But you won’t need to strain your brain too much just to play this game, if you ever played an arcade machine, it’s basically just the same. The only difference is that you can choose between the keyboard or utilizing the mouse.

Not really a medal collector x)

Going by how GE is, I understand some players are disheartened by the progress of the game and the competitive players because they cannot catch up. But this game is just the same except it allows development of different methods of catching up paces according to each individual…in the form of medals. If you’re hooked, you may find yourself trying to gain a medal of achievement more than trying to level or questing.

Note: Medals of course, do nothing but only to give you a reason to flaunt, and there’s even a medal awarded for dying a lot of times!

Quest cutscene

And speaking of quests, this game has an enormous list with two groups, one being the basic quests available to all while the other being available only to your job class. Depending on the quest, there are brilliant cutscenes in between which really makes it feel like watching a short anime clip.

Questing is one of the easier ways to making a quick cash and earning EXP in Dragonica, for those quest junkies, dwelling into the storyline is also rather heart pumping (adding in along those cutscenes). Don’t worry about finishing you quests too fast, as soon as you gain a level, multiple ones pop up. There are also repeatable hunting quests if your thirst for questing doesn’t end.

I think I’ll finish up with one more section, because there’s really too much to say and the game’s waiting for me. xD

Cash Shop

What’s a F2P game without a cash shop, luckily there’s really not much of a need to rely on cash shop much so even a free player can get by. Besides once in a while if you reach certain levels you get gift boxes that gives you coins and free items which can consist of cash shop items.

Note: Coins are for vending machines you may find in some maps, I’ll explain that in a next entry.

The only negative side I can think of now is that the server isn’t built to handle the current load of players, it gets that bad where you start to encounter preiodic freezing in the screen. I hope this problem will be readily resolved by the time it’s officially opened.

Here are some links that can provide some information on Dragonica.

Kaye’s Blog
Dragonica Homepage


  1. looks like a 3d version of maple story…. cutesy… heh!

  2. Actually you’re looking at 3D in a 2D style, and it’s standards are definitely way better than Maplestory!

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