Posted by: Souken | May 16, 2009

Rainbow 20

Yesterday and today will be another big day, not only because 17 May is the commemoration of sGE’s beginning but it’s also the date of my birthday. I can’t emphasize how old I’m feeling right now, since I’m leaving my teenage life behind and moving on to big 20…


A big fat thanks to my characters who were of no help trying to make me forget the fact that I’m old. Well to give myself a reward, I went to splurge on a Rainbow Shield which was newly released from the ABS. I know it’s not exactly the best shield out there, but I thought it could prove a bit useful with the innate 10 resistance to all.

Aesthetic wise, it looks pretty with the glowing shade of rainbow and it’s modelled after the best shield in the game, the Phantom Guard.

However, after trying to test the shield’s effectiveness itself, I realized there were some fatal flaws. This was what the shield promised…

It meant only Fire/Ice/Lightning/Mind resistance

But this was what I got…

10 what?

The picture at the top was before equipping, and the one below was after. Anyone who excelled at elementary math can realize it’s not exactly 10. In fact, it was 2 short of resistance each, I tried calculating percentage wise and it doesn’t even total up to 10% either.

10 what again?

UPDATE: Turns out there was an explanation for this, I never even knew about it while playing GE for so long. But we always learn something new each day. :>

The explanation

there is nothing wrong with it. the reason it adds 8 res is DUE to your char’s INT.

U let Cath str to equip u will know the diff.

Credit: Ginjiwai, IAH Forums

Summary – INT affects resistance, so bleh to all melees out there who’s trying to exploit the full potential of in-built resistance equips.

Luckily it looks great, so I’ll let that pass. jGE’s version promised the same thing as well, but unfortunately I don’t have the means to find out if it’s true to it’s description. I’m just wondering would IAH fix this if I reported it, and before I forget –  a big fat happy birthday to sGE, she’s about 2 years old and still going strong if my memory doesn’t fail me!


  1. Grats on your new toy there Larg =)
    And happy birthday to u.

  2. roy-kun sooooooooo ooooooold LOL (well its not like im turning 20 this december too ahahaha xD)

  3. Hey, Larg

    Happy 20th belated birthday. I know how it feels to have a big 2 in front of your age.


  4. Thanks for the belated wishes!

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