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The silent ones speak

Definitely it has been a while since I blogged about something that isn’t a guide about GE, but more on GE itself. Gives me something to write about at the same time while awaiting new content. And in case you haven’t heard, jGE is finally doing something about those silent characters.

The silent cast – Selva, Nar, Hellena, Ania, Mifuyu

UPDATE: Winners have been announced, they’re the same as the top voted Seiyu! Rejoice everyone! 😀

It’s not exactly “new” news, but today i finally kicked myself to login into my jGE account to vote. Being the impractical bastard I was, I just voted for the current top selected Seiyū. But hey, who knows best better than the Japanese themselves, I’ll trust in their choices. And for your convienience, I went to look around Youtube for the videos/recordings of the current top choices for each character. You can roughly imagine how it would sound on each of these characters given their personalities.

i) Selva

Reigning at the top choice for Selva is seiyu Kikuko Inuoe (井上喜久子), if there’s one word to describe her voice – it’s angelic. Hearing the voice just puts you at instant peace, that’s how good her voice is. Selva by nature is an individual mourning for her loss (of Edward and her arm) and rather disgruntled and torn at Montoro, she’s also filled with vengeance.

These three factors alone, makes it hard to wonder if she can act out Selva, especially in rage. Without further ado, here are two videos to let you get a feel of how Selva might sound like.

Kikuko Inuoe interview (speaking voice) –

Kikuko Inuoe PV (singing voice)  –

Kikuoko Inuoe as Sanae Furukawa (CLANNAD) –

Note: For the PV, she’s the lady dressed in blue

Rating: 4.5/5 – I’m not sure how that angelic voice is going to sound like in rage though but otherwise she fits the part as the calm Selva.

ii) Nar

It doesn’t take too much thought to know that the requirement of Nar’s voice is that you need to have a deep masculine voice. Though it has to have some level of composure and not some any uncle you hear down the street. The highest amount of votes for Nar goes to Koyama Rikiya (小山力也). After looking at his profile, no doubt he’s extremely suited for this task because most of the character he voiced are rather sturdy males with matured deep voices.

It was a bit hard to find a video of his voice, but luckily he voices Stark, one of Espadas in the popular manga, Bleach so it wasn’t hard to hunt it down. He also voices as Musashi, a character from another popular manga, Eyeshield21.

Koyama Rikiya as Stark (Bleach) –

Koyama Rikiya as Musashi (Eyeshield21) –

Note: Musashi speaks at 7:13 of the video

Rating: 5/5 – He will definitely excel at this.

iii) Hellena

It’s hard to imagine how Hellena’s voice would sound like, you’ll just have to visualize that with her environment and background, a cross between the circus, a mysterious and yet well refined lady’s voice. Reigning throne of the votes goes to Kuwashima Hoko (桑島法子), personally I’m not familiar with any of the characters she voiced except for one. If anyone has heard of CLANNAD, she voiced the popular character, Tomoyo, I can remember that voice being a bit deep and serious. Some other characters she voiced that maybe well known are Clare from Claymore and Lala from D. Gray-Man.

Kuwashima Hoko as Tomoyo (CLANNAD, Visual Novel) –

Rating: ?/5 – I still need to hear the rest before making a rating, unfortunately I’m still having some problems with Youtube. But otherwise, it’s a bit strange to hear Tomoyo’s voice as her, there had better be adjustments.

iv) Ania

The current top votes for Ania goes to Megumi Toyoguchi (豊口めぐみ) and before we go on, I would like to ask all a question. How would you picture Ania would sound like? An amazon-ish berserk warrior female? 😛

Well Megumi sounds nothing like that, her voice actually carries an air of sleek and elegance. She voiced as Paine from Final Fantasy X-2 and Miranda Lotto from D. Gray-Man, some of the more famous sources people might have heard about.

Megumi Toyoguchi as Paine (Final Fantasy X-2) –

Megumi Toyoguchi (Final Fantasy X-2 Vocal Collection Paine) –

Note: It’s not obvious for the second one, but the first one definitely is a long lasting impression. Just for those who are clueless, Paine plays as a sword wielding warrior in the game.

Rating: 4.5/5 – There’s a balance of ladylike and gruffness in the voice, though it may sound a bit too tomboyish. But guess different characters get different adjustments.

v) Mifuyu

Slated to be an upcoming character in GE, her creation was birthed from being jGE’s exclusive character. To offer you a clearer background, she’s a martial arts type character, here is her description with credits to the one who translated it

Her mother is from the New World, her father a participant in the Pioneering of the Eastern Continent (or is it Coast? Ocean?). A second generation Pioneer of the New World.

Was brought up in her father’s hometown at the wishes of her mother.

Both parents were excellent fighters, especially her father who is/was a well-known martial artist practitioner. Hence from young she also practiced martial arts under her father.

[Apparently because of her mother, Mifuyu has also studied the weapons and stances of the New World]

Being raised in the Eastern Continent all this while, she took interest in the New World after hearing stories from both parents, as well as seeing her mother’s clothes from the New World. Obtained permission from her father to travel to the New World with “Martial Arts Training” as the reason.

Credits: Zer0-GranD, IAH Forums

And I’m would be almost excited because the second in place for her voice is  Hirano Aya (平野 綾), who has popularly voiced Suzumiya Haruhi! The current top highest votes for Mifuyu’s voice instead goes to Yumi Kakazu (かかずゆみ). Most of the characters she has voiced which I’m more familiar with are usually spunky, enthusiastic and hyperactive. You can roughly imagine now how Mifuyu would sound under her care.

Popular characters include Ririn (Bleach), Aya Mikage (Ceres, the Celestial Legend) and Yuffie Kisaragi (Final Fantasy VII Advent Children).

Yumi Kakazu as Yuffie Kisaragi (Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII) –

Note: Unless you’re very interested in the entire video, just watch the first part.

Rating: ?/5 – I’m not rating this yet because I am still unfamiliar with the character as of now, but Yumi Kakazu is no doubt pretty good at voicing spunky females. (Just imagine Mifuyu to be a second Feng Ling)


  1. Kuwashima Houko was the one result that I expected her to win because of her very strong talent, she is one of the seiyuu that does not require anything but her works (and truthfully she does not say much in the world of seiyuu news/gossip either) to show off how powerful she can be.

    That being said, Kakazu Yumi >>>> pig disgusting fag Hirano Aya.

    This is WOLS by the way I was on it the day the results came out. Though I just got reminded that Stark is played by Koyama, meaning Bleach has the same showing as Claymore.

    • Argh… your trolling of Hirano Aya is uncalled for. Well dont care about the REAL LIFE HIRANO… HARUHI COULD HAVE INVADED GE! THAT IS WHAT MATTERS!

  2. […] Thanks to Larg for the reminder that Stark in Bleach is played by Koyama as well. Thus Bleach and Claymore pwned […]

  3. Winner lists have been announced, look out for the date of release!

  4. may i have the jge soundpacks

  5. Hi slasher, you may want to look around *hints hints*

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