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3.6 Synopsis

This blog of mine has been almost left for dead, time for a major overhaul of updates. Certain areas have already seen an update, so you may wish to visit them.

GE has yet again come with an update of new content with the entrance of version 3.6. Looks like the empty holes hanging over plots and storylines are slowly filling up, this means someday we might even see what happens when you submit the three elemental keys to the old man in the Auch backstreet. To summarize in short, this is what we’re seeing in version 3.6…

  1. New rNPCs, storyline updates
  2. New set of costumes, and possibly armours
  3. Improvement and introduction of new content in-game
  4. Stance updates for certain characters

i) New rNPCs, storyline updates

Meet hot, hotter, and super hot…

Only Valeria is the totally new one here whereas the other two are “upgraded” with reference to their background stories.

Emilia GulianoReckless Emilia

As you have seen from the storylines in version 3.0, Emilia Guliano finally gets a wind on clues of her father’s last known location and what exactly he was doing. So onto a pursue she went with all the clues given and continuing his studies in relation to the ancient powers of Zeia.

Apparently, the ancient power consumed her and she somewhat loses interest in studying. However, in return she has gained an arsenal of powers and knowledge beyond her imagination.

CatherineBrainwashed Assassin

The real daughter of Dr Torsche, and still alive.

It seems she was kidnapped and her death faked, she was brainwashed and wiped of all memories of her childhood and took up powerful assassination skills alongside with infiltration and poison mastery. Somehow, Dr Torsche was hidden from the truth until recently.

ValeriaThe Unknown Royal

Twin to Princess Gabriella, but was hidden and separated since birth due to demands of sacrifice made to the King, in a short – a tumble of mess. So she was to be whisked far away into a camp where she lived for almost so long. Because she was hidden for so long, the world has little knowledge or her and vice versa.

Now she finally sets out for an adventure.

*Credits to LaserBeam, IAH GE Forums for translating*


– It’s not totally impossible that all exisiting Emilia Gulianos in creation might be transformed into the new Emilia we see here. But then again, that thought would mean an overhaul to her quests and the Emilia Guliano in Port of Coimbra. However, Emilia the Sage will still remain as she is for obvious reasons. Totally unknown for now about her stances, though she has the look of a dark wizard/sage.

– Catherine AGI? This Catherine looks like she’s going to be a dagger specialist, she might even have all of the dagger stances we know of in GE so far, but unless her stats are going to be excellent, she’ll be nothing more than an aesthetic character.

– Valeria is seen wielding a main-gauche, this gives some hints to her stance. I’ve seen suggestions in the past of players suggesting a character of a wizard/rapier + main gauche hybrid. Plus since she’s still (hidden) royalty, it could really suit her background.

Storyline Updates

The theme this time around is emphasis on five major elements as seen in the teaser and the tag, consisting of Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Heart. (Captain Planet!)

It’s totally unknown for now how it’s suppose to tie in the world of GE as of now, but the teaser showed the GE map splitting into jurisdictions of elements, and this even seem to include areas that are still empty but sprawled on the map itself. The unrolling of the map may hint that we’ll possibly seen an extension of new areas. Also, one of the NPCs in game has mentioned one of the areas, such as the Eastern Territory of Auch.

ii) New set of costumes, and possibly armours

Another set of Trump themed costumes has showed up, though Doratomo has theorized they might be another higher level tier of armours. This might mean ELN could have a successor finally, and considering almost every armour has a costume counterpart and vice versa (excluding the Dignite Series), it doesn’t sound too far-fetched.

You can check out screenshots of the costumes here if you’re unable to view or access the teaser –

Personally, I thought the male elementalist looked pretty cool in his new threads. 🙂

iii) Improvement and introduction of new content in-game

With reference to the Ferrucio statue behind, this can easily mean that there will be no more fixed timeslots for instance missions like Team Arena, Poison Yard and etc. As long you reached the fixed minimum requirement of members (applies to TA), you can simply enter any time.

Look at the chick pet in the middle. xD

A new boss raid? Picture seems to suggest the location to be at Los Toldos. The teaser showed a vampire-like figure, it could either be him, or they’re re-introducing a rather tough raid boss IMC once removed. That vampire-like boss looked like this…

Ooh scary

iv) Stance updates for certain characters

The teaser claims that some characters are getting new or improved stances and Elementalists are getting new stances too. What they are we’re unsure for now, but it’s likely to be expert stances since there are constellation symbols lying around with no use yet. Aries was recently chosen for the new expert wizard stance.

That only leaves the following symbols without an expert stance attached: Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces

And I’ve been speaking about the teaser but didn’t attach any links for it, so here you go:

If the above link doesn’t work, you may want to try this link instead, courtesy of CiaoChiChi from the IAH forums.

Link –

Also, if you’re looking for an extremely in-depth review, I would suggest visiting Starstorm’s blog as her information are really precise. She even covers some minor details that are usually left out or forgotten.

Disclaimer: Some of the predictions listed are simply just predictions, please don’t pass around saying they’re confirmed information as it may be misleading. 😮


  1. can u give me a link of the video that one is not working on mine ^^ thx

  2. oh pls remove the previous comment. i mean, i thot it should be 3.5?

  3. There are occasions where the versions get wedged in between the old and the new, I believe 3.5 is still somewhere upon the late 3.4.

  4. i like valirea coz he cute i luv valirea

  5. Hot, hot, and super hot….

    DAMN, HOMIE!!!

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